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File Test 5 English File 3

1 Choose the correct word(s). 3 Complete the sentence with the -ing form, the
infinitive, or the base form of the verb in
Example: A lot of / Many of people cheered when they parentheses.
heard the news.
1 I was going to have a cookie, but there aren’t any / Example: She left without saying (say) good-bye.
none. 1 I love ________________ (not have) to get up at
2 There are very few / very little modern buildings in 5:30 a.m. anymore.
this town. 2 Ian doesn’t seem ________________ (enjoy) his job
3 They don’t have plenty of / much money, but they’re very much.
still very generous. 3 I’ve given up ________________ (try) to learn how to
4 I don’t like living in the city. There’s too much / many dance salsa. I’m hopeless!
traffic. 4 Natalie said I should ________________ (learn) to do
5 There are not / no enough seats for everyone. yoga to relieve stress.

6 Very little / few money is being invested in the public 5 Would you mind ________________ (turn) your
health system. music down? I can’t concentrate.
6 Kate went to the store ________________ (get) a
6 newspaper.

2 Complete the e-mail with an article: a, an, the, 6
or – (no article).
Grammar total 20

4 Write the verb or noun.
Dear All, Example: discuss discussion
We’re having a fantastic time in San Francisco. We arrived verb noun
yesterday afternoon, so we had time to find 1 ________
nice little hotel and relax after our trip. 1 propose __________
2 organize __________
We woke up early this morning because 2 ________ sun
was shining in through the window. We had a delicious 3 __________ relaxation
breakfast and then went out to explore 3 ________ city. 4 survive __________
Later, we’re meeting Kathy’s friend Peter, who’s ________
5 __________ reaction
artist studying here. He’s going to take us to 5 ________
6 move __________
best restaurant in town (at least he says it is!). It serves all
natural foods from local farms. After that we’re going to see 7 __________ decision
6 ________ Golden Gate Bridge and then do some more

sightseeing. You know, 7 ________ cities like San Francisco 7
are great places for a vacation!
We’ll be back 8 ________ next Saturday. See you soon!


American English File 3 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2008 1

water pipes. I just don’t agree ________ you. Vocabulary. 2 phone _________ 5 I’m interested ________ starting my own company. 5 A interview ■ B interview ■ A part-time ■ B temporary ■ C self-employed ■ 5 2 She doesn’t have _____ hours. She often works at night. NAME DATE American File Test 5 English File 3 P R O N U N C IATI O N 5 Complete the sentence with the correct preposition. It’s only a one-year Example: A accountant ■ ✓ B accountant ■ contract. Example: Are you listening to me? enough laugh that think though work 1 I’m sorry. etc. 3 mother _________ 6 Susie’s really afraid ________ heights. 4 cat _________ 7 How long have you been working ________ the 5 thumb _________ television company? 5 7 8 Which is the stressed syllable? Choose the correct 6 Complete the sentence with the correct word(s). A contract ■ B qualifications ■ C experience ■ 5 _____ is a person who repairs things such as toilets. A A plumber ■ B A lawyer ■ C An accountant ■ 6 Most people choose to _____ when they’re 65. 7 Write the word with the same sound. answer. 1 A government ■ B government ■ A permanent ■ B full-time ■ 2 A unemployed ■ B unemployed ■ C temporary ■ ✓ 3 A discussion ■ B discussion ■ 1 I love being _____. Pronunciation total 10 A regular ■ B full-time ■ C working ■ Grammar. Example: My current job is _____. A promote ■ B be fired ■ C retire ■ 6 Vocabulary total 20 American English File 3 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2008 2 . A in charge ■ B responsible ■ C accountant ■ 4 You need at least two years of work _____ to work for this company. 3 He’s really good ________ telling jokes. I don’t have a boss to tell me what 4 A daughter ■ B daughter ■ to do. and Pronunciation total 50 3 Jason’s _____ for the finance department. 1 up _________ 4 We talked for hours ________ food and restaurants. Example: bird work 2 I borrowed this book ________ the library.

