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AFSB Vs SSB Interview

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Some candidates those who have applied for Indian Air Force
Entries might get confuse between AFSB and SSB Interview
procedure, though there is not much difference in the whole
process, but there are certain things one must know about
AFSB and SSB Interview process. AFSB stands for Air Force
Selection Board, the main function of AFSB is to conduct
interviews for the candidates and recommend potential
candidates to become officers in Indian Air Force. There
are total four AFSBs all over India which are, 1 AFSB
Dehradun, 2 AFSB Mysore, 3 AFSB Gandhinagar and 4
AFSB Varanasi. One can attend AFSB interviews through
CDSE and AFCAT entry. Sometimes Indian Air Force also
conducts FTS [Fast Track Selection], which is another way to
get into Indian Air Force.

On the other hand, SSB stands for Services Selection Board.

Mostly, Indian Army and Indian Navy use this term in their call
letter. Army has services selection boards at Allahabad,
Bhopal and Bangalore which are responsible for
recommending potential candidates to become Army officers.
Indian navy has naval services selection boards at Bhopal,
Bangalore and Coimbatore. Soon they will open a new naval
selection board in Bengal.

AFSB- Air Force SSB- Army and Navy

Term used for Air Force SSB Term Used for Army and Navy SSB

Interview Interview

AFSB at 1 AFSB Dehradun,2 SSB at Allahabad, Bhopal, Bangalore,

AFSB Mysore,3 AFSB Coimbatore

Gandhinagar and 4 AFSB Varanasi

Reporting time 7:00 AM Reporting time mostly 2:30 PM ( early

morning for few entries)

Documentation, Screening and Documentation on the day of reporting,

Psychological tests on the day of screening process on the next day.


Screened In ratio 60/100 Screened In ration 40/100

Recommendation percentage more Recommendation percentage

average(army), less(navy)

Mode of Entry: NDA, CDSE, Mode of Entry: NDA, CDSE, UES, TES,
AFCAT, FTS etc TGC, SSC-tech etc

Call up process: Good Call up process: Average

Call and Email Support: Good Call and Email Support: Average


Though there are few minor differences but the whole process
is same, one can prepare for SSB or AFSB, it doesn’t matter
because both follow the same tests procedure and expect the
same level of performance.
Candidates are advised to refer their call up letter for correct
and apt details, one must follow the instructions mentioned in
the call up letter for SSB or AFSB. For any clarification you
are required to call the concerned board only.