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Week of: 2/26—03/02 Subject/Class: SAS-8 Teacher: Jane Dowell

Unit (Week Overview/Purpose): Students will explore properties of matter and the characteristics and particle arrangement of the states of
matter. Students will further analyze and design an presentation explaining the changes of matter that form the various states

Day Warm Up or Review from Daily Objective Instruction & Activities Formal/Informal Due Dates:
Previous lesson Assessments

Mon Science Question of the Week in Students will explore  Gas Laws Lab None Notebooks Due
a 3 sentences and correctly identify 3/30
How has science affected your the 3 different gas laws
life negatively? in various stations of
Tues Gas pressure is caused by Students will explore  Gas Laws Review None Notebooks Due
a. Gas molecules heating up and correctly identify  Physical and Chemical 3/30
b. Gas molecules reacting with the 3 different gas laws Properties of matter
other gas molecules in various stations of review
c. Gas molecules hitting the exploration
walls of a container
d. Gas molecules hitting other
gas molecules
Wed According to Charles’s law, Students will express  Review for Test The letters C, Al and Notebooks Due
when the temperature of a gas their understanding and Au are examples of 3/30
increases in a flexible explain the properties of
container, its ______ and the states of
Thurs Students will express their  Properties and States of None Notebooks Due
understanding and explain Matter Test 3/30
the properties of and the  Atoms and Elements
Each of these flasks contains the states of matter.
same number of molecules. In
which container is the pressure
Fri Define an atom. Students will explore  Periodic Table of Elements What charge do Notebooks Due
and identify the parts of Part 1 Notes protons, electrons 3/30
an atom, a periodic and neutrons have?
table, and a periodic
table square.