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Activity Methods Time Frame Output

Preliminary study Read Annual reports of last 5 years 1-2 days I had good understanding of the
also referred online sources like company’s current and recent past’s
websites,newspapers,articles, position in the market and what are the
journals related to both HUL and difficulties company facing and tried to
Patanjali . figure out what could be the best
strategy to tackle them
Finalizing Proposal Deciding on goals/objectives and 10 days Getting to know Feasibility of project
Related research methodology for and structured to be followed.
that structural and procedural
approach for projects and Deciding
on time frame.
Data Collection Direct contact with Questionnaires 20-25 days Data from all questionnaires will be
to Local stores, Big Bazaar and extracted and will be organized into
Super Markets Managers and also systematic table of contents.
few questionnaires for customers
visiting shop.area of focus would be
entire Mysore and Bangalore.
Understanding Preliminary Understanding of data 2-3 days What changes would be made to the
Extracted data will be done by few hypothesis context of data for further procedure
testing between the variables from
data table made.
Descriptive and Different hypothesis tests will be 6-8 days Concluding the results of different tests
predictive analysis done like and Related modeling will be done
“t test” and “Chi-square test”
followed by linear regression
modeling and cor-relation modeling
will be done.
SWOT and PEST Based on the preliminary study swot 1-2 Deriving final conclusion
Analysis and pest analysis will be done for
both companies and compare that
with results of tests and modeling
derive conclusion.