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Tamala Thomas

Quizlet Live Lesson – Face to Face

The goal of my professional development workshop was to provide teachers with

a training to activate prior knowledge of Quizlet and learn a new skill using Quizlet
Live. Quizlet is a teaching tool already used in Gwinnett County School System for
teachers to assess achievement students. It is in compliance with Gwinnett
County School System list of approved professional development workshops for
teachers. Quizlet has added a new component called Quizlet Live and my goal is to
teach teachers to use this tool in the classroom to play collaborative interactive
vocabulary games with students. Teachers will learn how to create study sets, to
create game from study set, add groups to games and how to use data from game
results to drive instruction and review content knowledge before and after
assessments. Quizlet Live will also help students improve their soft skills such as
communication and taking turns.

Instructional Goals:
To review Quizlet with learners to introduce learners to Quizlet Live to teach
learners how to create interactive vocabulary game using Quizlet Live. How to play
interactive vocabulary game. To teach learners how to use results of game as an
assessment tool. To interact with peers by collaborating in the class community
using Quizlet Live.

I will introduce Quizlet Live by showing and reading a poster I made reviewing
Quizlet. I will ask participants what they know about Quizlet or Quizet live? I will
discuss the reasons and student benefits of using Quizlet and Quizlet Live in the
classroom. I will demonstrate creating an account in Quizlet or logging into account
using the white board. I will discuss and demonstrate how to create study sets in
Quizlet using their own definitions or Quizlet definitions. I will demonstrate how to
create Quizlet Live game and play with students

Participants will log into existing account or sign up for an account in Quizlet.
Participants will practice creating study sets in Quizlet. I will create Quizlet
Live game using a pre-made study set. Participants will log into Quizlet Live and
join game. I will start game and participants will form groups and play game as
I observe collaboration, engagement and communication.

Participants will discuss in groups how to use Quizlet to make a Quizlet Live game.
They will discuss what they liked or disliked about Quizlet live. They will answer
feedback survey.
Tamala Thomas
Professional Development

Professional Development Sign-In sheet

Review Quizlet

What is Quizlet Live

Reasons to use Quizlet Live

Explore Quizlet Live

Feedback Survey
Quizlet Live Notes
Teacher’s Begin the game
Once students are signed in, the teacher will see a different screen then students.
Quizlet randomly picks teams, unless you are using a paid version. Students gather
in assigned groups. Students collaborate together to get the correct answer.
Communication and engagement occurs when team members work together to get the correct
answers. There is only 1 right answer per group, per question, so students need to
conversate and choose answers. If a team chooses a wrong answer then the
correct number of answers will begin at zero. The object of the game is to get all
questions right in a row without any wrong answers. Every time a student gets a
question wrong the group starts from the beginning

When the games is over, teachers are able to use data for assessing students
vocabulary content knowledge. Quizlet Live keeps students engaged in the
classroom. Quizlet Live can be used for any grade or subject.


Evaluation Survey

What did you learn?

What worked for you?

What didn’t work for you?

What questions or concerns do you have?

Is there anything else you want me to know about your experiences today?

Do you think that you will be using Quizlet Live in your Classroom?
Science Vocabulary Words 6th Grade
Georgia Curriculum Map

Molecules-the smallest unit of a substance that has all the properties of

that substance.

Tissues - in plants and animals, a group of cells that work together to do a specific

Nucleus - Structure near the center of a cell that contains the cell's DNA

Eukaryote - Organism made up of cells that have a membrane-bound nucleus and

other organelles

DNA - Deoxyribonucleic acid; the material found in a cell's nucleus, that

determines the genetic traits of the organism

Microscopic - object or organism too small to be seen without a microscope

Animal cell - A eukaryotic cell in which all the organelles are contained in

Plant cell - Single or many-celled organisms that have cells walls, do not have
chlorophyll, take food from the environment, and reproduce by budding or by

Parasite - Organism, such as a tick, that feeds on cells, tissues, or fluids of

another living organism (host)

Homeostasis - keeping conditions constant inside the body, as in keeping a steady

body temperature
How to use Quizlet Live Sign-in