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Learning activity 3 / Actividad de aprendizaje 3

Evidence: I can’t believe it! / Evidencia: ¡No puedo creerlo!

Complete the format and use the appropriate adjective form depending on the
facts. In case you do not know the answers you can look for information on
internet. / Complete el formato y use las formas apropiadas de los adjetivos
dependiendo de los hechos. En caso que no sepa las respuestas búsquelas en

a. Chimpanzee intelligent The chimpanzee is the most intelligent
b. Gorilla animal.
c. Dolphin A dolphin is more intelligent than a
1. a. Kilimanjaro high The Everest is the highest mountain of
b. Everest the world.
c. Mont Blanc The Kilimanjaro is highest than the
mountain Mont blanc.
2. a. Amazon long The Amazon is longest river of Colombia.
b. Mississippi The Nile river is longest that the
c. Nile Mississippi river.
3. a. Australia big Russia is the biggest country of the world.
b. Brazil Brazil is biggest country of south
c. Russia american.
Australia is the sixth biggest country in
the world.
4. a. Light fast Light is faster than the sound.
b. Sound Sound is faster than water.
c. Water Water is not the faster in the world.
5. a. Copper hard Iron is the hardest metal in the world.
b. Steel The steel is hardest than iron.
c. Iron Iron is hardest than copper.
6. a. New York populated Tokyo is the most populated city in the
b. Tokyo world.
c. London New york is one the most populated cities
in the north american.
London is not most populated in the
7. a. Coconut tree tall Coconut tree is not tallest tree in the
b. Redwood tree world.
c. Palm tree The Redwood tree is the tallest in the

Sahara desert Atacama desert is one driest desert in the world. Australia world. a. Death valley world. c. Greenland large Greenland is not the largest country in the b. Gobi desert The Gobi desert is the hottest in the china. 8. a. Madagascar Australia is largest than Madagascar. desert Sahara desert is the hottest in the world. Patagonia Argentina. c. c. Sahara desert hot Patagonia is the desert hottest in the b. Atacama dry Sahara desert is the driest desert in the b. 10. Madagascar is not the largest country in the world. 9. Coconut tree is as tall palm tree. a. Death valley desert is not driest desert in the world. .

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