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Section A: research problem (well-defined, focussed, clearly stated), hypothesis/research

question (aims and objectives), theoretical framework

1) Problem, Aims and Objectives
- Something about the history of AIDS in America, did these works really help fight
the prejudice and help advance blablabla, objectives are to analyse the works
and the characters through a certain time period, American dramas by American
authors, did the society’s view towards them change?

2) Hypothesis/Research Questions
- Poglej disposition, ki si jo oddala!

3) Delimitation, Terms, Purpose
- Delimitation: I enumerate all the works I shall analyse and why only those
- Terms:
- Purpose: to prove that they really helped and that the society’s attitude
changed, my purpose is to analyse them and see

4) Theoretical Framework
- all the books on history of aids in America, history of theatre, being gay in
theatre as well as it’s a strong community, then maybe what defines a drama in
the first place and a drama about aids then? Can I find that? Maybe also specific
books on this? Maybe also if a visual medium is more capable do effect people?
Can I get a source on this? Theatre as a visual medium?

Section B: research strategy, methodology (quantitative, qualitative), data gathering, the

5) Structure
- Theoretical part (history) first, then the analysis of works and a conclusion,
introduction, body, conclusion basically

6) Procedure, Methodology and Research Design
- Procedure: getting the books, reading them, possibly watching the live theatre
shows if I can obtain a copy
- Methodology: reading books, writing down things and then comparing and
analysing them
- Research design: ?

Section C: expected results, value, bibliography

7) Relevance
- Still important these days because discrimination is still happening, not really
analysed at our university except in professor blake’s class they analysed angels
in america

Deadline: February 16 (a printed and the electronic version) . strike a balance between printed/internet sources.8) Bibliography (relevant works. different authors) Scope: 10 pages max. books/journal articles.