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D: Hello, I’m David Meneses

C: Hi, My name is Cristina Sanchez, but please call me Cris

D: How do you spell that?
C: C-R-I-S
D: Ok, How are you? Where are you from, Cris?
C: Very good, I’m from Ecuador. How about you?
D: Fine thank you, I am also from Ecuador.
C: Nice to meet you, Are you studying a career in college?
D: Yes, I am. I am studying civil engineering.
C: Are your classes interesting?
D: Yes, they are.
C: What are your classmates like?
D: Sorry, can you speak up, please? I can’t hear a thing.
C: What are your classmates like?
D: They’re really nice. What do you do, Cris?
C: I work part-time as a server.
D: Oh, Really? What restaurant do you work at?
C: I work at Fornace’s Pizzeria downtown.
D: That’s cool. What time do you usually go to work?
C: I work in the afeternoon. I start at one.
D: That’s pretty late. Do you like to work in the afternoon?
C: Yes, I do. I work better in the afternoon.
D: What do you do in the evening?
C: I have dinner at 8:00 on weeknights.
D: Could you say your phone number?
C: 0 998 715 427
D: Sorry, Can you repeat that, please?
C: Okey, No problem 0 998 715 427
D: Thank you. Could I call you after your work?
C: Yes, you can.
D: Ok, then I'll call you at night. Take care
C: Bye, you too.
C: Hello, Cristina speaks
D: Hi, it’s David. How are you?
C: Hi David, I’m fine thanks.
D: Are you busy? Would you like to have dinner in that France place on Bolivar Avenue?
C: That’s sounds good. What time?
D: Nine o’clock?
C: Sorry, David, Can you speak up, please?
D: Ok, Can you hear me OK?
C: Yes, I can.
D: I booked a desk for 9 o’clock. Can you at that hour?
C: Yes there is no problem.
D: What would you like to eat?
C: I would love to eat shrimp with salad. Do you agree to eat that?
D: Well, I'll order a fish with french fries. Do you prefer to drink a soda or wine?
C: I prefer to drink a soda, I do not like alcohol.
D: Would you like to eat after going to see a movie?
C: I'm sorry, but I would like to go to sleep because I have English classes in the morning
D: Okay, we could another day go out and watch the movie.
C: sure, no problem.
D: Do you prefer that I see you or see you there?
C: how do you like
D: Then I'll see you at 20:30.
C: Great. See you soon
D: Ok, bye