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About Starcraft 2 Strategies
I put together this website as a resource for anyone who plays Starcraft 2 (or will be picking it up when it is released) and is looking for a solid Starcraft 2 strategy guide that will allow them to rank up in multiplayer matches. I am currently a Diamond level player on beta and plan to continue dominating the game after release and will share with you some of my best strategies so that you can start winning more games. If you haven't played the beta (testing phase) yet or are unfamiliar with the Starcraft series, here is a brief overview of Starcraft 2 (also known as SC2): The original Starcraft is so popular that many people play Starcraft for a living. The same will hold true for Starcraft 2. The real draw for most players is the online play, and that will be the focus of this guide. However, if you are more interested in single-player mode you can use the same strategies on this site and apply them to the single player mode in order to easily beat all the missions. In SC2, there are three playable races: 1. Zerg 2. Protoss 3. Terran In SC2, players can now play in a variety of ranked brackets, such as: -1v1 (you versus another player) -2v2 (random - i.e. matched up with a random partner also in the game queue) -2v2 (arranged - i.e. playing with your friends) -FFA (every person for themselves) ..and more. The great thing about this new system is that you can play ranked multiplayer (2v2, 3v3, etc) games even when your friends are not online. You are assigned to specific brackets based on your skill levels (copper, bronze, silver, gold, etc) so that your opponents are always about your skill level. After reading and implementing the strategies on this Starcraft 2 strategy guide, you should be able to leap-frog into a higher, more competitive division! The higher level divisions are more fun because you are much more likely to have a good partner and good competition. In the lower divisions, players use cheap and gimmicky tactics (fast rushes, cannon rushes, etc) to win games.


Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy
In Starcraft 2, the Protoss are a playable race of futuristic aliens. They rely on advanced technology and large, powerful units to defeat their enemies. The Protoss are traditionally one of the most popular races. In Starcraft 2, the Protoss are an easy race to be okay with but very challenging to be a great player with. In order to help you out with this, I've put together this Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy Guide. Below you will find all the information you need in order to master the Protoss race. Each race has its advantages and disadvantages. When considering Starcraft 2 Protoss strategy, here are the pros and cons of the Protoss race: Pros: - Fastest building race. The Protoss are unique in that they do not build things but rather teleport them in from their home world. When building, a probe only has to start summoning a building and can then move on. The only limitation is that buildings have to be placed within the realm of a pylon. With that said, a single probe can build dozens of buildings at a time provided there are enough minerals and pylon space is available. - Strong mid-to-late game Protoss have a lot of great late game units and are able to put together a formidable army if given a few minutes to prepare. They can also summon a new army very rapidly with Warp Gates. - Best defensive structure. The photon cannon is the best automated defensive building in game. It is the only building that is a detector and can attack ground units. It is also the only automated building that can attack air and ground units. At 150 minerals, this structure can single handedly stop many forms of mineral harassment such as dark templar and reapers. Cons: - Slowest starter This is by far the biggest weakness of the Protoss race. Protoss are very easily rushed. Gateways are slow to build and zealots are slower than other races' ground units such as Zerglings and Reapers.


Even if you have Zealots, a skilled opponent will run circles around them with ranged or fast units. - Easily harassed This goes hand in hand with the slow start. It is easy for players of other races to wreck havoc on Protoss mineral operations. Zerg players can pump out Zerglings early in the game and attack probes while running circles around Zealots. Additionally, the Terran unit, the reaper, can cause major damage to probes in a short amount of time. There are two things the Protoss player can do. He can get a few cannons in his mineral base; the only downside is that this will slow down unit production and tech advancement. Alternatively, the Protoss player can quickly tech to Stalkers (to "tech" means to quickly build buildings that allow the player to produce late game units). The downside to this strategy is the player will be open to a Zergling rush during the tech period. The only way to be safe is to scout your opponent. If you see he is rushing to Zerglings or Reapers, you should build cannons or Stalkers as appropriate. Throughout this Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy guide, you will find a variety of useful tips that will help you make up for the Protoss disadvantages along with a variety of Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategy tips to help you crush your enemies.

Starcraft 2 Dark Templar Rush
One of the easiest ways for Protoss to win games is via a Starcraft 2 Dark Templar rush (also known as a DT rush). Dark Templars are a Protoss ground unit that is permanently cloaked. Players will have to get detectors to be able to see and attack the Dark Templar. The idea behind the Starcraft 2 Dark Templar rush is to tech very quickly to Dark Templars before the enemy gets detection, thereby crippling him and possibly even finishing him off before he gets detection. Here is how to pull it off: 1. Build 9 Probes. Scout at this point to make sure they aren't pulling off an early rush.

you might want to scout for a second time. As soon as your first Gateway comes out. What you do next depends on what the opponent is up to. 13. Research Warp Gate technology as soon as possible. 9. These are maps with destructable barriers leading to a second entrance in the base. 10. Build Assimilators at some point in this timeframe. 7. if they have not expanded I will build a Robotics Facility to get a Warp Prism and warp them in. Continue to Chrono Boost out probes. Starcraft 2 Dark Templar Rush Strategy Dark Templar vs Protoss (no detectors): . If you have time. I like to build my first pylon in pretty tight. build a Twilight Council and then get a second Gateway. Build your first pylon (location depends on enemy race and map).5 2. 5. 6. 3. There are some maps that when you place a pylon outside the base. At this point. get two more Gateways. you can build units INSIDE the base. If they are Protoss. Against Terran players. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! 11. For Terran players. 8. 12. How you use your Dark Templars in particular will change on a race by race basis. Build your first Gateway. build a Cybernetics Core. What you do here depends on the map and the opponent's race. Upgrade your 2-3 Gateways to Warp Gates and then warp Dark Templar right next to (or inside) your opponent's base. When you place down your Dark Shrine. 4. Build up to 12/19 probes. and versus Zerg or Protoss players I will build it near the entrance to my base. Get a Dark Shrine if you haven't at this point. I like to rush straight for a Dark Shrine (unless they have a cannon right by their entrance). send your probe out to near their base and build a pylon. If your opponent appears ready to attack.

this should be the end of the game. Start with the Nexus(es) and Probes then move onto other buildings. DT vs Protoss (with detection): If you determine that your opponent has Observers. Most players only have 1 Observer on defense (especially if you are fast). The faster your Starcraft 2 Dark Templar rush. you will often find that the Protoss player has no detection. Build 4-6 Dark Templar and then rush down the Nexus. kill the pylons quickly (Dark Templar kill pylons very quickly. the Robotics Facility will take awhile). If you see a Robotics Facility producing Observers. so you will be able to inflict major damage before being caught. particularly in the lower leagues. You can also split the defense by sending in 3 DTs at the main base and then warp 3 into an expansion. the better off you will be when it comes to beating other players! This also holds true if you wall your base properly with a Pylon and Gateway near the entrance and stick a Zealot in the exit. If they can't get in your base to scout. You can usually kill it before he will be able to respond. or any robotics facilities that might be available. It bears repeating that if your Starcraft 2 Dark Templar rush is fast. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Use one Templar to start taking out key buildings. another robotics facility). Build tons of cannons and Stalkers if he has air. Use the other Dark Templar(s) to keep an eye on the enemy's base and kill detectors as they pop up (cannons. With that said. a Warp Prism to warp in Dark Templar is preferred. you will find this strategy extremely effective. If you kill off all his probes. Keep an eye out for any probes that might be trying to build cannons. Meanwhile.6 If you are playing against Protoss players and are quick about it. they don't know you are rushing to Dark Templar! If you stumble upon a Protoss with no detection. even if the opponent races down your main buildings and units with air. more pylons. warp in more Dark Templars to go in and finish the job. Place a Warp Prism in the corner of the person's base. he will have to kill the cannons to win (not going to happen). If you have little units at your base. Protect yourself from losing the "base race" by building a Dark Templar at your base. often the other Protoss player will send in all his units to attack your base. I prefer not to use the Starcraft 2 Dark Templar rush when I know the enemy has . Your DTs will finish off job shortly and the game will end.

