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AREPRINT OF A SPECIAL REPORT oe Gourier-dournal “www courier Journal aces, sohens and snes Hundreds of rail workers blame solvents for illness From the Editor The ‘Courier-Fournal a ty 208 Page 2 THE TOXIC WORKPLACE Railoaders, solvents and sickness Brain damage blamed on solvent use Rail workers suffer after decades of exposure; CSX denies link t = a CE wehbe Bogen WORKERS’ EXPOSURE Chemicals used sx THE TOXIG WORKPLACE Family Tree Fae, savers and scinss se Brain damage | blamed on solvent use ane cae | Beret - sed the apeacys ie =a a oe a eBm test property| i ie en a Sante coe TARORD WORKER AT RIO TT) Shira fe an gare Be, fpr Sat re pon ea 3 755 oe oy cogataras || os | ee a aor ais gets Bent aa metres || BS aoe, (Ets Seog Sees gee epee renee Setemere earn oes moe eon anes ag ce fuga Tere ioe 2 Pa etm Some Saeite segee cSx ak itself offering evidence of worker injury fede Re tigi wan ne ae hed ne tins Serpe else pal rE has sede more sae ones i rte ath ek ag ee es Sait asaglnts yo, Mes ran Seow fo Eyed SSE Fase EO See Ee espe acme ies eterno arti oae Sone ae a oo & oo st gota nape ane Se Saxe Sess GRR ewe Ses 2 THE COURIER JOURNAL «SUNDAY, Un 13,201 ‘THE TOXIG WORKPLACE Tarodes, cavers ad sicress Harsh chemicals handled with little regard to risks [RAILROADERS IN MONTANA Burlington Northern workers suffer from same ailments as CSX employees me BE 0 TW COLREROLENAL « soNDKY MAY 82601 THE TOXIC WORKPLACE Rete, sohens nd sicress SAFETY CHANGES Soap, few solvents used at railroad ad shops today “Safety was talked about, Dut it wasn't always enforced” GLOSSARY OF TERMS e “THE COURIER JOURNAL «SURED, 12.200 THE TOXIC WORKPLACE aad Sievbegsas| ‘Hesidte wows te fecomate para thesl vests nthen teva ie bands Sharon Haven Jeni, tae Cer our ‘Anite go reasons lth be woud me |) ties ip | cotherinito tte pene Scour iit ants Soe are haart a at = \ ‘TOXIC ENCEPHALOPATHY. Former workers grapple with mental, physical deterioration oy mma Editor’s note: 1 soca helper Prthrpage a 2 eee il ofc icy td a fore, ease . Sec PROBLEMS ARISE Pec acta eer costae Cena See eatnormatin “Deg naa tie at Eros: Static Tht erg cena ire Lee re aan nes 1. eine dah cobeton : = pumceneaieed Srertaierss tee = ot Bes amt ee Ot ba Siete, cee fim bk pecan Seana afore we Mebane cole, Cittae tut entgeriaa es Soiree eaccene a ee gd Seas: SST