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Our Mission: To love Jesus Christ and to share His Love

Our Vision: To be a Christian community where Christ is transforming lives
East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church Volume IV Issue 10 March 11, 2018

Easter Lilies Remember:

March roars
Lilies are for sale. Proceeds will in like a lion,
be supporting the special services with a bluster
and a slam
fund we use to assist people of
… but tiptoes
our community who are in our gently
need. Look for the special green like a quiet
little lamb.
envelopes to place your order. Lilies will be
displayed on the alter for Easter Morning.

Pastor’s Corner
Looking ahead past Easter Sunday on April 1, we have several special Sundays in a
row to help us celebrate the Easter Season. On the Sunday after Easter, we will
celebrate Holy Humor Sunday as we’ve done the past few years. That is the day we
celebrate Jesus’ triumph over evil and the Devil; in essence, laughing in the Devil’s
face because of the Resurrection of Jesus. The following Sunday will be Native
American Sunday (more on that in a moment), and the fourth Sunday of Easter, April 22, is the Sunday
of our Musical, which combines singing and drama. We look forward to each of these special Sundays
and how we will experience God’s presence in new ways!

We will have on April 15 what I believe is our first ever Native American Sunday. Our denomination has
been involved in ministry to and with Native peoples since the 1830’s. Every local church is strongly
encouraged to celebrate Native American Sunday each year on the 3rd Sunday of Easter and to receive
an offering for scholarships for young native peoples attending college. Before this year, we had no direct
connection to a Native American willing to come help us celebrate. This all changes this year as we
welcome Mr. Delwin Fiddler, Jr., a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of the Lakota Nation.
Maria Ragonese introduced me to Delwin several months ago, and I am impressed with his
creativity, passion, and willingness to share something of his culture with us. Before Delwin is here on
April 15, he will be performing across the street at Pocono Cinema the evening of April 8.
Already, a number of people in our congregation have shared with me their connection with Native
American culture; some even have close family ties. One person in our congregation told me about her
desire to work for justice among native peoples. We may be missing out on many stories which you have
to share! In the next two weeks, if you have something you’d like included in our Native American
Sunday, please see or call Maria Ragonese with your idea. I hope to see many there on April 15 as we
welcome Delwin to our church. I pray we all come with open hearts and minds.

Blessings, Pastor Jim

ESUMC will be hosting an
Annual Cantata Sunday April 22 opportunity for community outreach
Music, Motion, + Math this year at the 41st Annual St.
(U+I)G = UNITY Patrick’s Day Parade on March
You and I in God’s power is UNITY! 18th, 2018! To do so, we welcome
your participation, financial support
and planning efforts to help us
Cathy Saunders says: “Great prepare to reach our Community
opportunity to sing – united, with the love of Jesus Christ. In
presenting the gospel in multi- Oberholtzer Hall you’ll notice a
large St. Patty’s Day themed box
media! Awesome to see youth
for candy donations. For more information on the St.
and ones of both services together Patrick’s Day Parade and how you can be a part of our
using talents for God’s glory!” Church’s efforts, please contact Bethany Mills at
434.944.4641 or by swinging by the
Church office. Thank you for your support!

Journey to Resurrection

Join us as we walk in the footsteps of Jesus, beginning with His entry into
Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, through His crucifixion, and finally His resurrection.
Sunday, March 25: 12pm-2pm
Thursday, March 29: 4pm-5:30pm
Friday, March 30: 4pm-6pm

This week’s Lenten Service TRIP
will be at Faith United Methodist This year we will be
Church on Wednesday, March travelling to North Carolina
14th, at 7pm with Pastor Nina to repair homes damaged
Patton-Semerod and Candy by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. We will leave
from church on Sunday, April 22 and will drive
LaBar. The Parable of the Good ~7.5 hr to Tarboro, where we will work for the
Samaritan. Love Feast Service. week. We'll head home on Saturday, April 28.

If you are interested in joining us Please contact

Pat Braun at 570-269-5043 by March 30

Join the women of

ESUMC for a
Mixer March 19th
6:30pm to 8:30pm Sunday Services and Studies
at the Café Traditional 8:30 am
on 13-14 Crystal Street in East Stroudsburg Contemporary 10:45 am
Please contact Karen for info 215-206-5158 Sunday School 9:45 am Women’s Ministry Discipleship Groups 9:45 am
Merry Martha’s
By now, I hope you have seen the exciting event that the church is putting
on in two weeks. What’s the Scoop will be held on Sunday, March 25th at
6PM. The Merry Martha’s have been asked to bake brownies / bar cookies
for the event. If you are interested please let Sue Mertz know 570.350.7990
or and if you would like to help out at the event,
please let Bethany know 434.944.4641 or,

Our next Merry Martha event is scheduled for Friday March 23. It will be an event themed around fish and
chips and will be held at the church. Jim and Karen will be organizing this event so watch for more info in the
trumpet call from them and RSVP to Karen by email or text or 215.206.5158.