note that players have to choice between the MULE and the Scanner Sweep. be sure to look out for the construction of Missle Turrets as these are a detector. Starcraft 2 DT Rush Dark Templar vs Terran: Most players mistakenly think that a Starcraft 2 DT rush is completely worthless against Terran players because Terran players can kill them with a Scanner Sweep. At this point. allowing you to kill one (or more) tanks. I may use Dark Templar to harass. and often the splash damage from the tanks will hurt their other units in the process. you can kill Tech Labs on Starports to stop the construction of Ravens (the Terran detector). Good players actually keep less energy on tap as they use it for MULEs. Look for high cost units like Tanks and Ghosts to snipe. so the 4th Dark Templar will start causing some serious damage. Make sure to keep the DTs somewhat separated so they do not get taken out by a single scan. Killing a Seige Tank only takes a few swings and many players will not see this coming and scan fast enough. each scanner sweep costs them 270 minerals. Ravens cost so much gas that many Terran players are unable to get them. you can send them in one at a time. Even bad players are unlikely to have energy for more than 3 scans.7 Observers. note that this doesn't necessarily mean Dark Templar are worthless. Considering the MULE is worth 270 minerals to the Terran player (each one is!) simply having them scan can wreck a Terran player's economy. keep warping in Dark Templar and wrecking the opponent. so you can quickly exhaust their reserves. Keep sending in DTs one at a time and try to snipe their units and SCVs. Also. I will simply use them to harass expansions as the game goes on. but I won't rush for a technique that won't be fatal. Scanner Sweep costs energy and is limited in amount. The best thing to remember about using a Starcraft 2 DT rush on Terran players is that even if you are unsuccessful. The truth is far from it. . They will be stuck in place long enough for you to kill one. While all Terran players are likely to have a Scanner Sweep. costing the Terran player a scan each time. Seige tanks are great to kill as most players keep these in "Seige Mode" which means they won't automatically run when you attack them. Finally. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! If you have 4 Dark Templar. Also.

More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! When performing a Starcraft 2 DT rush. This strategy is often enough to completely finish off Protoss players. Use Dark Templar once to hurt the Zerg player's economy. Focus on Overseers and then Overlords. You can use Stalkers or Phoenix to focus down any Ravens in the area. I don't like using the Starcraft 2 DT rush versus Zerg players. If they spent all their scans on your Dark Templar. Four Dark Templar can kill a Lair before the Overseer comes out if you sneak in quietly. While the enemy is distracted dealing with the Phoenix. As a general rule. Use the Dark Templar to first kill any Anti-Air ground unit (Hydralisks. they won't be able to see the Dark Templar in your base. Use your Dark Templar to focus Ghosts down. note that Dark Templar can also be used to defend your own base from Terran counter attacks. they can quickly make an Overseer. By using multiple Dark Templar. Queens) and then use the Phoenix to focus down any Overseers that might be forming. DTs alone will never defeat a Zerg due to the ease of getting an Overseer. . and then go back to producing units to finish them off. this adds up very quickly! Ghosts can expose DTs temporarily with the EMP ability. Dark Templar vs Zerg Versus Zerg players killing the main hatchery is top priority as if players see that you are coming. Focus these down. especially mediocre players that have a tendency to rush for Void Rays. send in the Dark Templar.8 Just do the math: 1 Dark Templar costs 125 minerals and 125 vespene gas. you can take out quite a few drones and maybe even a Hatchery if you completely take them by surprise. and the scanner sweep costs 270 minerals! Losing 125 minerals and vespene is a lot less painful than the 420 minerals and 125 vespene the Terran loses in this situation. However. One great way to use Dark Templars though is to put a hurt on their supply count by picking off Overlords with the Phoenix. mostly because only good Protoss players bother to get an early observer. One Seige Tank costs 150 minerals and 125 vespene gas. so keep an eye out for them and never clump your Dark Templar. as an EMPed Dark Templar that is killed is a waste of money. Conclusion The Starcraft 2 DT rush is most effective when used against Protoss players.

there are a lot of great ways to beat Protoss players. and a few Zealots.9 The Starcraft 2 DT rush is also a great way to hurt the economy of Terran players. It works best in lower leagues versus opponents who do not scout. You can't let your opponent know what you are up to. You must wall the entrance with a pylon. To the mass air strategy. The other way to do this is to expand the map aggressively and amass void rays. you have to just prevent it by killing undefended expansions. With that said. you cvan use the front. a gateway. Wear down their scanning energy a bit at a time until they run out. First you can try the air rush. it is a bad strategy. you can still usually kill their main base if you use a Warp Prism and warp in about 6 Dark Templar. The Stalker is the primary counter to an air rush. and going in. Tech immediately to a Dark Shrine. When you go in. your Protoss opponent cannot stop it. here are some effective Protoss vs Protoss strategies: Void Rays For a longer game. building 1 Stargate. making 2-3 Void Rays. By the time they realize what happened. which involves walling your base. this is an effective strategy. If you can. If you build a massive Void Ray army. The key is early scouting so you can get whatever counters your opponent. There are two ways to pull this off. It will be unstoppable if too many Voids are produced. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! If your enemy is building Zealots and Immortals. If they do have detection. if the enemy has no detection (common if you are fast). their Nexus is gone! . hide the Dark Shrine in the corner of your base so the enemy can't see it. Dark Templar Rush This is very effective even in the higher leagues. I like to send in at least 4 Templar as that way you can kill faster than the opponent can counter. getting Void Rays is a great way to beat another Protoss player. Protoss lack a strong armored air counter. Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss Strategy Due to the versatility of the Protoss race. If your enemy is amassing stalkers. Go right for the kill and take out their main Nexus right away.

great players are never easy to beat!). three effective ways to beat Protoss players are to rush or mass Void Rays. Don't let them go air or expand and you will win this no problem. if an enemy has no detection. or build Zealots and Sentries. Charging Zealots and Sentries are great versus newbies who mass Stalkers as well. stronger army in the short term. . Charge is not nearly as important versus Protoss players as they have no units which easily kite Zealots). If your opponent is massing Zealots and Sentries. You definitely have the advantage in this matchup unless the opponent is very good (but then again. go air! In conclusion. one of your easiest match-ups is against Zerg players. Likewise. This is effective but the easiest way to counter this as a Protoss player is to hit them early. You will want to make these in excess. a quick Void Ray strike will be crippling. The opponent will spend a lot of resources on a variety of buildings and you will end up with a bigger. start building a lot of workers. and maybe some Zealots. Keep making them. make a more balanced army to come in and finish the job. some Immortals.10 Once this happens. Mixed Army A lot of players will go for the mixed army approach: some Stalkers. Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Zerg Strategy As a Protoss player. If they are massing Sentries. rushing to Voids can be disastrous. Dark Templars are an instant win every time! Take some time to learn the units and you will be winning your Protoss mirror matches every time. some Sentries. Build a Lot of Probes As soon as the match starts. The best Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss Strategy always depends on your opponent's strategy. These are just a few of many Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss strategies. This is one of the best Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Protoss strategies out there. To counter a Zealot masser. rush to Dark Templar. Research Charge and mass Zealots and Sentries (on a side note.

and keep making Zealots. start making Zealots. Probes are very effective versus Zerglings! More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Block Your Entrance Zerg players are slow to get air or drop ship technology (need a Lair and research before Overlords can do this). If you see Spine Crawlers. A good Zerg player will sneak Zerglings in to finish off your expansion constantly. Use your Sentries to trap them in! Scout You need to figure out what your enemy is up to. You can prevent this from happening by placing your initial Gateway and Pylon by the ramp to your base. 6 Stalkers. . and 6 Sentries and then go in (no Stalkers if there are only Zerglings). they will often pull their Zerglings out. build a 3rd Gateway. Zerg is so slow to start it is practically guaranteed they cannot stop an early mass attack. expand immediately. Research Charge. use your probes. Mass Tier 1 and Tier 2 Units As soon as your Gateway is done being built. They will overspend in pursuit of an early expansion or technology. If he has expanded early. Even if you don't win. Build a second Gateway and start teching towards a Twilight Council. Once the Zerg player has realized this has happened. The only way for this to be countered by the Zerg player is to mass Zerglings or Spine Crawlers. Then. If you get rushed here. plug this hole up with your ground units. attack the Zerg player's expansion with SOME of your units and then expand yourself. The only threat you face is Speedlings (Zerglings with the speed upgrade) speeding past your units and wrecking your minerals. so if you want to expand. distract him long enough to secure your expansion and you have "won" that interchange. Research Warp Gate technology. you either need to kill him fast or expand yourself. Make about 10 Zealots.11 Build a pylon at 8/10 and a Gateway at 12 or 13 out of 19 supplies.

