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Gabrielle M.

Clark | (586) 612-6996

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH Anticipated August 2018

Masters in Education Classroom Technology

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI May 2013

Bachelor of Arts Elementary Education

Michigan Provisional Elementary Certificate June 2013

Endorsements: Language Arts and Integrated Science


3rd Grade Teacher September 2015 – Present

Pleasant Ridge Elementary | Saline, MI
• Implement district curriculum through multisensory instruction to heighten student engagement
• Analyze and integrate technology into everyday lessons and routines using the Triple EEE Framework
• Design and develop learning assessments and instruction aligned to learning standards and 4Cs with opportunities for
innovation and redefinition
• Utilize various digital formative assessments to drive guided small groups and enhance student achievement
• Promote positive behavior with high expectations and a consistent classroom management system
• Analyze pretest and posttest data in math and writing to purposefully monitor and modify instruction
• Provide timely and descriptive feedback to students using digital tools, such as Confer and Seesaw, that allow students to
self-assess and set individual goals
• Build trusting relationships with parents through continuous communication using emails, blog posts, Seesaw, and Twitter
• Personalize student learning through digital tools and strategy groups, pushing each student on their own learning trajectory
• Engage and motivate students through various applications and web tools that allow for creativity and choice including
PicCollage, Thinglink, Popplet, Book Creator, and Educreations
• Encourage empowered learning and ownership through flipped phonics and math lessons
• Facilitate innovative design through Makerspace experiences tied to learning targets such as biography green screen
productions, main idea structures, climate zone forecasts, and wigwam structures
• Promote student self-regulation and student choice through flexible seating
• Use the Learner Profile to guide instructional decisions
• Integrate coding concepts into our fairytale writing unit with the use of Bloxels and video game creation
• Collaborate with our Makerspace instructor to help plan student led, third grade PR news throughout the school
• Organize student council with another third grade teacher in efforts to foster leadership skills in third grade learners
• Partner with a 4th grade class in St Croix to raise funds for school supplies and build global connections through letters
• Engage in self-reflection and goal setting professionally in reference to student data, teaching practice, and tech integration
• Teamed up with a first grade teacher to introduce Genius Hour to our first and 3rd graders to nurture creativity and innovation

3rd Grade Teacher August 2013 – June 2015

Holmes Elementary | Ypsilanti, MI
• Designed multisensory and engaging lessons based on the diverse needs of my 28 students
• Utilized formative assessments daily through the use of a “show me what you know” board
• Communicated with parents daily and weekly through the use of phone calls, newsletters, emails, and a classroom blog
• Employed a balanced literacy program for reading and writing that allowed for modeling, guided reading and writing groups,
conferencing, independent reading and writing, and word study
• Challenged each individual learner through reading and writing conferences using the CAFÉ reading strategies
• Differentiated math instruction through guided math groups and the math workshop model
• Set student goals and tracked student data and growth through the use of student data folders
• Administered Reading A-Z benchmark assessments four times throughout the year to guide flexible reading groups
• Incorporated technology and the Smart Board into everyday instruction by involving students in whole group instruction
• Provided differentiated behavioral plans for students in need of support
• Daily gave students access to our technology station during reading and math workshop
• Promoted and nurtured a positive classroom environment by emphasizing mutual respect
• Fundraised and earned a classroom iPad for students to use for math and literacy workshop
• Utilized pretest data to plan, enact, and reflect on curriculum units aligned to the Common Core
• Aligned and supplemented Everyday math curriculum with enrichment and remediation activities
• Developed and upheld personal relationships with all 28 students
• Managed reading and math workshop through effective and consistent classroom expectations
• Employed research based best practices to ensure and deepen student learning
• Organized and successfully directed a math curriculum night to promote parent involvement

Bridge to Kindergarten Teacher Summer 2013

Chippewa Valley Schools | Clinton Township, MI
• Planned and organized lessons for a bilingual class with varying ability levels
• Crafted engaging lessons, providing students with positive first school experiences
• Collaborated with a co-teacher maximizing small group intervention
• Modeled, emphasized, and cultivated a positive classroom climate to promote learning

