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Summative Test No.3

Science IV

Choose the best or correct answer.Write the letters only.

1.It is an instrument used to measure the hotness and coldness of the air around us.
A.barometer B.anemometer C.thermometer
2.A wind vane tells what component of weather?
A.wind direction B.wind speed C.wind temperature
3. What instrument measures the speed of the wind?
A.barometer B.thermometer C.anemometer
4.What is the news about the weather called?
A.meteorology forecast man
5.What does the daily weather forecast tell you?
A.temperature and place B.wind speed and direction C.all of the above
6.When the wind is blowing gently,what weather do we have?
A.fine B.stormy C.rainy
7.During a stormy weather,how does an anemometer spin its cups?
A.very slow B.moderately slow C.very fast
8.A wind is blowing from the the east going to the west.What is its name?
A.north wind B.east wind C.west wind
9.Which of these tells there is an approaching storm?
A.dark clouds and cold air B.gentle wind and rain showers C.strong winds and
heavy rains
10.How does the wind move during fair weather?
A.The wind moves gently. B.The wind blows hard. C.The wind moves violently.
11.How does air temperature affect the weather condition?
A.High temperature makes the weather warm. B.Low temperature makes the wea-
ther hot C.Low temperature indicates fair weather.
12.Which is true about weather? A.Weather remains the same in same places.
B.It changes from day to day in any places. C.It is alwaysthe same in hot countries
13.A typhoon signal that gives out warning of strong winds coming within 12 hours is
A.Signal No.1 B.Signal No.2 C.Signal No.3
14.Weather characterized by the presence of few clouds with scaterred rain is
A.fine B.fair C.rainy
15.Typhoon signal No. 2 means that the_________. A.elementary level classes are
suspended B.elementary and high school levels are suspended
C.elementary and college levels are suspended
16.What should people do before a typhoon strikes?
A.Go out to the sea and catch some fish. B.Push through one’s plan to go for a
trip C.Stay at home and strengthen the house
17.What should children do during a typhoon?
A.Play paper boats in the canal B.Watch some tv programs
C.Stay inside the house
18.The air temperature drops to 14 degrees Celsius.What should you wear?
A.thick clothes B.thin clothes clothes
19.What should we do after the typhoon? A.Fix up destroyed fences
B.Reconnect hanging electric wires C.Wade in the water
20.You are sweeping the dried leaves in the yard. You have noticed that the wind is
blowing hard.Will you burn the dried leaves?
A.I will burn the dried leaves so that the backyard will be clean.
B.I will not burn the dried leaves because it may cause a big fire.
C.None of these.
Table of Specifications

OBJECTIVE No.of Items Item Placement Percentage

Use weather instruments to
Measure the different weather 3 1,2,3 15%

Observe and record weather 10 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 50%

conditions 11,12,14

Identify the safety precautions

during sunny days,rainy days,and 2 18,20 10%
windy days

Tell the meaning of typhoons 2 13,15 10%

warning signals

Identify the safety precautions 3 16,17,19 15%

before,during,and after a

Key Answers:

1.C 11. A
2.A 12.B
3.C 13.C
4.B 14.B
5.C 15.B
6.A 16.C
7.C 17.C
8.B 18.A
9.C 19.B
10.A 20B