Also. The downside to the Phoenix is that building a Stargate is expensive. If you expanded. an air rush is a viable option versus Zerg players as it takes Zerg players quite a long time to get a Lair finished. With that said. beating Zerg players is very easy. note that Void Rays are weak versus Zerg unless they are massing Zerglings and/or Roaches. build Stalkers. re-mass your army. Hit them early and often. Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Terran Strategy Terran are probably the hardest match ups for Protoss players. Corrupters do bonus damage to armored air units and will quickly take down Void Rays. starve them of minerals. build a few Colossi and go back in. With these basic strategies in mind. You can use small groups to kill workers and Queens very quickly. Proxying involves building Gateways at your opponent's base as fast as possible. Conclusion With that said. There are a few ways you can deal with this. so only do it if you expanded. Many Zerg players like to mass Mutalisks. You will need a better economy than the Zerg players (very tough) if you want to have a chance to successfully mass Void Rays. If you did not. Add a few Phoenix to your army or mass Stalkers. odds are that Reapers are in your future. while protecting your own minerals from Mutalisks. .12 If you see a Zergling mass. I prefer the Phoenix. the best way to deal with this is to proxy. Do not allow Zerg players to expand early against you without making them pay for it. I would not recommend this and there is simply better ways to go about beating Zerg players (hint: don't let the game last that long!). and don't let the game run on too long and you will do just fine. Terran Death by Proxy In a 1v1 game. If the opponent is Terran and knows that you are Protoss. I cannot restate the importance of how slow the Zerg are after an initial Zergling rush. Both will work.

Build a Pylon at 8/10 and a Gateway at 12/19. destroy it. If he is building a tech lab. Build an Assimilator when you get the spare minerals. Your first Zealots are likely to enter an undefended base! Rushing Stalker If you do not want to play the with the Proxy playstyle (it is a bit risky if your micro is bad) or if the opponent is not building reapers right next to your base. Odds are he will have 1 or 2 marines which the Zealot will easily dispatch. send 1 Probe to a hidden spot outside the opponent's base. keep building Zealots and sending them in. If you only have 1 or 2 Zealots. build a pylon. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! While your worker is on the way. Meanwhile. avoid a direct conflict with 10+ workers as you are liable to lose! Keep sending in Zealots and tech up your main base. he should be slowed down enough to stay contained while you mass units and expand the map. you need to forego your proxy briefly and get a Forge and two Photon Cannons immediately. try to harass and stop him from building units. As soon as your Gateway finishes. build 2 Gateways. keep pumping out Probes. As soon as you can after that.13 Immediately at the start of the game. While the Gateway is building. . Once the first Gateway is done. build a Cybernetics Core. Chrono Boost out a Zealot and send it in. As soon as your probe is in position. build a probe at your base and have it harvest minerals. This will protect you from Reapers. If your probe passes an SCV on its way to the opponent's base. When performing an early rush like this. As soon as the cannons are placed. start your proxy and continue normally as mentioned above. If he survives your initial attack. odds are he is proxying you! In this case. Place the pylon and forge behind your minerals and place two cannons up against your Nexus right by the Vespene geysers. Focus on that above anything else. No Reapers is a priority. your best option is to rush to Stalkers. The major thing you have to worry about is a Terran proxy.

you can continue on a normal game and build units that counter his. As stated. Void Rays can be very effective versus Terran players. as follows: Mauraders are countered by Charge Zealots / Sentries. Marines are countered by Colossi. or the Phoenix. If your opponent is good. the best thing about this strategy is that it is so easy even a complete newbie could do it. don't worry about it as he is unlikely to kill many Probes before your Stalker arrives. You need to get to the higher leagues to do this though! More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! . With these great Starcraft 2 Protoss vs Terran strategies. it's an easy way for newbie players to get their feet wet. Place your Stalker in your mineral operations.14 While this is building. I wouldn't recommend it for very advanced players. Once you have your Stalker. odds are he hurt himself more than he hurt you. As soon as the Cybernetics Core finishes. Void Rays. Siege Tanks are countered by Immortals. Starcraft 2 Stalkers One of the easiest ways to win games as Protoss is to make a lot of Stalkers. If you have the resources. By fighting better players. Despite the Reapers "success". It will unlikely kill more than a few Probes by the time your Stalker is finished. It will allow you to get some wins under your belt so that you can face tougher opponents. very easy strategy and it will still win most games versus Gold League players or below. if the player sacrificed building works to rush the Reaper. This is a very. If so. In fact. Chrono Boost out a Stalker. If he sacrificed workers and units to rush the Reaper. another pylon. and keep pumping out workers. his Reaper may arrive right before your Stalker. it may arrive earlier. you should win most of your matches versus Terran players. build a Zealot. you can copy their strategies and see what they do to beat you! Take what strategies work and use them for yourself.

you need to expand. you should be able to go in and kill your opponent. scout out your enemy. once you have the resources. You can even go for a third expansion if you have the resources. build a Pylon and then build more Probes. Here is how to mass Stalkers: Build Probes until you are at 8/10 supplies. as soon as your Gateway finishes. Also begin researching Warp Gate technology. keep building Pylons (as needed) and Stalkers. Meanwhile. Once you have 6 Warp Gates. At this point. Use Blink to jump past any defensive walls and take your opponent out.15 Back on topic. Scouting the Enemy At this point. keep producing Stalkers non-stop at your 3 Gateways. keep pumping out Stalkers and building more Pylons. You can never have too many Starcraft 2 Stalkers as a newbie player. While you are doing this. Build a Nexus at your natural expansion and pump out Probes as quickly as possible to harvest at it. Chrono Boost out a Stalker. After building a Gateway. Keep pumping out Probes with the Chrono Boost (found at the Nexus) ability. If the Enemy Has More Units than Your Starcraft 2 Stalkers If the enemy has more units than you. build 3 more Gateways and turn them into Warp Gates (you should have 6 Warp Gates). Meanwhile. Add 3 Warp Gates with each expansion you get. As soon as the Cybernetics Core finishes. Once you have 3 probes harvesting gas on each receptor and 16 probes harvesting minerals. You should have 18 to 24 Stalkers at this point. By the time you finish researching Blink. but save money to build a Gateway at 12/19 supply count. . If at any point he has less units than you. do the following: Build a Templar Council building when you can afford it and research Blink. Build Assimilators to harvest gas with when possible but do not build them until you can afford to while still producing probes. keep producing Probes. build a Cybernetics Core and another Pylon. Once you are here. build 2 more Gateways.

The biggest thing to understand about the normal Zealot rush is that it is rarely a fatal technique. this is a great ability for Starcraft 2 Stalkers. The Starcraft 2 Zealot rush is a bit different from the original Starcraft (but not too much!). Once you have up 6-9 Warp Gates. then 2 to 3 more probes. while you are sending in your Zealots. then 2 Gateways. Your enemy will have to fight not only your first Stalker army but another 20-30 will be waiting at your base given how fast you warp them in! The Starcraft 2 Stalker has its main strength in being cheap and fast to produce. A good player will make a unit strong against the Stalker (at which point you make whatever unit counters that!). . then a pylon. Standard Method The standard method involves building 2 gateways in your base and pumping out 4 to 6 zealots and then sending them in. The main purpose of the standard Zealot rush is to slow down your opponent. For more advanced players. A good build order for this would be probes to 8/10 supplies. Since you have so many Warp Gates. keep warping in Stalkers even as you are fighting. odds are you will have done quite a bit of damage.16 Be sure to research Blink as mentioned above. Produce the Zealots then send them in. Even if the enemy wipes you out. you can send in your units. This strategy is easy to execute and works on Gold league players and below. start harvesting gas. Because this technique is simply meant to slow the opponent. Keep pumping them out to whittle your enemy's army down. Hit his expansions and use Blink to bypass defense. There are two main ways to perform this technique. and build pylons and tech up. the standard method or by proxy. be sure to continue to produce more probes. check out some of the other strategies on the side bar. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Starcraft 2 Zealot Rush The Zealot rush is one of the easiest and most effective ways to win games.

