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Switzerland, Austria and Germany

11 Days
Lucerne ... Innsbruck ... Oberammergau ... Neuschwanstein Castle
Munich ... Augsburg ... Worms ... Heidelberg ... Rhine River Cruise

September 29 ~ October 9, 2020

Hosted by

Pastor Ken Klaus

Speaker Emeritus - The Lutheran Hour

Pastor Kurt Klaus Pastor Bill Yonker

Author and Presenter - CPH’s Engage Series Humorist and Nationally Known Presenter
Dear Traveler,
Memories are those special moments captured in your heart for a lifetime. Our philosophy has always been to provide an
exciting, relaxing, educational, enjoyable and rewarding travel experience to all of our travelers.

Since we have been offering the Passion Play in Oberammergau since 1970, we recognize that cost may be an issue for some
people, but we also understand the needs and requirements of all of our past travelers. We know that they expect quality
hotels in central locations, the services of an excellent tour manager, and some of the best seats for the Passion Play. Please
note that the package prices are based on projected air fares and exchange rates in effect on October 1, 2017 with a minimum
group size of 35 passengers. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office. As in the past, our
Passion Play programs sell out very quickly! So, please don’t delay in sending in your deposit and reservation form.

We look forward to welcoming you,

The Staff, Trans World Travel, Inc. ..... (ALL QUESTIONS ... 847-432-2400 / 800-323-8158)

RETURN TO: Pastors Ken Klaus, Bill Yonker & Kurt Klaus
c/o Trans World Travel, Inc., 734 Central Ave., Highland Park, IL 60035
Enclosed is my (our) reservation form(s) for the Classical Europe Tour departing September 29, 2020 and a $200 per person de-
posit check which indicates my (our) acceptance of the General Conditions stated in this brochure and the understanding that
there can be future increases by the air carriers for fuel and/or for government related taxes and/or dollar fluctuations. Also, we
strongly suggest that all passengers consider the optional travel protection insurance that can include pre-existing conditions.
*** Please make your check payable to: Trans World Travel, Inc. and return to the above address. ***
Print name as it appears on your PASSPORT and your birthdate
Departure City: q Chicago q Dallas q Minneapolis - Credit Cards ... Visa and MasterCard are accepted,
but there is an additional charge of 4% of the tour cost to be added. First payment must be by Check.

