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Human Resource Management

Group Members:
Sadia Rafique
Qudsia Saleem
Salman Khan
Muhammad Nazir Ansari

Submitted to:
Sir Salman Ahmed Khan
We a group of four people visited UBL Head office, I.I. Chundrigar Road Karachi
on Thursday 23rd November 2017 for our assignment of Human Resource
Management. For this purpose, we interviewed Mr. Uzair Hashmi – Manager
(Talent Acquisition) of HR department.

Before we present to you the Question& Answers asked in the interview given
below is a brief background of the company and the interviewee.

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of Pakistan’s largest banks in the private
sector. The bank operates a network of over 45,000 customer touch-points
which include 1,390+ branches across Pakistan and 19 branches overseas. It was
declared Pakistan’s ‘Best Bank for Corporate Finance & Capital Market
Development’ at the Pakistan Banking Awards 2017. The Bank’s entity ratings
are AAA/A-1+. The Bank maintains its leadership in branchless banking through
UBL Omni which has an agent network of over 42,100 Dukaans. The network
also boasts 1120 ATMs and 480+ Contact Centre Agents across Pakistan. With a
customer base of over 4 million, it leads the banking and financial services sector
in Pakistan. Customers across the world have 24/7 access to the bank via UBL’s
world class Internet Banking.
Name: Syed Muhammad Uzair Hashmi
Designation: Manager – Talent Acquisition (HR)
Company: United Bank Limited
Phone: +92 (21) 99033-2518
Educational Background:
 Bachelors from Govt. College of Commerce and Economics.
 MBA from Karachi University.
 Manager Talent Acquisition - Wholesale Banking & Institutional Sales in
 Assistant Manager Talent Acquisition - Retail Islamic Banking in UBL.
 Relationship Manger in Human Resource Solutions International.
 Executive – Offshore Communications in Axact.
 Customer Support Executive in TRG Customer Solutions
Interview Questions

Q1) What is your management style?

Ans. Well I don’t adopt any single managerial style. I adjust my management
style according the given situation and according to the needs of the people I’m
managing. No single style is perfect for every situation. Where I feel things need
to be done on urgent basis and require confidentiality, I adopt Autocratic
otherwise where I believe input from my sub ordinates will be fruitful then I adopt

Q2) Describe your hiring approach. How & where do you find talented job
Ans. In my opinion, the right candidate is not just the one with the greatest
education and skill set. It is important that the individual be able to work in a
team and support the UBL Bank culture. Therefore, as the HR manager, I take
time to tailor my questions to the information provided in the resume. I watch
for body language and consistency of information throughout the interview. I
also ask about knowledge of the company to see whether the applicant is
looking for a job or a career.

Q3) What would you say are the best ways to elicit co-operation from team
Ans. Motivation is key to eliciting cooperation and productivity of people
individually and as a team. So, I believe one of the most effective ways to get
team members to cooperate is to recognize their strengths and delegate tasks
accordingly. For example, in the last project I lead I was overseeing four team
members. I had a team member who was highly organized to create and
maintain the measuring tools, the individual who was most personable spoke
with the employees. The third guy who was creative with planning strategies I
had him with myself design the best way to achieve our target and the last
individual was quite analytical, so I had her compile the data in the report. This
way, each team member was allowed to play to her or his strengths, which kept
both the motivation and morale high.

Q4) How do you handle conflicts within your team?

Ans. Especially in a team atmosphere, it is critical that conflict is handled
properly, otherwise it can hurt the morale and rhythm of the team process. That
is why I first try to identify the source of the issue and isolate it as much as
possible. I try to counsel the parties involved and make sure that they reach an
agreeable ground. I also check time to time the parties, that what was ensured
is still effective.

Q5) As an HR person, what is your view on job elimination

Ans. Well this is one of the things which I really don’t like making decisions
about. But when you are in HR field you do have to make tough calls for the
betterment of the company. But we do ensure that such options are the last to
do before every possible measure has been taken. Firing/Layoffs are not the first
step, we try to performance improvement plans with the underperforming
employees. But still when it doesn’t work out or when an employee does
something egregious against the company policies then we do have to let go of
the employee for the betterment of the company.

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