Almost no Protoss player will be able to withstand this. This method is a lot riskier and requires good speed. This works best if the pylon is hidden so the enemy cannot see it. If your initial rush was good.17 If you decide to stick with ground or extend your Zealot rush. build a third Gateway when you get a chance and make sure you get a lot of Probes to harvest minerals (up to 16). Gateway. A good rush involves wiping out most of the enemy's harvesters. I would recommend waiting until you get 4 Zealots before going in. build Zealots and use the Chrono Boost ability of the Nexus to speed Zealot production. Sentries. which could wipe out your entire base! You also do not want to give your enemy enough time to wall the entrance. you win! . Kill his few Zealots and then take down the pylon(s) powering his Gateway(s). The other rush method is by proxy. If you are playing a Terran player. you can always produce more Zealots and finish the job. As soon as the gateways are done. 12 units should be enough to finish them off. If the entrance is walled. Build 2 gateways as soon as possible. You do not need more than 9 probes to start. As soon as the game starts. immediately send one Probe to build a pylon just outside the enemy base. send in your first Zealot right away. If the enemy is Protoss. Most normal rushes will not be devastating. and Stalkers) and then send them in to finish the job. You cannot afford for the enemy to build a Reaper. If your initial rush is devastating. or Barracks. get 3 Zealots and take it down. Once he can no longer produce Zealots. This makes rushing really fast since units do not have to travel far. After performing a good rush. Terran cannot produce Marines fast enough to beat 3 proxy Zealots. A devastating rush would be wiping out all offensive unit producing buildings like a Spawning Pool. mass units over the next few minutes (Zealots. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Proxy Zealot Rush A proxy involves building a pylon right outside the enemy's base (or even inside it if the base is big enough) and then building your gateways there.

Infantry Build There are four main infantry builds you should be familiar with. Zerglings can easily spoil a proxy attempt. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! However. If you do. there are certain builds which are very synergistic. Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy When it comes to the easiest race in Starcraft 2. Mech. The three most common builds are Infantry. and Air. However. It works best when you are playing someone that is "Favored" (i. You do not want to risk a loss against someone you are favored against by performing a Starcraft 2 Zealot rush by proxy. ranked higher than you) since it is risky. While no one Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy is mutually exclusive (strategies can be combined).e. . it can be boring so I would recommend checking out some of these strategies: The proxy is most effective Starcraft 2 Zealot rush versus Terran and other Protoss players. A mix of Marines and Marauders is generally the most effective. Effectively mastering the Protoss Zealot rush alone is enough to take any player up to the Platinum league. It is not worth the risk to lose a lot of points if they discover your Gateways early and prepare for it. There are three main builds that are typically used by Terran players. There are some exceptions. Zerg players do struggle versus a normal rush of about 6 to 8 Zealots.18 Do not proxy versus a good Zerg player. Here are the basics. it is well accepted that Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy is much easier than the other races. do not build so close to the base because Overlords will find you. The most common early game builds are mass Marines or Marines and Marauders.

MMM consists of Marines. MMM is probably the most popular Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy. Zealots. It is very unusual for good players to mass air units though. Players can then add either Vikings (if the enemy is mostly Air) or Hellions (if the enemy has mostly light units like Zerglings and Zealots). Gold. a very easy counter is to build 2 Barracks with 2 Reactors attached and pump out a Marine ball and send it in for an easy win (2 dozen Marines only takes moments to build). if you are playing Protoss and as a Terran player and are going an MMM build. Rushing to Banshees is effective versus Zerg and Protoss players. For example. Air Getting mostly air is also a common Terran strategy. Ghosts should be added to support your army by taking out high value targets like Infestors or to knock off the shields of Immortals with the EMP ability. common in Terran vs Zerg or Protoss). you can mass Marauders. Siege Tanks punish ground units and Thors punish air units (and protect tanks). and Medivacs. The way you mix in Infantry depends on the race you are playing and I will discuss this in more detail in the Terran vs (fill in race here) sections. A few Ghosts is also standard Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy. Marauders.19 More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! If you know the enemy is rushing air (rare in Terran vs Terran. as Marauders counter those units in an early game. and Platinum leagues. Mech Build Mech is a very popular Starcraft 2 Terran Strategy which generally consists of Siege Tanks and Thors produced in mass numbers. it is not unusual for the Protoss player to build Colossi. The final build is mixing Infantry in with other units. It is much rarer in Diamond as it has some counters. while using Vikings to keep Terran players contained is also very effective. and Sentries. It is a very synergistic combo which is easy to use. which makes it common in the Silver. Air is most effective when performed as a "switch". If you know the enemy is massing Stalkers or Roaches. .

you will never lose to a Zerg player again. Once Thors reach a critical mass (about 3-4). since it takes too long to get there. Here are the basics: Protecting Against the Rush The key to any Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy is to simply survive for more than a few moments. you will find that with the right Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy. pick up some Thors. If you see your enemy is making Mutalisks.20 Once the Protoss player amasses this army. use your 10th SCV to scout to make sure your enemy isn't pulling any cheesy tactics (like a 6 pool rush). It is rare for Zerg players to try to pull a 6-pool rush (which means they build a Spawning Pool right away and send in 6 Zerglings as fast as possible) at a bigger map. they become unstoppable versus Mutalisks. make sure you quickly wall the entrance to your base with Supply Depots and a Barracks. Zerg players are weak versus mechanical units and slow to get units that can bust through or avoid your wall. The most powerful Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy is getting a Mech army. once your wall is finished you are free to tech as you please. Hellions. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! If you see a 6-pool rush or early Zerglings in general. Make up for the Thor's lack of mobility by placing Missile Turrets around your base and a Sensor building to detect enemy movement from far away. oftentimes they will be able to inflict serious damage on a Protoss player that has no anti-air units. Just two Marines behind a full wall will be able to easily handle a pack of Zerglings. and Marines. A few Missile Turrets and Marines will be just fine early in the game versus Mutalisks. Mutalisks do well versus Vikings so this is an exercise in futility. General Strategies In general. Behind your wall. build a few Siege Tanks. Be sure to scout for any air units. As a result. To repeat. if a Terran player can pull off a good switch and produce 6 or so Banshees. Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy As a Terran player. . If the map is small. Banshees make quick work out of Sentries. resist the urge to make Vikings. a key Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy is to opt for Thors versus Mutalisks. Once you have a few Siege Tanks up. take your expansion. As the game wears on.

4-5 Marines. This way. Countering Brood Lords There is one situation where Vikings find there way into Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg matches. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Hellion Rush . Tanks. The Ghost is also very effective versus Brood Lords as the Snipe ability can take them out very quickly. you slowly advance on the Zerg players base without ever being caught with all of your tanks in Tank Mode. placing them in Siege Mode. The easiest way to do this is to "leap frog". 250 vespene gas). As you get very close to their base. you do not need to take all your units with you. and Hellions to the enemy's base. Just leave about 20 supplies worth of units in your base as you slowly progress into the Zerg players base.21 Use Hellions to protect your Siege Tanks against Zergling packs. This is a basic Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy that is incredibly effective and will leave the enemy crying for nerfs. simply 2-3 Tanks. When Mutalisks or Corruptors move in on your Vikings. Slowly creep in your Thors. If the player gets Brood Lords. Most Zerg players will try to counter you by harassing your base while you are not there. On the offensive. your Thors will be able to take them out quick. be careful with your tanks. be sure to pick up some Vikings. since Terran units are so effective versus Zerg units. The key thing to remember is that behind a Terran Wall. your enemy will take a very long time to rebuild these powerful units. Vikings can attack from very far away (further than Mutalisks and Corruptors) so they will be able to attack Brood Lords from a distance. a Thor. leaving the Vikings to finish off the Brood Lords without taking any damage. moving them up some. Since Brood Lords are so slow to build (have to be evolved from Corruptors) and cost so many resources (300 minerals. and a Missile Turret can handle even very large Zerg armies. Cloaked Ghosts will pick off Brood Lords incredibly quickly and can take out even a large army of them in the blink of an eye. and then moving the tanks that were left behind and doing the same thing. which involves placing about half your tanks in Tank Mode.

