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Student Teacher Self-Evaluation Form

Student Teacher: Hayley Corkery

Cooperating Teacher:

Site Director: Midterm: ___x___ Final: ______

Directions: The purpose of this form is to assist the Student Teacher in evaluating one’s growth at the
midterm and final points of the student teaching experience. Each candidate is asked to complete the form
and share his/her results with both the University Supervisor and the Cooperating Teacher.

Please use the following rating scale:

Distinguished D
Proficient P
Basic B
Unsatisfactory U

Domains: Rating: Areas of Area for
Strength: Improvement:

Domain 1: P Scaffolded lessons that Modifying assessments for

meet students needs, students with special
Planning & Accessing prior needs
Preparation knowledge, clear

Domain 2: P Many students are leaders Not only waiting for

by making sure other silence, but redirect
The Classroom students are on task, Being students who are still not
Environment able to circulate during following expectations
class time, expectations quicker
for learning as a way to
prepare for end of year
keystone, expectations for

Domain 3: P Adjusting to students Tighten up expectations

needs, give directions in for group work and peer
Instruction various forms, using tutors so that there is less
different techniques for off task conversations
student participation

Domain 4: D Reflecting with mentor Communicating with

teacher, taking on more families (parent teacher
Professional responsibility (creating conferences 2/15)
Responsibilities packets for students),
participate fully in
professional development

Areas within the Four Domains where I have demonstrated improvement:

I have been holding more students accountable with my expectations of no talking

during instruction. I wait for students to be silent and give positive reinforcement
to those who are following expectations. I also give consequences for students
who continue misbehaving. Another area that I have shown improvement in is
responding to students needs and changing parts of the lesson on the fly.

Areas within the Four Domains where I hope to demonstrate improvement:

I hope to demonstrate improvement in communication with families. I

will be having parent teacher conferences on 2/15, so I will be able
to talk to various parents on student achievement and engagement. I
also hope to improve on tightening up procedures so that I do not
lose any instructional time.

MIDTERM: (please complete at mid-term only)

Two short-term professional goals I have set for myself include (goals you hope to
accomplish in the next six weeks):

 Redirect students quicker so that I am not waiting for students to

follow expectations
 Revise the questions that I ask so that students have to think more

FINAL: (please complete at final only)

One or two long-term professional goals I have set for myself include (something you
want to improve within your first year of teaching):

Signatures Required Below

Student Teacher: _______________________________ Date: ____________

University Supervisor: __________________________ Date: ____________

Cooperating Teacher: ___________________________ Date: ____________

* Please submit the signed evaluation to your course instructor.