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CITY OF EASTHAMPTON 50 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027- = ecelVe[D) MAR 21 2018 Office of the City Council Easthampton, MA ‘At the February 21, 2018 City Council meeting, the Mayor was asked by City Council and agreed to seek ‘an advisory opinion about the Mayor’s authority to create a Chief of Staff position within the Mayor's Office from the City Attorney. Separately, the City Couneil requested an advisory opinion from the City ‘Attomey regarding the Mayor's authority and methods to create positions within the Executive Branch of ‘government via four distinct questions, After an expansive look at the city’s Charter, past cipal job classifications, the City Attorney combined both inquiries into one our city practice and current mun advisory opinion issued on March 19, 2018. ‘The advisory opinion brought to light issues in our Charter that deserve a detailed and comprehensive review. Several opportunities to clarify employment practices and classifications across our municipal government have been identified. The legal advisory well outlines areas that give both the Mayor's Office and City Council avenues to update and clarify past practices that reflect the always intended equity and fairness in the city’s employment practices. ‘Accordingly and jointly, the Mayor and President of the City Council with the assistance of the Personnel and Finance Director request of City Council a full review of: the creation of positions within our city departments and government current assignments within city departments review Pay Plan positions and identify positions best structured under individual contract add unclassified positions to Pay Plan in a method described under Charter The Mayor, in agreement with the President of City Council, withdraws the posting of Chief of Staff and will appoint temporary support until such time the City Council completes the above requested review with a full public vetting. Signed March 21, 2018, onica Kase. f Monica Kane Finance Director Personnel Director