As a result. Meanwhile. Stop teching to finish the wall if the player is rushing Zerglings. If you let the Zerg player get Ultralisks. Mid-Late game strategy Missile Turret > Mutalisk mineral harassment Thors > Mutalisks Vikings + Thors > Corruptors and Brood Lords Tanks + Hellions > Zerglings and Hydralisks Tanks + Thors > Hydralisks and Roaches Tanks + Thors + Hellions > All Zerg units except for Brood Lords and Ultralisks 5. . teching straight to Hellions can be an effective way to quickly take out your opponent. be sure to have plenty of Thors with the 250mm Strike Cannon ability ready. 2. It is best to ignore the Queen (avoid it) and kill the Zerglings and Drones. 3. Wall off quick. Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy at a Glance Here is a summary of easy to follow Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg Strategy: 1. Hellions take out light units in the blink of an eye. Hellions do great damage versus Zerglings and Banelings and with the Ignition Pre-Ignitor. Build Marauders and Tanks if the enemy starts to make Spine Crawlers. build Vikings to supplement your mech army. Early game counters: Wall + Marines > Zergling Rush Hellions > Big Zergling/Baneling Push Banshee Rush > Early Roach Push 4. tech up at your base and keep producing more Hellions. Mech counters nearly all Zerg units. If you let the Zerg player get Brood Lords.22 If your enemy is not teching to air. a devastating Starcraft 2 Terran vs Zerg strategy is to rush to a few upgraded Hellions and then send them in. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss Strategy This article is going to teach the Terran players how to win Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss match-ups. 6.

This always goes unnoticed. Infantry . in the confusion. If the Bunker finishes. or segway into Infantry (or start with Infantry from the start). Kite the enemy Zealots and Probes. Supply for supply. it is very effective to build a Bunker in the opponent's minerals. you can put the Reaper inside it and the game is now over (as long as the Bunker is in range of the enemy Nexus). press the H key. The goal is to stay at 7 SCVs so no new supply depots need to be built. especially when performed in the lower leagues. Reapers will kill Sentries. Players can perform the following build order: Build 1 SCV Build 1 Barracks Build a Refinery Build a Tech Lab Build an Orbital Command As this is going on.23 A match-up between Terran and Protoss players is one of the most balanced games in Starcraft 2. it means to run from the enemy melee units. only stopping to shoot for a second before continuing again. Terran players biological units are very strong against Protoss players. and when he gets distance. The Reaper is too fast to be caught by Probes and Zealots. only Stalkers and Photon Cannons can stop them. If you don't know what "kiting" is. Here are some specific Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategies you can use: Reaper Rush: More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Protoss players are very susceptible to this Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategy. and immediately have it move again. You can make your Reaper do this by moving him away from a Zealot. players can build a Reaper and research Nitro Pack technology. If it doesn't go unnoticed. In particular. Players can continue the Reaper push if successful. It is important to go in immediately with the first Reaper and jump up the back and start killing Probes. your Reaper can kill the Zealots and Probes that are trying to kill the Bunker. Once you start your rush. Just kidding! The Terran player has some specific advantages over the Protoss player that allow the Terran player to take the upper hand.

players can get Medivacs and Ghosts to supplement their army. Marines and Marauders decimate Protoss troops. Vikings deal a large amount of damage to Colossi. so Vikings are a great way to stop these units. making this an easy Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategy. so it is an easy way to spot Dark Templars without wasting a MULE. Colossi are the Protoss counter to Infantry. remove High Templar energy. Usually an early push is very effective (6 Marauders and 12 Marines) versus the Protoss player. It also strips energy off of Immortals. as it is one of the most underused Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategies. EMP also takes units out of cloak. This can be used to deal literally 1000s of damage and strip High Templar of all energy. even though they utterly dominate Protoss players. Here is the recap: Reapers = Best way to rush Protoss players Marines and Marauders = make for a great early push and are strong vs early Protoss ground units. If the game goes on longer. Conclusion There are a lot of great Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategies. and pull Dark Templar out of stealth Vikings = Deal great damage to Colossi . In particular. Ghosts = Deal large amounts of damage. Viking The Viking is the Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategy that is necessary to use if the enemy gets Colossi. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Ghost The Ghost is the secret Starcraft 2 Terran vs Protoss strategy.24 Terran have a big advantage over Protoss players with their Infantry. making them counter both of these Protoss ground units. I will discuss the Ghost below. Players should build 2 Barracks. strip Immortal shields. Marines protect the Marauders from any air. The EMP ability deals 100 damage to Protoss shields and reduces all enemy unit energy to 0. In lower leagues. Marines also are great versus Void Rays. rendering them virtually useless. you never almost see Ghosts. one with a Tech Lab and one with a Reactor and pump out Marauders and Marines. Marauders slow Zealots and do bonus damage to Stalkers.

The 3 Missile Turrets. players will be quick to land with the Vikings. Here is how to crack the "Terran Turtle": Build an army in the following ratio: 1. 1. At this point Banshees can move in and pick off the grounddwelling Vikings.5 Vikings (add in 2 Marauders if the enemy is making Thors). 3 Marines. Therefore. Since many Terran units are anti-air only or anti-ground only. Terran ground units are too slow to exercise map control. Preventing the Harass In matches of equal skill levels. Players will struggle to stop this. 1 Banshee. there aren't many glaring weaknesses.25 Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran Strategy Since Terran are currently the most domninant race in Starcraft 2. . Missile Turrets. it would appear that Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran matches are the toughest for Terran players! Since the Terran army is so well balanced. If you build Missile Turrets around your expansions. many good Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran players will use hitand-run tactics to ruin the enemy's economy. so Vikings usually determine how the matches go.5 Siege Tanks. 3 Banshees. A Viking pack (12+) can land at an enemy's expansion and kill all SCVs in a couple seconds (and even the command center). and Vikings are holding down the fort. To counter this Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran strategy. Banshees are also great on offense versus Terran Players. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Since Tanks and Thors are so slow. especially when a lot of Siege Tanks. the dominant Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran strategy is to control the air. you need a few Banshees. and a few Missile Turrets. a few Vikings. by the time the enemy units get there. one of the toughest Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran strategies is simply breaking into the enemy's base. Pushing in on the Enemy Even when you are a lot better than the enemy. you can simply lift off and leave your expansion. I will split this up into 2 sections: preventing the harass and pushing in on the enemy. and 3 Vikings can easily stop a pack of 12 Vikings.

if you have a mid-sized army. I will explain a Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy that will allow you to dominate other players in online play. bring more Marines and Vikings. and perhaps a few Thors. if your enemy is air heavy. This is where the Banshees come in. Once you are in position and Sieging. and 8 Marauders. Your current army will operate fine without Banshees. the Zerg seem to be one of the hardest classes to play. you might have 6 Siege Tanks. As soon as you are in range. send in your Banshees (with Viking support) and use them to specifically pick off Siege Tanks. Naturally. At first glance. and they feel weak all around. However. 12 Marines. If you look at the top of the Diamond leagues. It doesn't matter if the Banshees die. inch your Siege Tanks just in range. They are have a very slow start. 6 Vikings. A floating Barracks can provide the range you need and has a lot of HP (you don't want to sacrifice Vikings for this purpose). Zerglings and Roaches get demolished by Terran Players. the enemy often will try to scan your tanks to hit them. Keep inching in with your tanks and it is game over. Once your tanks are in position and your enemy is focused on them.26 In other words. just outside of his Siege Tanks. as long as they take Siege Tanks with them. If he is Tank heavy. are late to get anti-air. Now here is a key Starcraft 2 Terran vs Terran Strategy. the enemy is done for. you might have twice that size in the same proportions. Set-up with your Siege Tanks outside the enemy's base. Keep this pack nice and tight. If you have a big army. 4 Banshees. Bring a flying Barracks with you. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy In this article. Banshees only need to kill Siege Tanks. Add in a Thor or two if you can afford it. Once you kill at least the front-line Siege Tanks with your Banshees. once you take the time to get down a good Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy. bring more Banshees. push-up with your tanks and begin Sieging the base. Here is how it works: Siege Tanks have a Siege range of 13. Zerg becomes one of the best races. it is occupied by more Zerg players than any other race. . Now. but can only see about 10 units on the map.

