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story of the beginning Straddling one of the fastest growing business groups in India today, the

Sakthi Group is a .1600 crore industrial conglomerate. Its many successful member companies

play a significant role in the agricultural, industrial, financial, service sector and social

development Pollachi 1921. A tiny village, far removed from of South India. The Sakthi Group

has spread its the bustling town it is today. But it was here, roots into Sugar, Industrial Alcohol,

Effluent that P. Nachimuthu Gounder laid the foundation Treatment Plant, Auto Components,

Textiles, of the Sakthi Group. It was in this year, Transport, Finance, Beverages, Soya Products,

P. Nachimuthu Gounder broke away from his Dairy Products, Synthetic Gems manufacture and

traditional business of hiring out bullock carts, Plantations. into pioneering a passenger transport

service. From then on, there was no looking back. In its pursuit of business excellence, the Group

has always thought of its social commitment. As The Anamallais Bus Transport (ABT), the

parent a dutiful corporate citizen, the Sakthi Group has organization of the Sakthi Group was

founded in set up many educational and charitable

1931 with over 21 buses and a network in institutions, hospitals and religious centers. It stages,

to cover almost all of South India. has also made significant contributions to rural development

with a variety of social welfare In 1946, P. Nachimuthu Gounder's only son activities and by

creating employment N. Mahalingam joined the business. These young opportunities through its

multi-fold agro-based engineering graduate brought with him fresh and other industries.

thinking, new ideas and innovations, adding more momentum to the growth. He ventured into

manufacturing, based on the service industries experience.


The Group's activities in the automobile and transport sector include Passenger Service, With a

fleet strength of over 360 trucks and Parcel Service, Automobile Dealerships, Tyre specially

built tankers , the parcel service has Retreading, Bus body building, Fabrication, Fuel 15

branches in major cities controlling over and Service Station. 500 agency offices across the

country .The various activities the group companies engaged in are


dealership for Maruti vehicles. It is now their This is the parent company of the Sakthi Group

main dealer in Tamilnadu. The Maruti Division has and one of its most successful members. the

biggest workshop in the country for Originally it was set up as Bus Service by the servicing the

entire range of Maruti vehicles and Founder P. Nachimuthu Gounder in 1931. This the spares are

available to the public at their bus service which had grown to a fleet strength showrooms set up

at several locations in the of 150 buses had beennationalised in the year state.

1972 by the state government. Since then it has expanded its activities considerably. Its main

divisions are (a) ABT Parcel Service (b)Maruti


This Division has a wide network of service Sales-Service, (c) ABT Auto Service, (d) ABT

centres at Coimbatore, Salem, Tirupur, Karur, Exppress and ABT Courier. It provides direct

services required for all types of vehicles. This branches in Tamil Nadu. It has a retreading

division has about 15 workshops and services capacity of over 3000 tyres per month and about

10,000 vehicles per month, the highest in holds a franchise from MRF for coldthe country by a

single dealer. processing and conventional processing of tyres.


ABT has expanded its activities into courier and N.MAHALINGAM & COMPANY express

cargo services from 2002. It has built The authorised dealer for four wheelers like up a good base

in the last year and is tying up with Bajaj Tempo Diesel, Matador, Tempo Travellor, various

players for a global reach. Tempo Trax and Kinetic Honda Mopeds, the Company also deals in

consumer durables like Radio, Television, Home appliances, etc., It owns and operates five fuel


ABT info.

Net-Internet Data Centre, the first of network across Tamilnadu. its kind in Southern India is one

of the best business solution providers offering a widerange of services. ABT info. Net

incorporates ANAMALLAIS ENGINEERING the world class infrastructure to make e- This

was set up in 1963 and is involved in business run effectively and economically. automobile

body building of international standard. The Company's impressive list of clients include

TELCO, Vikram Sarabhai Centre, Kerala ANAMALLAIS RETREADING COMPANY Police

Department, Transport Corporation of Tyre retreading was a natural extension of the Tamil

Nadu, Coca-Cola etc. The company builds Group's activity in the Transport sector. ARC

vehicles to meet the export requirements of was set up in 1954 and today the company has

TELCO and other manufacturers.


This division handles TELCO dealership for commercial vehicles and multi utility vehicles.

Currently operating in 12 districts of Southern Tamilnadu and 7 districts of North Kerala. The

area of operation is more potential and sales have been progressively going up, maintaining good

market share. The volume is growing steadily. It has 14 branches with well equipped.

workshops and a good net work for sale of Presently procuring and processing 1,10,000 spare

parts both in Kerala and Tamilnadu. litres of milk every day. Liquid milk is marketed in various

towns of Tamilnadu and Kerala carrying ABT Industries is one of the dealers of TELCO the

brand name of “Sakthi Milk'. It also vehicles from the inception of TELCO. The manufactures

and markets milk products like vehicle sale is around 4000 Units per annum cream, ghee, curd,

buttermilk etc. This division making ABT one of the largest dealers of TELCO, will be the thrust

Area for further growth of roughly handlinng 6.5% to 7% of TELCO's the company and the

potential for growth is commercial vehicles production. The number of immense. Products like

butter, khoa, flavoured vehicles operating in the field is increasing milk, yogurt, paneer and

cheese are being steadily and it is anticipated that the income from planned for introduction


From a Small Seed, a mighty trunk may grow”- The Logistics behemoth “ABT”, a mighty trunk

rooted from the thought seeds of our great Visionary, our Founder Late.P .Nachimuthu Gounder,

who started business in 1921 by hiring Bullock carts at pollachi, a bantam town far from

Coimbatore city, Tamilnadu.

Later in 1931 as perennials grow,our business enlarged with 21 buses and leaped into a well

known Passenger transport company “The Anamallais Bus Transport” that owned 150 buses in

110 routes operating in and around coimbatore region that equalates the service of Public

The diversity of many divisions is an energized innovation that forwarded us to create a

milestone and thus ABT owns its pride for being as a leader in transport industry. When our

Legendary Chairman, Late Dr N. Mahalingam son of Late P.Nachimuthu Gounder felt for

diversification, under his guidance Sri AV Giri, Brother-in-law of our chairman invoked ABT

Parcel service in 1964.

Then son of Our Legendary Chairman, Our honorable Chairman Dr. M. Manickam took over

the business, which now has evolved as a prominent player in the Logistics industry. Currently

Great Grand son of our Founder, Grand son of our chairman, our Young & Dynamic Executive

Director, Mr. M. Harihara Sudhan, looking after the business who inculcates new Business

Strategies & implementing advanced Technology that reengineers the traditional ABT to meet

out the current trends.

Our pride is being proffered by our valuable and Brand loyal customers and hence the

success behind ABT entitles.