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Marcella Brengle

Cover Letter ∙ (616) 835-2264

Dear Reader,

I am a current MSW student at Grand Valley State University with a strong desire to advocate, communicate and practice
social work in my community. For the past 5 years I have dedicated my time and energy toward academic and personal
accomplishments along with raising my kids and working full time. My experience as a non-traditional student has not
hindered but empowered and enabled me to have a unique experience and valuable insight into many perspectives that I
would not have had if not for my role as a mother, full time employee, and student. I expect my personal experience, as
well as my diverse and unique professional experiences will indicate the appropriateness of extending me the opportunity
to work with your organization.

I have spent the last decade plus working with the elderly, individuals with mental illness and running a daycare business.
I did not add my 13-year daycare business to my work experience, though it has played a vital role in my life and skill set.
Through working in the human services industry, I have gathered a valuable skill set and awareness of what it means to be
empathetic and what active listening really means. I have sat with families as they have endured the loss of loved ones,
dealt with the realities of hospice, spent time with parents of my daycare children as they have struggled through the
sometimes difficult hardships of parenting, changing roles and family dynamics. I have endured my own changing family
dynamics and have spent countless moments as a mother, wife, student, sister and daughter paving my way through each
encounter and coming through each experience with more perspective, understanding and knowledge than I had before.
Through my education thus far in social work I have taken those life experiences and applied them to theory, real-life
situations, and I have begun to understand what it means to not just have empathy for others but how I can take that
empathy and promote change and growth in the individuals I may have the opportunity to engage with.

As a Grand Valley student, and a member this community I am excited to have had the opportunity to Intern at The Right
Door and continue to discover ways in which I can be an asset to those around me. Please call or email with any further
questions or inquiry you may have, I can be reached on my cell phone at (616) 835-2264, or email Thank you very much for your time and considerations, and I look forward to hearing from


Marcella Brengle
Marcella Brengle ∙ (616) 835-2264

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS_________________________________________________________

 Excellent written and oral communication skills

 University education in the field of social work (LLBSW & MSW after April 2018)
 Over a decade experience working in geriatrics, including dementia/Alzheimer’s care
 Over a decade experience working with children of various ages
 Intern and volunteer experience in the social service field of housing and family services & Community Mental
 Inpatient & Mental Health direct care experience with adults and children


Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI Graduated with BSW: April 2017

LLBSW/MSW Expected Graduation with MSW: April 2018

Membership to honor society Phi Alpha-Chi Epsilon

Montcalm Community College Graduated: December 2014

Associates of Liberal Studies On the honors list each semester


Internship/Field Experience

The Right Door

Outpatient/SUD Services (Intern) Ionia, MI
2017- current
 Skills Specific to This Experience
o Therapy
o Diversity
o Professionalism
o Mental Health Advocate

Inner City Christian Federation Grand Rapids, MI

Housing Support Specialist (Intern) September 2016- April 2017

 Skills Specific to This Experience

o Housing Crisis Intervention (Rapid Rehousing, Permanent Supportive Housing)
o Client empowerment
o Office experience (Data Entry/Notes)
Marcella Brengle ∙ (616) 835-2264

Work Experience

Forest View Psychiatric Hospital Grand Rapids, MI

Mental Health Worker 2015- Current

 Skills Specific to This Experience

o De-escalation
o Crisis Intervention (Psychotic episodes, depressive episodes, suicidal ideations, Eating Disorders)
o Interpersonal Communication
o Multi-Task

Bishop Hills & Yorkshire/Stonebridge Manor

*There was a two-year break from this job from 2008-2010, then I resumed employment Rockford/Walker
Med Passer/Resident Aide 2005-2008
 Skills Specific to This Experience
o Mediation knowledge
o Geriatric knowledge (Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Practicing care with dignity and respect)
o Team Player

MOKA Corporation Sparta, MI

Resident Aide, Med Passer, Advocate 2008-2010

 Skills Specific to this Experience

o Advocate- (Adults with intellectual disabilities, co-occuring diagnosis)
o Crisis/de-escalation- (In the home, in the community, assessing situations)
o Found Social Work- (My time at MOKA inspired me to pursue social work professionally)
o Planning/Documentation- (Implementing treatment plans, direct care)