Now that you have an expansion. Regardless of what you are doing. 8.27 The most important Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy you can implement to see an immediate improvemen to the way you play Zerg is by using a good build order. expand to your natural expansion (build a Hatchery). and a Spawning Pool. Note that you might have to change this build order and get a Spawning Pool sooner if your opponent is doing a fast rush (proxy Gateways or something along those lines). 10. While the Overlord is building. After issuing the command to build a Hatchery. If your opponent is proxying. what Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy you use from here depends on your opponent and what they are doing. build more Drones until you are at 15/18 Drones. Expand Aggressively The Zerg race has an intensive resource requirement (especially for vespene gas) to be competitive. 3. rapidly expanding and using automated defensive structures is to your benefit. At a supply count of 16/18. a Queen. use the extractor cheat (explained in the Starcraft 2 Zerg Structures section if you don't know what this is) to get 11/10 Drones. . More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! My favorite build order is often called the "IdrA" after being popularized by the professional Starcraft 2 player of the same name. Go straight for 10 Drones. 4. 7. After the Overlord is finished. 5. Build 2 more Drones. build an Overlord as soon as you have the money. you will need to more resources to compensate. Shortly after ordering the production of an Overlord. Here is how it works: 1. 2. Also note that the Zerg need significant quantities of vespene gas and often have very high quantities of unspent minerals. build a few automated defensive structures and sneak a pair of Zerglings into his main base for an easy win. Build a Spawning Pool at 15/18 Drones. 6. Because of this. Since Zerg units tend to be weaker and more expendable. taking you to 16/18 supplies (you will lose 1 Drone when creating the Spawning Pool). Build a Queen and a pair of Zerglings. your Spawning Pool will finish. At 10/10 Drones. there are a few strategies you can implement to see immediate improvements in your Zerg game. 9. build an Overlord.

I have done this a million times and laugh every single time. Speedlings are cheap so it doesn't matter if they die in the attack as long as you inflict some damage on the enemy's economy. A dozen Speedlings can quickly take out a group of enemy harvesters and even the Nexus or Hatchery if the player is not quick enough to respond. Inevitably. As soon as the enemy leaves his base or more productive expansion. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! One of the easiest ways to do this is to send packs of 12-18 Zerglings with the movement speed upgrade (also known as Speedlings among players) to expansion points around the map. Do whatever you can to stop him from expanding as Zerg depend on this. Imagine the surprise on the enemy's face when he leaves the front door open as I slide past his army and take out the main base! Conclusion By following this simple Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy. You will not win many games if your opponent is harvesting the same amount of minerals as you. You won't win long games without a good economy as a Zerg player. bad players will send all of their units to defend this expansion. Control the Map As a Zerg player. but you will also need a better economy than the opponent. losing a fourth Hatchery and a dozen Drones is not a devasting loss.28 For a Zerg player. This can be rebuilt quickly and easily using the Spawn Larva ability and the mineral loss is not a big deal as Zerg players already have too many minerals to begin with. you will be able to dominate your opponents. The key to playing Zerg is building and maintaining a better economy than your opponent. Expanding aggressively is the most important Starcraft 2 Zerg strategy. My favorite Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy is to have two packs of Speedlings ready to go. Do not settle for having the same number of expansions as the other player. as if they were anticipating all of my units attacking this expansion. you will only a good economy for yourself. Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide . I send one pack in to kill the enemy's fledgling expansion. Other races do not have this problem. I will send in my second pack of Speedlings to his main base and quickly take out the main Nexus. Terran players will easily defeat a Zerg player with a similiar economy.

More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! If you are good. Scout your opponent and build appropriate defense. at mid-field) to see an enemy attack coming in the distance. This leads me to the next part of the Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide. Controlling Information This is what separates good Zerg players (the ones towards the top of the Platinum league) and great Zerg players (the ones towards the top of the Diamond league). Zerg have an unprecedented ability to not only scout the map but also control the flow of information. The biggest mistake players make is not harvesting at this expansion soon enough. some Zerglings. especially for gas. Expanding Quickly The cornerstone of any Starcraft 2 Zerg guide is an early expansion.29 If I could sum up the ultimate Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide in 2 words. You need to expand early (a popular build involves getting a Spawning Pool at 15/18 supplies and an expansion at 16/18 supplies). The next thing Zerg has going for it is speed-enhanced Zerglings. send out 2 Zerglings to the midpoint of the field.. Early game. The three key aspects of this strategy are: expanding quickly. too!). The first thing Zerg has going for it is the Overlord. I will be teaching you how to do this so you can start winning the vast majority of your 1v1 matches (works for other brackets. and expanding massively." Controlling the map is the way Zerg wins games against Diamond league players of any race. SCVs. you can't spend all day defending a harvester-less expansion. and maybe a Spine Crawler or two. and Drones. you can defend normally-timed rushes with your Queens. there are exceptions such as if you see the enemy is doing a fast rush (proxying or something of the sort). Throughout the rest of this Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide. . The key part is that you build an early expansion and (more importantly) get harvesters going there. Spread these in areas of interest (around your base. but do not go overboard with units and structures early. Of course. Use these to intercept scouting Probes. they would be "Map Control. You need to recoup your losses. controlling the flow of information.

and start harvesting gas. As the game progresses. The whole idea behind the controlling the flow of information is that not only are you seeing what your opponent is doing so you can always be ready to counter it. Expand Aggressively Having Zerglings that far from home gives the illusion of power. This brings me to the final part of the Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide. you can go from 200/200 to 70/200 (70 Drones) in battle. throw up a few automated defensive structures. you prevent the ability of the other player to see what you are doing. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Eventually. It will mess up his build order. keep 8-12 Zerglings at mid-map in order to prevent units from even seeing you. If you are able to prevent him from scouting. Continue to spread Overlords out around the map. keep putting them up. mass units (that counter the opponents . Keep using the Spawn Larva ability at all your expansions. Get extra Hatcheries all over the map. Keep up a few Spore Crawlers to keep Observers at bay. your opponent will waste money trying to see you. Once your economy is rolling. take it out with a pack of Zerglings. use this opportunity to expand aggressively.30 By intercepting scouts.see the Zerg vs (fill in the blank) guides for specifics) and attack the opponent. Zerg players always need gas. he will overspend on defense. The key part of this Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide lies in economy. and then instantly get back up to 200/200 (with the units that counter what the opponent has remaining!) Zerg units are somewhat inferior to other races. and he will be relunctant to expand for fear of the unknown attack. but you can also prevent the enemy from seeing you with Zerglings. Cover the map with Overlords so you can see an attack coming from far away. Even if the enemy kills one or two of these. Each Scanner Sweep comes at a cost of 270 minerals (missing a MULE) and an Observer is not cheap versus Zerg as many Protoss players opt do not usually get much in the way of detection versus Zerg players. With a huge economy. . as most players love the opportunity to pick off a defenseless Overlord. so the ability to bounce right back from a major attack is crucial. When you see an enemy expansion far from their base. This will give you ample time to prepare for an attack. This will frustrate a good player and make him paranoid.

Be sure to scout the enemy (preferably at a supply count of 9) to make sure the enemy isn't proxying or rushing Zealots. Protoss units lack the mobility that Zerg has (Speedlings and Mutalisks) and as a result. they have trouble navigating around two strategically placed Spine Crawlers (as long as you keep your buildings close to the Hatchery / Lair). Countering the Zealot Rush A key part of all Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss matches is stopping the Zealot rush. Make two Queens to defend the base. This is a healing spell used by Queens. Your opponent simply will not be able to get in if you get a quick Queen and Spine Crawler. so make sure you run it around the base when it gets low on hp. With that said. here are the basic ways to win Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss games. Your Spawning Pool should finish by the time his first Gateway is done. you will be able to have the Queens heal each other. and pump out Zerglings. Good players will focus this. allowing the Zerglings to wear down the Zealots and buy you more time. the key Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss Strategy is map control.31 Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss Strategy As usual. you can use . With two Queens. Also. grab your first expansion quickly. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Once you have confirmation that the enemy Protoss player is pursuing an early expansion. they are unable to control the map nearly as well as Zerg players. If you discover that your opponent is rushing Zealots. you will need to pick up an early Spawning Pool. You will inevitably face one during your battles. this is why you scout at 9/10 supply count and not later. make sure you don't let your Queen die. Due to Zealots status as a melee unit and their slow movement speed. a Spine Crawler. Expand Early I explained this in detail in the Starcraft 2 Zerg Guide article. Keep increasing your Drone count as well and tech to a Lair. A key Queen ability is "Transfusion". Additionally.

if the units are in the main base instead of the expansion. Protoss players do not have many fast units. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Use your Queens to expand the Creep out until you can build a Hatchery at your natural expansion and simply walk your Spine Crawlers down to your base. and creative usage of two Queens (Transfusions. At this point. This is a very underrated Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss strategy. In most Zealot rushes. use this great Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss Strategy: As mentioned earlier. don't let a few Void Rays scare you off. As soon as he comes out to defend it. making them very slow to kill Zerglings. Get a Spine Crawler by the time the opponent gets Sentries. and it is still always fun. This is only necessary when fighting against a Proxying or serious Zealot rusher. you will still be able to pick up an early expansion. you can often kill the expansion-Nexus before the enemy moves his units over. Do not allow him to take his natural expansion. This is game-over for the opponent if he is busy trying to get past your defense! Sneaking Zerglings into the enemy's base is a core Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg strategy. completely ignoring them. rush your Zerglings past the Protoss' players units. clumsy Zealots / Stalkers / Sentries can get back in! Additionally. The Protoss player inevitably throws a fit and ragequits. As a side note. A great way to punish a Zealot rusher is to sneak a pack of Zerglings (8-12) past the Zealots. punish it with Zerglings. With a big pack of Zerglings (24) you can usually completely knock out the main Nexus before those slow. . Head for the main Nexus. and a small pack of Zerglings is enough to stop Zealots (or even Roaches). Void Rays are slow early game (no speed upgrade yet) and can't charge up versus low HP units. If the player does. Good times! Your success in Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss matches depends on your ability to execute this strategy. I have used this strategy to kill the main Nexus so many times. Use your Queens and Zerglings to push the Zealot mass back. kiting).32 Transfusion to heal Spine Crawlers. rush it into the enemy's minerals. leaving your base to your Queens and Spine Crawlers. Speedlings to Nexus You must prevent the Protoss player from expanding. If your opponent takes his natural expansion.