q Yes, I prefer a single room at the above mentioned supplement, if available. PLa 092920 466
Tour Cost Monday, October 5 – Oberammergau (Neuschwanstein and the
from Wies Church Excursion): Today we will visit Neuschwanstein, the
$4889.00 Chicago and Dallas fairy-tale castle of ‘mad’ King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It was here that
$4989.00 from Minneapolis the ‘Fairytale King’ attempted to re-create his images of medieval
per person, double occupancy chivalry - so successfully that you will recognize the result as the
model for Disneyland’s Cinderella’s Castle. Later we will also visit the
Single Supplement $875.00 beautiful rococo Wieskirche – the Church in the Meadow dedicated
Note: very few single rooms are available in Oberammergau to the ‘Scourged Redeemer’ – before we return to Oberammergau
for dinner and overnight. (BB, D)
Payment Schedule:
Tuesday, October 6 – Oberammergau (Munich Excursion): Following
$200.00 per person - due with reservation breakfast this morning, we drive to the Bavarian capital of Munich, where
our guided tour will reveal its most famous highlights - the grounds of
$500.00 per person - due July 1, 2018
Nympenburg Palace, where mad ‘Kind Ludwig’ was born, the Olympic
$800.00 per person - due March 1, 2019
Park from 1972, Königsplatz and Marienplatz. After free time for lunch
$900.00 per person - due October 1, 2019
and perhaps to enjoy the atmosphere and a beer at the Hofbräuhaus, we
Final payment is due 120 days prior to departure
will return to Oberammergau for our last overnight. (BB)
Tuesday, September 29, 2020 – Departure: Today we depart on our
Wednesday, October 7 – Oberammergau / Augsburg / Heidelberg:
flight to Zürich. Meals are served during our transatlantic flight.
This morning we will depart Oberammergau and leave the Alps
behind, as we drive north to the ancient city of Augsburg, which
Wednesday, September 30: On arrival in Zürich we will be met
already 2000 years ago was a Roman provincial capital. In the Middle
by our tour manager and escorted to our waiting motor coach. En
Ages it became one of the favorite residences of the Holy Roman
route to Lucerne, we will have an introduction to our tour, before
Emperors, so it was here in 1530 that the Confession which became
check-in and dinner at our hotel. (D)
the ultimate statement of Lutheran belief, was presented by Luther’s
followers to Emperor Charles V. Following our guided visit and time
Thursday, October 1 – Lucerne: Against the picture-perfect setting
for early lunch, we will continue to Heidelberg to visit the 600 year
of lakes and mountains, this morning’s walking tour of Lucerne
old Castle, whose spectacular ruin is the landmark which dominates
will include its most famous landmarks – the Chapel Bridge, the
the city and the very symbol of German Romanticism. In the early
Lion Monument, which commemorates the massacre of the Swiss
evening we will check into our hotel for dinner and overnight in the
Guards during the French Revolution, the remains of the city walls
Heidelberg area. (BB, D)
and the charming architecture of the old city. The remainder of the
afternoon is free for shopping, to look for typically Swiss specialties,
Thursday, October 8 – Heidelberg (Rhine River Cruise Excursion):
such as watches, clocks, music boxes and Swiss army knives. (BB)
This morning we will drive to the banks of the Rhine River, where
we begin our leisurely cruise along the most famous stretch of
Friday, October 2 – Lucerne / Innsbruck: Following breakfast,
this mighty river from St. Goar to Bingen, past castles and ruined
today’s journey is another day of spectacular scenery, as we depart
fortresses, which tell tales of medieval knights, robber barons and,
Switzerland and drive through the heart of the Austrian Alps to
of course, the legend of the Lorelei. In the afternoon we will visit
the winter sports capital of the Tirol – a short walking tour of
Worms, where Charles V held the Imperial Parliament in 1521,
Innsbruck will show you its historic heart, with the Golden Roof,
which resulted in Luther’s excommunication. We will visit the city’s
Imperial Palace and Court Church. There will be some free time,
magnificent Romanesque cathedral, the grounds where the Imperial
before we check-in to our hotel. (BB)
Palace used to stand and the Reformation Monument, before
returning to Heidelberg area for our overnight. (BB, SD)
Saturday, October 3 – Innsbruck / Oberammergau: This
morning we will drive the short distance to Oberammergau, to
Friday, October 9 – Frankfurt / US: This morning we begin our
arrive in the middle of the morning in time for lunch before the
journey home, returning to the US with a lifetime of memories.
afternoon and evening performance of the play. The Passion
Play has been performed in Oberammergau since 1634. It is a
(BB) Buffet Breakfast (L) Lunch (D) Dinner
tradition which, although common throughout Europe at that
time, largely disappeared over the centuries. Except in this small
Tour Highlights:
Bavarian farming village it not only survived more than 350 years,
H Round trip air from selected city
but became famous all over the world. (BB, L, D)
H Quality hotels throughout
H Passion Play Ticket with top category seating
Sunday, October 4 – Oberammergau: The village of
H Meals as outlined in the brochure
Oberammergau is also well-known for the traditional craft of wood-
H Professional Tour Manager
carving and for the frescoes decorating all of the houses. So today
H Comprehensive sightseeing & relevant entrance fees
is completely free to enjoy the unique panoramas of the idyllic
H Deluxe Motor Coach with washroom & air conditioning
Alpine scenery, to shop the local craft stores and to experience the
H Baggage handling at all hotels - one bag per person
atmosphere on the very last day of the Passion Play. (BB)
H Flight bags, final documents, baggage tags, etc.
GENERAL CONDITIONS cannot be guaranteed due to airline seating countries you will also need a properly dated
policies. TWT must have your legal name. visa. These documents are your responsibility
Trans World Travel, INC (TWT)
Reissuance ticket fees are subject to the policies and we urge you to apply for these documents as
CANCELLATION BY TOUR MEMBER of the individual airline contracted for your soon as possible.
tour. Passengers not traveling on the group’s air
CANCELLATIONS per person: All cancellations
itinerary are responsible for arranging their own
must be in writing and acknowledged by TWT.
transfers from their arrival airport to the group’s
A $200.00 administrative fee will be assessed for The responsibility of Trans World Travel,
first hotel or cruise ship and from the group’s last
