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Electric Generator Symbols

The electric generators (power supplies) are devices that are used to transform any type
of energy (mechanical, chemical, solar...) into electrical energy.
Generator: A general term denoting any signal source.

Symbol Description Symbol Description

Electric generator Alternator / Sinusoidal generator

Generic symbol AC, alternating current
+ info Generic symbol
+ info

Electric generator AC generator nonrotating

AC generator low frequency
+ info

AC generator Dynamo
middle frequencies DC generator
+ info

AC generator Homopolar generator

high frequencies DC generator
+ info

Generic generator Magnetohydrodynamic generator

MHD generator
Generic symbol
+ info

Ideal current generator Pulse generator

+ info

Ideal voltage generator Waveform generator
+ info

Generator voltage Magneto

Hand generator
+ info

Controlled voltage generator Controlled current generator

Motor–generator Resonance generator

+ info

Photovoltaic cell Photovoltaic generator

Solar cell Solar cell
+ info + info

DC generator compound Tachometer generator

excitation with short

Dynamo with built-in brake

+ info

Symbols of Batteries and related / DC Power Supplies

Cell - Electric battery Battery pack
Generic symbol + info
+ info

Cell - Battery Connected batteries

Electric cell with voltage Multi-battery adjustable in three

adjustable steps

Multi-adjustable battery Battery with connection of mobile


Indication Overvoltage Representation battery

+ info

Indication of undervoltage Representation battery

Charge level of the battery Battery charging indication

+ info

Overload indication

Symbols Three-Phase Generator

Three phase synchronous Three phase synchronous
generator with permanent generator wye connection
magnet + info
+ info

Three phase converter Three phase synchronous

+ info generator with access to each

Three-phase alternator with

mobile inductor