Mass Air One common Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss strategy question I am asked is how can Zerg players stop mass Void Rays. Zerg players can run into trouble versus big quantities of Protoss ground units (Charging Zealots. which give Zerg Players tons of trouble as well. Roaches. They are also useful because they are great versus Void Rays. The real purpose though is to allow your Roaches and Hydralisks to get close enough to attack. which increases the damage the Colossus takes.33 More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Mid-Game Your main goal after countering an initial Zealot rush (most Protoss players will use this against you) and stopping their expansions (use this against most Protoss) is to beef up your natural expansion and mass Hydralisks. You should be able to pick up a big army of Hydralisks faster than the Protoss player can build units due to your two-expansion status. you will need something to stop the Force Fields. Hydralisks. and allow the Infestor to cast Fungal Growth on unit masses and Mind Control any Immortals that may be present. Ultralisks are great because 1) they soak up tons of damage and 2) break the Sentry's Force field 3) own Zealots with splash damage and high armor. and Infestors. I recommend getting your own mixed ground army consisting of Ultralisks. especially when combined with the Mothership? . which tears up Hydralisks. They also can use Corruption. Corruptors are useful for two reasons: They do great damage versus the Colossus. In any ground battle between the SC2 Zerg and Protoss match. and Stalkers). Roaches (if they go ground) and Corruptors (if they have air or Colossi). Sentries. For this type of attacker. Mass Infantry Late game. Just beware of Immortals! Mind Control or a token Broodlord can effectively take out immortals (Broodlings rip through their shield).

when it comes to this matchup. I thought so too. As mentioned earlier. but if you go in with a mass of Corruptors against uncharged Void Rays. using the early build order popularized by the professional Starcraft 2 player. Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy Most players around the world agree on one thing: it is hard to play against Terran as a Zerg player. the Zerg is all about map control and fast units. . Get 15 Drones. I won't go into specific details but here is the brief breakdown: More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! 1. you have no option but to mass Corruptors. All units can be Corruptors. until I figured out a few key tricks to beating Terran players. Your odds are not good if you engage completely charged Void Rays. I have hurried to get this excellent Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy online for everyone to see.34 Well. Build a Spawning Pool. what you do will really depend on what the enemy is up to (as always). 2. Use your Speedlings to wreck the enemy's harvesting. IdrA. the easiest answer is to not let Protoss players mass Void Rays. First off. Due to popular demand. If the game does run that long. Regardless. In SC2. run laps around his units. engage in conflict with their air units away from your base. you will win handily. Do not let Void Rays gain a charge by attacking one of your buildings. and bounce between their expansions and the main Nexus. I like to start off the same way every time. Then. Conclusion Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Protoss matches are as simple as described. you should have ruined their economy with Zerglings and then crushed them with Hydralisks.

When you Infantry comes in. Build a Queen and a pair of Zerglings. so it's not a big deal. Keep your Queen in the back. The key to defeating Hellions is via the "Sim City" technique. slam them with Fungal Growth (Infestor ability). 4. I build a Roach Warren. this is a great start. If they are massing Marines (extremely common in 2v2). . Early to Mid-Game Infantry Attack If I scout and determine they are massing infantry for an attack.Mauraders cannot kite your units around if they are frozen in place! Zerglings and Roaches make quick work of poisoned and rooted units. place 2 Spine Crawlers on each side of your Hatchery. Most players seem to struggle early versus Marauders though. 4. upgrade Carapace Armor and build Infestors (4 should be fine). Build all your buildings incredibly tight and close to your Hatchery. Hellions are strong versus Zerglings and are very fast. If I scout and see Tech Labs. allowing the Hellions to run circles around your Zerglings and Queens. Most people consider automated defensive structures like Spine Crawlers to be a big waste of money. Research Peristalsis and Burrow (so your Infestors can stay underground). As soon as my expansion lands. It deals them 36 damage over 8 seconds (most of a Marine's health!) and keeps them rooted. I usually scout the opponent with my 9th Drone to double-check to make sure they aren't pulling off anything funny (proxy barracks or Reapers). At any rate. I will build Spine Crawlers. Build a second Overlord. I get a Lair. Roaches and Spine Crawlers are enough to hold off any early attack. While you are turtling and hording gas. Then.35 3. I build 2 extractors. As soon as possible after that. but Zerg tends to have way too many minerals anyway. Roaches simply own Marines. The rooting is the key thing . Hellion Push A very common strategy that Terran players will use against Zerg players is to rush with Hellions. Build 2 more Drones. Keep Fungal Growth up. a small amount (maybe 8) roaches and a dozen Zerglings and horde gas. Build an expansion. Now here is the key thing: get an Evolution Chamber and an Infestation Pit. 5. I will prepare for Mauraders or a late attack.

Send in packs of 12 to enemy expansions constantly. This makes him practically immune to Marines. you are preventing him from getting anything done. and Hellions melt Zerglings.36 Hellions do almost no damage against buildings. Infestors are key to using Ultralisks successfully. Keep expanding constantly even if the opponent is able to kill them off. while you are building Ultralisks. Limit him to his natural expansion as you pick up expansions around the map. . At your Ultralisk Den. Thors will chew up tons of Mutalisks. Just remember to use Fungal Growth to root them in place so they cannot run. Make sure you put 2 Spine Crawlers directly against your Hatchery on opposite sides at your expansion as well. This can be done even on a 2-base build if you keep your opponent's expansions limited to 2 and prevent him from taking his natural too early. Machinery What it seems that the biggest problems Zerg players will face is a mid-late game Terran army that is nothing but Mech: Thors. tech to a Hive and build an Ultralisk Den. Remember that you will have more minerals than you can spend. What to do? I have actually come up with an unusual solution that is very effective even in the Diamond league. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Siege Tanks will eat up your Hydralisks. You will be able to upgrade to a Lair and produce a few Mutalisks before they can do any damage. The Frenzy ability increases Ultralisk damage by 25% and makes them immune to stun (the Thor has a stunning ability). so they can handle Marauders even though they do bonus damage to armored units. a pack of Ultralisks will tear through tanks so fast it will make your head spin. Meanwhile. get the speed upgrade. Ultralisks also do splash damage and are immune to slows and stuns. Using Infestors to keep Infantry at bay. While he is chasing down your expansions. It is of no consequence if a few Hellions are chipping away at your Hatchery health. and with his high HP total and speed. Siege Tanks. Keep upgrading the Zerg Carapace at the Evolution Chamber as mentioned earlier. and Hellions. you can produce speed-upgraded Zerglings and use them to control the map. Your Ultralisk can get an armor rating of "6".