St. Patty’s Day Kings of Queen Street
Gig Will be on Saturday, March 17th,
7pm, at Newberry’s
For more information please visit our YAYF
Facebook Group Page or
text Bethany Mills at 434.944.4641
Dear Friends,
Join us Sunday, March 25th at 6:00pm for our “WHAT’S
THE SCOOP?” Ice Cream Social directly followed by a
Church-Wide meeting (6:30-7:30pm)!
At this meeting, we intend to cover three primary topics:
1) Our NEW Church structure and organization chart,
2) The introduction of our NEW Ministry Teams and their
3) The approved 2018 budget! This 20 minute presenta-
Sadly, after 70 years as a family business, tion will be followed by a brief Q&A session (based on the
Joe and Marcia Hackman are retiring. The 5 “most frequently asked questions” we receive to our
store will close April 28, 2018. survey), with some ”table talk” time facilitated just after that
OK’s (Older Kids 50+) will be taking a trip Text your question to 570-580-4343 or ask your question
to Hackman's Bible-Bookstore on March via an index card and drop it in the question box, located in
15th leaving at 9 AM. Lunch will be at the Oberholtzer hall.
Country Buffet, and we plan to be back at
the church by 2 PM. If you have Bibles Can’t do both? Come on out for just Ice Cream and fellow-
you do not use, bring these with you, as, ship from 6:00-6:30pm! Our Fun & Fellowship Team, along
they are collecting Bibles to send to India. with many other helpers are working together to pull off a
sweet-treat for all of us to enjoy! Infant Childcare and an
Call Linda Drake at 570-856-9395 by
exciting game, relay and activity time for kids will be hosted
March 12 to schedule a reservation, as we
will travel by church van(s) and need a final during the Church Wide meeting. Come find out what the
count. scoop is. You’ll be glad you did!
Contact Us
Church Office
(570) 421-3280
Spring semester is in full swing, and it is time to show our Hours: 9am to 1pm
college students and military personnel some love. Twice a year, Monday thru Friday
our church sends just over 50 students and military personnel a Pastor
small package to let them know we are supporting and thinking Jim Todd
of them. We are currently collecting $10 gift cards to include in
our packages. If you would like to show your love to our students Ext. 1014
and military personnel, please place gift cards in the box in Church Administrator
Oberholtzer Hall or in Sunday’s offering plate. Top favorites Jill Teaford
include: Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Wawa, Turkey Hill,
Friendly’s, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, among many others. If you do Ext. 1015
not have time to pick up a gift card, we will also be accepting Administrative Assistant
donations to use towards gift cards. Let’s show them that we are Kathy Ravago
thinking of them as they continue on in their studies and
service. We will be collecting until Sunday April 8th. Ext. 1010
Spiritual Life &
Congregational Care
Bethany Mills
Stephen Ministry
Ext. 1023
Where are you looking? When life gets Student Ministries
Scott Kuhnle
difficult God provides people to listen to you
without judgement, as you share your Ext. 1013
innermost feelings in strict confidence. Children & Family Ministries
Those people are called Stephen Ministers, Erica Dorsch
and they care deeply about you. Ext. 1017
Perhaps they can help you! Financial Secretary
For more information, view our website Michael Corey Ext. 1012
or contact Peggy Strack at 570-856-2131 William Mack
Ext. 1018
Organist/Traditional Music
Pauline Fox
The Pregnancy Resource Center of the
Poconos, one of our Faith Promise partners, Contemporary Music
is searching for volunteers. If you are Doug Malefyt
interested in serving, you can hear volunteer
opportunities at the center on Tuesday, Choir Director
March 13th, from 6:30pm to 8pm at their new Julie Searle
location 49 Dansbury Terrace.
Audio//Visual Technician
Tristen Gearhart
Scan QR to ESUMC Website
Technology Support
East Stroudsburg United Methodist Church Michael Corey
83 S. Courtland St.
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 Ext. 1012