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gnttquae grcanae (^rbtntg ftosae Eubeae et gureae Cruris

ju r is d ic tio n o f i i o r t f ) anb & o u tf) !3 m rrica

& o b tm g n SS>anctuarj>, iS>an J ose, (California
Sanctu m of tfjr Jm ptrator
tion, ". . . that the defendant, Ralph Maxwell Lewis, left the State of
California on or about the first day of February, 1935, and resided in the
State of New York, and did not return to the State of California until on
or about the twenty-fifth day of December, 1940." It is a known fact to
several thousand persons that my residence has been in San Jose, California,
during the entire above period and that I have actually resided here.
Thousands of members, during our Conventions held annually throughout those
years, have met me in San Jose and have likewise heard me speak from the
platform of our Convention Auditorium in Rosicrucian Park. Also, several
thousand other persons, members and non-members, have met me here at Rosi­
crucian Park during the same years— and at other times than the Convention
— aside from those who compose the officers and members of our Grand Lodge
staff with whom I am associated daily. This, then, is typical of the type
of persecution one must undergo, to dare to represent that which commands,
by growth and prominence, public atention.
I regret to say that a few persons— yes, members— have assumed the
attitude that he who stands accused is guilty. Such gross injustice means
that they attempt to try me not on fact, not on my defense, for they
have not even received a statement from me, but solely on a newspaper report
of what had been charged— not proven.
I have, however, received hundreds of letters, telegrams, and telephone
calls, which are still being received, assuring me of confidence, loyalty,
and support in my defense, from Rosicrucian members and friends throughout the
jurisdiction of the Order. I am proud and happy to be an officer of an organ­
ization composed of such men and women.
A centuries-old writing reflecting the sagacity of the ancients reads,
"Perils. and misfortunes, and want, and pain, and injury, are more or less
the certain lot of every man that cometh into the world."
He who would claim the awards of a full life must expect a plentitude of
these vicissitudes. One cannot develop character by wilfully concealing
it under a protective screen of obscurity. No intellect has ever been
sharpened on security and complacency. Experience has never been gained
by withdrawal from surroundings potential with danger.
As Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, I am, by the honorable
office I hold, thrust into the fore of international activity and a wide
variety of human relations. I could only hope to serve by being known
where service is needed. To retire from contact with all kinds of people
would cause me to be unprepared, unqualified, and unable to fulfill my duties
as Imperator. Therefore, in all humility I say, that like a pioneer in
search of new lands or ideals, breaking through obstructions and underbrush,
I am exposed to vicious stings, savage wounds, and ruthless assaults.
By my presence, where needed, I have made myself prey.
The late Imperator, Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, in the memory of almost all
present members, was subject to similar vilification and defamation of
character throughout the years of his Imperatorship. Time and events
vindicated him and conferred upon him the further love and respect of our
vast Rosicrucian membership.
Because of the rectitude of my cause and the falsity of the charges,
the Cosmic shall so award me. I could possibly spare myself further un­
scrupulous attacks on my character if I were to propose some monetary
settlement . True justice and my reputation cannot be bartered or purchased,
so I shall vigorously oppose these machinations through the proper legal
channels— the courts— if need be. i have assumed the mantle 0f imperator,
and I shall not desecrate it by capitulating to injustice, no mattei
it is guised.
With all good wishes for Peace Profound, and in the bonds of the Order,
I am
Woman Sues For
Damages, Saying
She Was Sterilized
Los Angeles, April 30— IP — Suit
for 51,000.000 damages has been
filed against Ralph Maxwell Lewis
and others by Jeanette Scott Sey­
mour Young, 27-year-old concert
pianist, who charged they had her
confined in a state insane hospital
and forced her to undergo a sterili­
zation operation.
Miss Young’s complaint asserted
she became engaged to Lewis,
whom it identified as president of
the Rosicrucian order, after he rep­
resented he was unmarried and a
member of the Caucasian race.
When she learned he was already
married and was not a Caucasian,
and threatened legal action, the
complaint charged, Lewis conspired
with Mrs. Lee Sackman Holmes,
Herscliel H. Holmes, Mrs. Gertrude
Hand and other defendants, to have
her placed in the Norwalk State
hospital on a "perjured affidavit.”
Through bribery of state officers
and attaches of the hospital, it al­
leged, the sterilization operation
was performed there without her
consent Jan. 12, 1935.
f Seeks Million in Damage Suit
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Arizona Republic
Phoenix, Arizona
Friday, May 2,1941
Page 7
S u i t A g a i n s t Ralph
L e w i s Is D ism issed
L O S A N G E L E S , M a y 31 (UP).
-----A su it for $ 1 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 damages
f i l e d f i v e y e a r s a g o a g a i n s t Ralph
M a x w e l l L e w i s , t h e n l e a d e r of the
R osicru cian order by Jeannette
Scott on charges s h e w a s steril­
ized w a s d i s m i s s e d today.
M iss Scott claim ed L e w i s had
h e r c o m m i t t e d t o N o r w a l k Mental
H o s p i t a l , w h e r e t h e a l l e g e d opera­
tio n toolc p l a c e . L e w i s denied the
charge, d eclarin g he met Miss
Scott o n ly o n c e a t a Rosicrucian
con ven ttion .
S u p erio r Judge C a r y l M. Shel­
d o n d i s m i s s e d t h e s u i t because no
a t t e m p t w a s m a d e t o p ros ecute it.
Rosicrucian Head
Denies Charges In
Sterilization Suit 6

Los Angeles, June 3— IP— Answer­

ing a $1,000,000 damage suit brought
by Jeanette Scott Seymour Young.
27, concert pianist, Ralph Maxwell
Lewis, San Jose, Calif,, has filed in
court a general denial o f all charges.
Miss Young's suit stated she be­
came engaged to Lewis, president
of the Rosicrucian order, Amorc
branch; that he and others had
her placed in the Norwalk State
Hospital for the Insane, and that
she was forced to undergo a steri­
lization operation there.

The Evening Independent

St. Petersburg, Florida
Tuesday, June 3, 1941
Page 12
LOS ANG ELES. June 3— UP)—
Answering a $1 ,000,000 damage
suit broi^ht by Jeanette Scott
Seymour Young, 27, concert pian­
ist, Ralph Maxwell Lewis o f San
Jose, Calif., has filed in court a
general denial of all charges.
Miss Young’s suit stated she
became engaged to Lewis, presi­
dent o f the Rosicrucian order,
AMORC branch; that he and oth­
ers had her placed in the Nor­
walk State Hospital for the In­
sane, and that she was forced to
undergo a sterilization operation
Lewis denied they were engaged
and said the only time he could
recall having seen Miss Young
was during a five minute inter­
view at the Rosicrucian convention
at San Jose, July 12, 1934.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Sarasota, Florida
Tuesday, June 3, 1941
Page 5
LOS ANGELES, June 21. UP)—
Jeunnetle Sc-ott Seymour Young,
33, who filed a $l,0()i).UGO damage
suit against Ralph Maxwell Lewis,
disserted at a deposition hearing
that he was not the man she ac­
cuses o f having had her sterilized
in 1935.
Miss Young looked at Lewis, im«
perator of the Rosicrucian order,
and declared yesterday:
“ That is not Mr. Lewis. That
is not Mr. Lewis’ nose, nor his hair,
nor his voice. Let me look at his
hands. No, those are not his hands
At one point, she stopped her
testimony and said she believed
some sort of impersonation hoax
was being perpetrated.
Lewis, in a counter deposition,
denied Miss Young's charges.

Spokane Daily Chronicle

Spokane, Washington
Saturday, June 21,1941
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