Mutalisks do very well versus them in group combat and can attack ground units. He will not be used to Frenzy (makes Ultralisk immune to the Strike Cannon stun) and it is incredibly surprising to the opponent. Vikings Honestly. . So many people miss this easy Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy. Once they go in and start soaking up damage. The Terran Turtle The last thing you will have to deal with is Terran players who wall themselves inside their base or their natural expansion. unburrow your Infestors and Mind Control the enemy. The more dangerous combo would be Vikings/Thors/Tanks. the matchup isn't even close. Vikings can't attack Ultralisks unless they land. and Hydralisks have way too low of an hp total to be competitive here. Battlecruisers If the enemy has Battlecruisers. The Neural Parasite to control Thors might just be the best Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy.37 Thors The Infestor once again shines if the opponent gets a lot of Thors. get Corruptors. Just remember. This is not a viable strategy as Battlecruisers do great damage to light units. Unburrow your Infestors and MC in the confusion. at which point you would mind control the Thors and use Ultralisks on the tanks. They do bonus damage to massive air units and supply for supply. and it won't be pretty if they do (for them of course). Even Ultralisks will have trouble against Siege Tanks if the tanks have a wall in front of them. Use 3 Infestors to mind control 3 Thors and watch all hell break loose! Ultralisks on the front line make this possible. Do not use Hydralisks versus Battlecruisers. Vikings are not that good versus the Zerg. I have never had a Terran player EMP an Infestor that was freshly unburrowed if I send in Frenzied Ultralisks first. You need a distraction though. I can't emphasize enough the strength of the Ultralisk / Infestor / Zergling combo when it comes to Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy. if a great player sees Ultralisks coming in on the offensive. Infestors can Mind Control Thors with the "Neural Parasite" ability. it is honestly amazing. he will be quickly trying to use his 250mm Strike Cannon on the Ultralisks. Corruptors will chew them up fast.

just kill the tanks. Terran are encumbered by slow movement.just build more! Common Mistakes Not expanding early . It doesn't matter if Vikings or Thors kill them. You can use practically whatever other units you want. Make sure any expansion the Terran has outside his wall is dead.38 This is actually not so bad. Infestors and Ultralisks late Marauders are countered by Spine Crawlers early. If you control the map it doesn't matter if this gets a little sloppy and you incur some unit losses . Conclusion Here is the basic gist of the Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy. Not controling the map. Not using automated defense. Infestors and Ultralisks Thors are Infestor to Mind Control. The Infestor is KEY to beating Terran players.I hate these vs Terran players. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Hydralisks .Zerg need the resources. Use Zergling packs to kill harvesters at expansions. I will almost never use them. Expand the map at your leisure and get air units. The rest of your units can come in and clean up afterwards. A few Brood Lords and Mutalisks should be fine. but it takes some time. They just don't have enough health to fight Terran players at the moment. Zerglings or Ultralisks to kill Tanks are countered by Ultralisks in the open field. I hate to produce them because any good Terran knows that a handful of Siege Tanks can stop a swarm of Hydralisks. just make sure you have an Infestor to use Fungal Plague on Infantry balls and Neural Parasite on Thors. Use these air units to snipe tanks. You will see the Terran unit on the left and the Zerg unit on the right: Marines are countered by Roaches early. Every good Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Terran Strategy relies on expanding. Zerg just have way too many minerals not to protect your expansions until you can get your units to the expansion. Air behind a wall Hellions are countered by Spine Crawlers . Not using the Infestor.

Note that if you are taking up an expansion and defending it. Put your extra minerals to work by building Spine and Spore Crawlers at all of your expansions. and automated defensive structures Battlecruisers are countered by Corruptors More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg Strategy I find the Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg match-up to be the most straight-forward match-up in the game and I personally look forward to it. the IdrA build order is great. This will prevent Zergling or Mutalisk hit and runs. At this point. First off. I will still build and defend other expansions and use them to solely harvest gas. When my main base runs out of minerals. Sometimes as Zerg I will have 60-70 Drones and do not need anymore to take up my supply count. Zerg are very resource intensive and very few units are "hard counters" to other Zerg units. as outlined in the Starcraft 2 Zerg Strategy section. There are a few primary things to understand when it comes to Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg strategy.39 Vikings are countered by Ultralisks (they have to land to attack!). More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! Here are a few strategies to get more expansions: . whoever controls the map will win the game. I will send these units off to these new expansions.Use automated defensive structures: Zerg players tend to have too many minerals and not enough gas. This allows you to pick up a quick expansion without putting yourself at risk.Expand whenever you have more than 1000 minerals. your enemy is not harvesting it! . Period. even if you don't end up harvesting at that expansion. Here are some ways to control the map: Expand Aggressively Versus other Zerg players. making the Zerg versus Zerg matchup come down to resources. .

I am under the impression that Roaches are still a fantastic unit. get Roaches. they will often take heavy losses in the process and the Spine Crawler and Queen can hold them off until the Roaches get back in position. Roaches are a key Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg unit and can help you defend and early expansion with ease. Sometimes. It doesn't matter if the Zerglings die in the process.40 Using automated defensive structures is a key Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg strategy. especially if the person has Spine Crawlers. attack multiple Hatcheries at the same time with Zergling packs. However. and the Hatchery before the enemy is able to respond. build Roaches and defend the choke point. kill all harvesters. In other cases they will try to mass produce Zerglings and rush you while you are weak. you can get a unit which does great damage (16 per attack) and has great health (125). your enemy will mirror you and take his natural expansion. A pack of 18 Speedlings can easily swoop in. If the Zerglings run by a pack of Roaches. plain and simple. Avoid Spore Crawlers with your Mutalisks and stick to Zerglings. A few Roaches and a Queen can easily defend against Zergling packs. For maximum effect. there are two common responses to this. Good scouting is important here. If the enemy gets Zerglings. Unit Counters and General Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg Strategy Defending the Early Expansion When your enemy sees you take an early expansion. You can then go on the offensive with your Roaches and take out a Zergling masser. Prevent Enemy Expansions Hit and run. Using Zerglings and Mutalisks to kill Drones is a cornerstone Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg Strategy. Also. For 75 minerals and 25 vespene gas. build 1 Spine Crawler at each Hatchery to prevent a Zergling rush by. You can also use Mutalisks for the hit and run since they are so fast. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! In Defense of the Roach The Roach should be at the heart of all Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg battles. If your enemy is massing Zerglings. . Many players do not like Roaches after the change to a 2 supply count.

you will want to get Roaches. This makes massing them easy and effective. he won't have enough gas to get more than a few Mutalisks early. and Spine Crawlers. This is not a problem as long as you mirror their expansion rate. Use Roaches to fend off Zergling pressure. -orMass Hydralisk: Hydralisks are viable against most Zerg combos and not particularly weak versus any Zerg unit. How to Counter Speedling / Mutalisk Rush This is not just a common Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg strategy but a common Zerg strategy all around. Build a Spine Crawler at each Hatchery to deal with speed-upgraded Zerglings. You also have a leg up for having an early expansion and that will start to pay off here. Zerg don't get anti-air until getting a Lair. As a result. if they get air first. Queens. Build a Spore Crawler or two at each base to prevent the enemy from finishing you off with 3-4 Mutalisks (common). . Tech to a Lair with decent speed (still need to beef up your expansion's harvesters). The enemy will not be able to keep up with your production rate because Hydralisks are effective versus Mutalisks but are cheaper. However. Mass Hydralisks and a few Roaches (Roaches deal with and tank the Zerglings). After all. In this situation. they also dominate Hydralisks and are cheaper. they tend to stick to the two basic Zerg combinations: Speedling / Mutalisk: This is the most popular Zerg combo. They will use the Zerglings to apply early pressure and try to prevent you from getting anti-air. the counter is the same: Roaches AND Hydralisks. it is easily stopped by producing more efficient units. Enemies using this approach will often expand early and aggressively as well. Go in with a group of 18 Hydralisks and 6 Roaches for an easy win. Keep the Roaches in front to protect your Hydralisks from Zerglings. Players here will mass Zerglings early all while teching quickly to Lair.41 Roaches counter Zerglings right from the start. If the enemy does not take an early expansion. Stick to your guns and keep the early expansion. As a result. in most Zerg vs Zerg match-ups. With the Speed upgrade. Common Zerg Combos Most Zerg players aren't used to playing good Zerg players in a 1v1.

both one-on-one and team strategies and counter strategies. More Advanced Strategies & Secrets w/ Shokz Guide Here Now! . do not fall behind in economy. Conclusion Make sure you expand at least as much as your enemy (preferably more). excellent tutorial videos and match replays. It includes build orders. And don't neglect the Roach when it comes to Starcraft 2 Zerg vs Zerg battles! **************************************************************************** Shokz Starcraft 2 Mastery Guide contains strategies for all possible race combos. unit stats. Harass their expansions and defend yours. This will help you keep them oriented in battle.42 Make sure you get the speed upgrade for Roaches and the range upgrade for the Hydralisks.

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