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LUCIFER’S PRIDE AND FALL… (Idea/Concept Reference from The Divine Comedy by Dante



I've waited eternity for this emancipation!"

"I am liberated! No force can stop me!"

"Man... what a feeble creation you people (man) are."

"Your race made it easy to keep this place(Hell) going!"

"Now nothing can thwart what has begun!"

"You are a fool Tomisin!"

"Your fate is sealed!"

"I shall sing your defeat in the halls of Paradise!"

Lucifer’s Praise of Tomisin

"You are the best, Tomisin. Many have tried and many have failed me. Brave Ulysses, the great
Alexander, Attila, Lancelot... Only you possessed a soul black enough to free me."

Lucifer’s Taunt

"Ah, Tomisin, you took the bait just like Eve at the apple."

"How does it feel to have betrayed humanity?"

"Now truly suffer!"

"Feel the pain I have felt!"

"Yield to my supremacy!"

Foul human!"

Tomisin’s Liberation

"Arrgh! Insolent creature!"

"Your fall from grace was worse than my own!"

"And your farce has only fortified me!"

"Your soul is mine!"

"Prepare for eternity!"

Lucifer’s Pride

"You dare assault ME?! YOU, who have done far worse then I! I stood for my fellow angels, for reason
and justice. And then He made you, in His "image". You, the flawed creation! And I was to bow down to
you? My gratitude for breaking the chains of Judecca. You dolt! Behold your ruin and witness my escape
into the Kingdom of Purgatory, and Paradise!"

"You're not Job! You never will be!"

"I am sovereign of the Underworld AND the Afterlife!"

"You're a parasite, another Judas."

"I am the favored son!"

"This is my Kingdom!"

"I will restore my eminence and all shall burn in my glory!"

"You think you can defeat the first of the Angels?!"

Lucifer’s Grief

"Look at what your "Free Will" has done, Father!"

"WHY, Father?! Why them and not ME?!"

"How dare He make YOU the favored creation?"

"Tomisin, you think you're another Michael?"

"I was the Morning Star, the brightest in the sky!"

"What did my Father ever see in you?"

"Coward! Wretch! Animal!"

"I will eat your organs and chew on your brains, you foul bastard!"

"I'll rip you apart, you bloodsucker!"

"I'll suck the eyes from your dead skull!"

"You're a worm, you maggot!"

"I relished plundering your woman..."

"Remember the war in Heaven! Remember the Rebellion!"

Lucifer declares war on the realms

"Soon, we shall all witness the end of the Universe!"

"The fallen sons of Paradise will rise again!"

"I'll make the earth tremble, shake kingdoms and leave the world a desert!"

"We'll no longer suffer under His Plan, but shall be free under MINE!"

I will reclaim my rightful place in Paradise. My path will be paved with the sins of Man, and yours,
Tomisin shall be the bedrock of my return. And all of that is good shall be gone from the Universe