A two ■ B three ■ C five ■ You may just get that dream job. C didn’t get much time off ■ interesting people and occasionally get to travel to other 5 Andy says it’s important to know _____. Andy Collins. and it’s as good as I’d All New Media Promotions is looking for enthusiastic. I earned $295 a week in cash working at a 8 Sarah studied _____. My best advice B become elementary school teachers ■ is to find out what your skills and talents are. I continued working full-time to New Media Promotions. A he’s intelligent ■ B it was easy ■ C he did a lot of preparation ■ How I got my dream job 3 When Andy was young. countries. So don’t wait! Write a list of the things that are ambitious people to work in their busy marketing stopping you from getting your dream job. Read the ad. I’m part of a team that A earned $295 a week ■ B didn’t enjoy his job ■ develops new technologies. I was often in a hot kitchen for twelve hours a day. six days a week. C very happy with his job ■ ✓ Send your résumé and a cover letter to: Human Resources. Talent is C continue working while in school ■ something you’re born with. I started studying to become a teacher. Make sure they know your strengths. Are you still looking for your dream job? Don’t give up. I won’t pretend it was easy getting my dream job. I’m now an Do you enjoy working as part of a team? elementary school teacher. naturally to them. My work was often boring WR ITI N G and always busy. it was my dream job! Later I A full-time ■ B in evening classes ■ became a chef. Seattle. It was hard work. 7 Sarah’s job as a secretary wasn’t very _____. but it was worth the effort. Andy _____. And. Write 140–180 words. Skills are things you’ve learned to do. pay for my training at night school. so work and enjoy! A Andy ■ B Mario ■ C Sarah ■ Sarah Cooper. I C during the day ■ didn’t get much of a vacation. At the time. C how to run your own business ■ Learn about the job. • Administration • Promotions • Sales • Website Design Example: Mario is _____. 2 Mario thinks he got his dream job because _____. C work in a cafe at the beach ■ Mario Mendes. imagined. PO Box 1084. Make a plan department. There’s always an answer. Write a cover letter to apply for a job at All It certainly wasn’t easy. his dream job was to _____. I A plan how they can achieve their goals ■ now own five restaurants around the US. I finally got my teaching Are you creative? Good at making quick decisions? degree and quit my job as a secretary. All applicants must have the appropriate qualifications A very interesting ■ B self-employed ■ and a good level of English is essential. All New Media Promotions 1 Mario sometimes _____. I work with intelligent. People like doing things that come 10 _____ has become a successful businessperson. Contact companies that could offer 6 It took Sarah _____ years to get a teaching degree. NAME DATE American File Test 5 English File 3 R EAD I N G Read the article. WA 98101 A enjoys his job ■ B travels to other countries ■ C works in a team ■ Writing total 10 Reading and Writing total 20 American English File 3 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2008 3 . but after five years. 38 I’d been working as a secretary for three years when I Reading total 10 decided to change my career. your chosen career. 29 4 When he was a chef. There are vacancies in the following areas: to deal with each thing. 46 A hard ■ B exciting ■ C easy ■ As a student. But you have to know the 9 Sarah advises people to _____. meaning of hard work if you want to achieve your goals. Choose the correct answer. A become a chef ■ B have his own restaurant ■ Here’s how three people achieved their goals. My advice? Decide A your goals ■ B what you’re good at ■ exactly what your dream job is and what it involves. I was exhausted most of the time. I’m doing something I really enjoy. beach cafe.

5 Listening total 10 American English File 3 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2008 4 . Conversation 1 __ Conversation 2 __ Conversation 3 __ Conversation 4 __ Conversation 5 __ A I enjoy telling other people what to do. Denise travels less / works harder / earns more than when she worked in an office. look at Speaking Test A. NAME DATE American File Test 5 English File 3 LI STE N I N G S P EAKI N G 1 AE F 3 T 10 Listen to Denise describe her lifestyle. 5 Nowadays. 5 2 AE F 3 T 11 Listen to two people talking about a work questionnaire. 1 Denise used to spend thirty minutes / one hour / Student B. Work in pairs. Student A. B I prefer having my own office. look at Speaking Test B. Listening and Speaking total 30 3 In the evening. Choose the correct answer. 2 Denise rarely / often / never saw her friends during Speaking total 20 the week. Match each conversation (1–5) to the statement (A–E) they are discussing. hours traveling to work. C I find it easy to do more than one thing at a time. Denise cooked a good meal / bought take-out food / ate at the gym. 4 During the week. D It’s important for me to have a high salary. Denise was too busy / lazy / tired to go to the gym. E I’m good at working with other people.

” 3 Listen to your partner talking about men and women. NAME DATE American File Test 5 Speaking A English File 3 S P EAKI N G – Student A 1 Make questions and ask your partner. what / do? Now answer your partner’s questions. 2 Talk about the statement below. “A good work–life balance is very important. saying if you agree or disagree. 1 / think / work–life balance / equal? Why (not)? 2 How much time / spend / family and friends? What / do together? 3 / think modern life / more stressful than in the past? 4 / like / live / “slow city”? Why (not)? 5 If / have more time. Give reasons. Do you agree with him / her? Speaking total 20 American English File 3 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2008 1 .

Give reasons. Now make questions and ask your partner. what / change? 5 How / make / city a “slow city”? 2 Listen to your partner talking about work. NAME DATE American File Test 5 Speaking B English File 3 S P EAKI N G – Student B 1 Answer your partner’s questions. Do you agree with him / her? 3 Talk about the statement below. saying if you agree or disagree. 1 / happy / your work–life balance? Why (not)? 2 How much time / spend / relaxing on a weekday? What / do? 3 / think / clock rules our lives? How? 4 If / change something about / lifestyle.” Speaking total 20 American English File 3 Photocopiable © Oxford University Press 2008 2 . “Men and women have very different interests.