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Project Synopsis

Name of the Student:

Roll No,

Title of the Project: Time Table Creation Tool

Existing System:

1. The existing System was manual system.
2. The need for computerization of the existing system arose because of
many difficulties, irregularities and inaccuracy present in the current
3. In previous system colleges were maintaining time table details manually
in pen and paper, which was time taking and costly.
4. These all were the causes of the least management strategy.
5. So, the collage decided to computerize this System.

Need of Proposed System:

1. As we discussed earlier that manual maintenance of a Time Table
Generator is a tedious job. So to enhance the ease of working we go for
this package.
2. Manual maintenance of databases of items, time table processing is a
time taking process and somehow erroneous.
3. To give more accuracy to the system i.e. rather going manual
modification we involve computer for accuracy.
4. The least but most important it saves time.

Objectives of the System:

To perform the basic requirements of the collage. Using this supportive tool.NET Back End: MySql Hardware-Software Requirements: Version 4 Version 4 Hardware requirements full client Processor Minimum 1 GHz 1 GHz Recommended 1 GHz 1 GHz RAM Minimum 512 MB 512 MB Recommended 512 MB 512 MB Disk space (minimum) 32-bit 850 MB 600 MB 64-bit 2 GB 1. 1. Technology used: Front End: ASP. 3. 4. time table generators would be able to apply their skills and judgment more effectively.5 GB Supported Client OS Windows XP Home edition onwards includes the . Class.NET Framework Supported Server OS Windows Server 2003 Web Edition onwards . semester’s etc details. Create a Time Table Management System to be used by any Collage 2. Maintaining databases of subject.

Expected Inputs & Outputs or Reports: Input Screen TeacherWise Details SemesterWise Details PeriodWise Details SubjetWise Details Output Screen TeacherWise Details Display SemesterWise Details Display PeriodWise Details Display SubjetWise Details Display TimeTable UI .