any cancellation plus all other penalties assessed Inc. is strictly limited. As a tour operator,
hotel or cruise ship to their departure airport.
by Oberammergau Passion Play Committee, TWT organizes, promotes and sells tour
airlines, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, programs consisting of certain travel
attractions, motor coach companies, etc. prior services, including, but not limited to, surface
4-star hotels that are chosen on the basis of
to March 31, 2018. transportation, sightseeing excursions and hotel
location, cleanliness and services and, when
accommodations which TWT purchases or
possible, are typical of the local area, or the best
PLUS the following: reserves from various suppliers. The suppliers
accommodations available in a particular city.
1) Cancellations postmarked after March providing travel services for TWT’s tour
All rooms have private bath and toilet facilities.
31, 2018, can be penalized up to 15% of tour programs are independent contractors and
cost per person. are not agents or employees of TWT or any
WHAT’S NOT INCLUDED: Excluded is any
2) Cancellations postmarked within 180 subsidiary company. To the extent that TWT is
item or service not specifically indicated as
days of departure, penalty up to 30% of tour cost involved in the sale of air transportation to you,
included - such as cost of passports, visas where
per person.† TWT acts as an agent of the air carrier. For all
required, porterage at airports and/or ship
3) Cancellations postmarked within 90 other purposes, TWT does not act as agent for
docks, gratuities on all cruises ships, tips to tour
days of departure, penalty up to 50% of tour cost any party .
manager, motor coach driver, or guide, optional
per person.† TWT is not responsible for the willful or
tours, and any other items of a personal nature
4) Cancellations postmarked within 60 negligent acts and / or omissions of such suppliers
including beverages with included meals. No
days of departure, penalty 100% of tour or any carrier or their respective employees,
responsibility is incurred by TWT for loss of
cost per person.† agents, servants or representatives including,
or damage to baggage or any of the passenger’s
†Additionally, unless a replacement is found, without limitation, their failure to deliver or
belongings. Baggage, health and trip cancellation
a cancelling tour member will also be charged their partial or inadequate delivery of services.
insurance is recommended.
for the single supplement fee of one’s non- All coupons, receipts and tickets are issued
cancelling roommate. subject to the terms and conditions specified
DEVIATIONS: Deviations from the group
by the suppliers and/or carriers. By utilizing the
itinerary will be quoted separately and require
PARTIAL OR COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL travel service of the suppliers, you agree that
completion of a “Request for Deviation” Form.
AFTER TOUR BEGINS: Once the tour is in neither TWT nor any subsidiary company or
Changes are subject to a TWT deviation fee of
progress, no refund will be made for any unused representative shall be liable for any accident,
$200 per person plus any other travel related fees
portion of the tour. injury, property damage or personal loss to you
from airlines, hotels, etc.
or to those traveling with you in connection
CANCELLATION BY TWT: TWT reserves the with any accommodations, transportation or
TOUR DOCUMENTS: Tour documents will
right to cancel any tour prior to departure for other travel services or resulting directly or
be mailed approximately two weeks prior to
any reason, including insufficient number of indirectly from any occurrences or conditions
departure. Documents delayed because of late
participants, in which case a full refund will be beyond its control, including, but not limited to,
payment may require express shipment billed to
given. TWT also has the right to withdraw your acts of terrorism, defects in vehicles, breakdown
recipient or C. O. D.
membership at any time if your actions impose in equipment, strikes, theft, delay or cancellation
upon or disturb the other members of the tour. of or changes in itinerary or schedules.
ITINERARY CHANGES: Occasionally, a change
All additional costs to send a tour member These tour programs are planned in advance.
in a portion of your tour, accommodations,
home will be borne by the tour member. If, between planning time and the actual tour
services, etc. may be necessitated due to: altered
operation, circumstances beyond TWT’s control
transportation schedules/equipment, weather
INSURANCE: An optional insurance plan is require changes, TWT reserves the right to vary
conditions, labor strikes, road construction, or
available. We strongly urge all tour members to itineraries and substitute components of tour
for other unforeseen reasons outside the control
have insurance in the event of illness or death programs which could also include replacing the
of TWT. Any resultant expenses shall be borne
occurring prior to departure. Also, medical tour host due to sickness, etc. Remember that
by the passengers.
insurance is urged since some insurance all travel documents, as well as compliance with
companies do not cover an individual while customs regulations, are your (the tour member’s)
RATES: All rates in this brochure are based
abroad. Please note that this insurance will not responsibility.
on applicable tariffs in effect at the time of
cover pre-existing conditions unless enrollment The payment of the required deposit or any
printing. Tour price can be increased due to
for the insurance is done within a specified other partial payment for a reservation on a
the occurrence of currency fluctuations, the
number of days of TWT registering you for the tour constitutes consent to all provisions of the
increase in fuel, increase in air tickets, various
tour. If you lose or don’t receive this insurance conditions and general information contained in
taxes, or any other increase connected with the
information, immediately contact your tour this brochure. The terms under which you agree
tour package. Any cancellation due to any of
host or Trans World Travel, Inc.. to take these tours cannot be changed or amended
the above changes is subject to the cancellation
except in writing signed by an authorized officer of
policy stated above.
WHAT’S INCLUDED: Only items listed in the TWT. TWT is not responsible for typographical
Tour Highlights or What the Tour Includes errors or errors of omission.
section of the brochure are included. Trans-World Travel, Inc.
international travel, all U.S. citizens must have a
current passport with at least 6 months validity 734 Central Avenue
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