2nd Grade Student Teacher Winter 2013 – May 2013

Willow Run Elementary Learning Center
• Designed an original plant cycle unit that integrated science standards into the literacy block
• Implemented the CAFÉ system to inform individual and small group instruction
• Organized and led guided reading groups to target emerging student needs
• Interacted with students’ families to build relationships to best support students
• Fostered individual relationships with all 31 students from diverse backgrounds
• Differentiated instruction daily to meet the needs of students with varying ability levels
• Utilized formative assessments to guide subsequent lessons in all content areas
• Cultivated a sense of community amongst 31 learners through modeling and genuine care

7th/8th Grade Teaching Intern Fall 2012 – December 2012

Willow Run Intermediate Learning Center | Ypsilanti, MI
• Planned and organized a school supply drive for 7th and 8th graders who were unable to purchase school supplies on their own
• Designed and implemented many math lessons, aligned to the Common Core, that focused on classroom discussions in order
to enhance students’ understanding of the content
• Incorporated technology into lessons in all content areas by using online animations, videos, and Edmodo
• Attended professional development opportunities, including parent teacher conferences

1st/3rd Teaching Intern Fall 2011 – April 2012

Tonda Elementary School | Canton, MI
• Conducted DRA and Rigby assessments, and used the data to inform reading groups
• Prepared a social studies visual inquiry lesson to introduce the French and Indian War
• Organized and led a guided reading group focusing on visualizing to build comprehension
• Administered running record assessments to help inform reading lessons


Assessment Literacy Network School Team Leader Fall 2016 – Present

Pleasant Ridge Elementary | Saline, MI
• Plan and provide professional development for teachers focused on instructional design and assessment practices
• Coach teachers in self-assessment and goal setting
• Model ISTE Standards for teachers in the areas of digital age learning assessments and experiences
• Work directly with classroom teachers designing sound instructional units with embedded technology and 4Cs opportunities
• Collaborate with Washtenaw and Livingston County teachers and leaders through Assessment Literacy Network meetings
• Presented my use of formative assessments and feedback to other Washtenaw and Livingston Country teachers and
administrators at the WISD
• Collaborated with another third grade teacher to research, design, implement, and share two interdisciplinary units with a
focus on real world problems, aligned to NGSS and Common Core Reading and Writing Standards

Math Curriculum Night Committee Member Winter 2015 – Present

Pleasant Ridge Elementary | Saline, MI
• Collaborate with other teachers in the building to create a presentation explaining the EDM math curriculum to parents
• Help present an overview of the third grade curriculum and standards to parents on math night
• Communicate different ways to integrate technology through the EDM curriculum
• Connected and coordinated with Mathnasium to attend Pleasant Ridge’s Math Night

Pleasant Ridge Leadership Team Fall 2017 – Present

Pleasant Ridge Elementary | Saline, MI
• Attended district leadership training focusing on district goals and direction for the upcoming year
• Collaborate with grade level leads to plan early release day professional development
• Brainstorm strategies to help facilitate district initiatives to teachers and staff

Assessment Literacy Network School Team Leader Fall 2014 – June 2015
Holmes Elementary School | Ypsilanti, MI
• Extended my knowledge of summative and formative assessment practices
• Collaborated with Washtenaw and Livingston County teachers to produce student friendly targets and quality assessments
• Teamed with another teacher to provide staff with an overview of the assessment cycle

Holmes Elementary School Improvement Team Winter 2014 – June 2015

Holmes Elementary School | Ypsilanti, MI
• Strategized plans for increasing student achievement
• Collaborated with teacher leaders on school initiatives
• Identified areas of need and set goals to improve instruction and achievement

Holmes Elementary Instructional Consultation Team February 2014 – June 2015

Holmes Elementary School | Ypsilanti, MI
• Collaborated with teachers to problem solve and find the best learning environment for learners
• Supported teachers to find the instructional match for individual students
• Set goals and progress monitored with teachers to maximize student achievement

Peace Lutheran School Board of Education June 2013 – June 2015

Peace Lutheran School | Shelby Charter Township, MI
• Evaluated and developed school wide policies on educational and social issues to ensure fairness
• Assessed and interviewed candidates for open teaching positions in efforts to find the most qualified and “best fit” candidate
• Set targets to improve instruction, curriculum implementation, and parent communication