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Drug Addiction

Group Members:
Vargas, Droawen F.
Roxas, Thomas Earl
Arevalo, Erine Josh
Ramos, Angela
Gabilo, Fionah Anne

Submitted to:
Ma`am Ruby Jane Z. Melaya

In reality, drug addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a
strong will. Many people don`t understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. They may mistakenly
think that those who use drugs lack moral principles or will power and that they could stop their drug use simply by
choosing to. In the Philippines, drugs have influenced many people. This problem is one of the issues that the current
administration is trying to eradicate. As of this day, it is not yet clear when will this problem would end. Moreover, it is
up to the government and its people how to eradicate drug addiction in the country. However, there are some people
who are against the government`s campaign against drugs. This kind of issue hinders the government to resolve drug
addiction in the country. Drug addiction is not the only problem that the current administration is facing. There are still
drug related problems that needs to be resolved and those problems is, not only the government`s problem, but also
the people`s problem.

What is Drug Addiction? Drug addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and
use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences. It is one of the most problems in
many countries, including the Philippines. The Philippines is one of the countries that has become a “basin” for
drug addicts and drug lords. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, a former city mayor and now the President of the Philippines,
has been stating to his people that he will eradicate all drug addicts and other drug related cases. In June 2016,
after the inauguration of President Duterte. He stated his full campaign against drug addicts in the Philippines.
The total number of drug addicts in the Philippines is estimated between 3 to 4 million. This includes heads of
state, police and military personnel in other government officials. His campaign against drug also concludes the
funding of rehabilitation center in the whole country. President Duterte stated that he released P2 Billion to the
Department of Social Welfare and development of which p 1 Billion would be earmarked to fund rehabilitation
medicines of drug users enlisted in the government’s rehabilitation program. The P2 Billion Budget was forked
out from theps Billion released by the Philippine amusement and gaming corporation, he said in his conferences
President Duterte keeps apologizing for loss of innocent lives in his bloody war on Drugs and promised to look
into the extra judicial killings that have tainted the campaign. His apparent softening on the issue came as the
Death Toll linked to his Anti-drug campaign rose to nearly 6.000- some had been killed in the police operations
and some killed by Unidentified Assailants after taking office on June 30.

As many people say, “prevention is the key.” Drug addiction can be a preventable disease.
Research has shown that prevention programs that involve the family, schools, communities, and the media are
effective in reducing drug abuse. As of this day, the government`s war against drugs is not yet over. There are
still drug related cases that needs to be resolved. This includes extra judicial killings and death under
investigation. The government should also investigate the cases of involvement of innocent people in other drug
related cases. The government should also help the families of the innocent victims and should only prioritize
the people who are truly involved in drugs.
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