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and the Nirimba Education Precinct

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MARCH 2018
Principal Deputy Principals Collegiate Deputy Principal
Karen Smith David Macleod-Jones & Classa Martinuzzi Ross Dummett

March 23rd – SRC World’s Greatest Shave April 9th – Yr 12 Physics /Chemistry Ansto EXCURSION
March 27th – Yr 11 Biology EXCURSION to Barrangaroo April 11th – Yr 12 Parent/Teacher INTERVIEWS 4pm-7pm
March 28th-29th – SRC Camp April 13th – End of Term 1
April 14th-29th – SCHOOL HOLIDAYS
April 30th – FIRST DAY TERM 2 - Staff Only SDD


Some “loose-ends” – As we settle into full routine for yet another year, I am
pleased to report that the teaching and learning in our classrooms is FRIENDS OF
progressing extremely well. Year 12 are, as is usual at this time of year, WYNDHAM
beginning to feel the pressure with assessment for most courses occurring COLLEGE (e-P&C)
now. As I move around the school, I can see that most Year 11 (over 400 of
them) are well settled and have moved quickly into serious study mode.
It is particularly good to see so many of our new students wearing our new
College uniform with pride. There are still a small number of adjustment Whispers will be
issues for a few (only a few) students. Can I reaffirm our policy that: emailed to all
Wyndham College is a full uniform school – and this includes black leather members
shoes only. A reminder to all, shorts are permitted only Terms 1 and 4.
Terms 2 and 3 all students need to be in trousers (black – both years) or the
school skirt. Year 11 students have the blue shirts and new tartan skirts. This
is the last year where there is a difference in the uniform. Year 12 continue in
Parents can join the
the white shirts and grey skirt. From 2019 everyone will be in the same e-P&C at any time
colour, style etc. Attendance at all classes is mandatory (rolls are marked in
every lesson). Lateness on a number of occasions or absence from class can,
and has in the past, led to students having to repeat one or more subjects or Please contact the
the whole year at the end of Year 11. Once students arrive at the college they school and leave an
are not permitted to leave the premises without permission. email address
Apologies from “School Locker” (the uniform supplier) who were not happy
with the quality of the jackets that were originally ordered. They sent the
Wyndham College MARCH 2018

jackets back and we are expecting stock at the end of March. Thank you to our Year 11 students and
parents for your patience. Year 12 are continuing in their jackets purchased last year.

Whilst infractions of the above only apply to a small number of students, I would seek your support as a
parent to assist us in helping your child survive and indeed thrive, in their time at Wyndham, rather than
the alternative of not coping with senior high school.

Student Wellbeing – We take the safety and wellbeing of our students very seriously. As a college we
continue to focus on student growth. We continue to implement “Mind Matters”.

We continue to work together to ensure the happiness, safety and wellbeing of our students. With Mind
Matters the focus is on mental health and building of resilience. As a community, I again look forward to
your support of this program.

Generally, most of our students work hard and behave maturely as we would expect in a senior college.
Our focus is, and will continue to be, on the pursuit of academic excellence through good teaching and
learning – not on behaviour.

Subjects available – We have concluded the process of allowing some students to change their subjects,
so now most students are content with their choice. Any student who has changed needs to make sure
they catch up the work they would have missed from the start of the year.

SRC recently participated in the SRC election. Many thanks to Rachel Kelso and Dannielle Morais for
organising this.

Thank you to all students who nominated. It is a daunting task and everyone presented themselves
outstandingly. This year we were unable to split the votes and our SRC constitution along with our School
Plan, has provision to increase the number of students who can be in the SRC. This is the first time we
have invoked that provision. I am pleased to announce the successful candidates for Year 11, 2018:

Jai Angeloni Iordan Peters

Hamid Anwary Candice Reeves
Haoyang Cai Madeline Rochester
Geoffrey Garcia Seth Thomas-Davies
Aiden Hirst Oliver Turner
Hayden Johnson-De Silva Jesse Vella
Kate Moseley

These students will work with our Year 12 SRC students. A fantastic team – representing and being the
voice of the student body.

Friends of Wyndham College –The Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday 27 February. It was
very informal and inviting. At this meeting our office bearers were elected and the e-P&C model was
endorsed and supported by all. Office bearers are:

President: Natalie Coleiro

Vice President: Geza Karacsony
Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Hemsworth

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

I know you welcome our new executive and know they will do a fabulous job.

As an e-P&C, the newsletter will be sent and any information requiring input by the P&C will be sent to
the group email. Any parent at any time can join the e-P&C. All are welcome.

At the AGM we also said farewell to the outgoing Secretary, John Cunniffe.

On behalf of the College I would like to thank John for his hard work and commitment to the College. His
effort has been greatly appreciated.

Finally – I know I have touched on a few areas where we need to improve. I make no apology for that. I
want Wyndham to continue to be the excellent college that it is as we move through another year. I do of
course thank you for your ongoing support.

Karen Smith – College Principal


Assessment Tasks - I would like to take this opportunity to remind students in Years 11 and 12 of their
responsibilities regarding assessment tasks. Bearing in mind that a large percentage of the total Higher
School Certificate assessment mark comes from assessment tasks done at school, it is vital that students
maximise their efforts and ensure that they give themselves the best possible chance for success.

Students will always be given ample warning of the nature of any task and the due date. This due date is
not a guideline; it is a deadline. Assessment tasks MUST be handed in when students have that subject,
i.e. if an English task is due and a student has English in Session 2, that is when the task is to be handed in;
NOT at some time later in the day.

If a student cannot attend school on the day of an assessment task to submit it or perform the task in
person because of a valid reason, the Illness/Misadventure appeal process must be followed. Information
regarding this process is in the assessment handbook which was issued to all students or can be obtained
from any Head Teacher.

It is important to remember that if a student fails to complete tasks which contribute 50% or more of the
available marks, they may receive an ‘N’ award for that course and this will be recorded on their HSC.

The easiest way to avoid any issues or concerns is to ensure that all assessment tasks are performed to
the best of a student’s ability and that that they are handed in or performed on the due date.
If there any issues or questions regarding any of this process, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Parking - Any students who drive to school must register vehicle(s) on the college
database. A form needs to be obtained from the office and returned to me in order for
this to happen. Parking privileges may be revoked if this procedure is not followed.

David Macleod-Jones – Deputy Principal

Wyndham College MARCH 2018


Assessments, Reports – We are now half way through Year 12 and by this stage students will have
completed 50% of their HSC school-based assessment tasks for each of their courses. This means that
Semester 1 Reports are being prepared for Year 12 and these will be issued at the Year 12 Parent Teacher
Evening in Week 11 this term. On a positive note, this also means that 50% of assessment tasks are still to
be completed, giving students plenty of opportunity to improve marks and ranks before the HSC. I
continue to encourage students to apply themselves to all classes and tasks and to aim to achieve their
best in everything they do.

I would also like to remind students and their parents that Term 3 will be a very busy and important term
for Year 12. Trial HSC Examinations are scheduled for Monday 30th July through to Friday 10th August. In
addition, students enrolled in HSC courses with major works, performances and speaking/listening
examinations will have their HSC practical examinations during this term. Attendance in classes after the
Trial HSC is extremely important as many courses will still be completing syllabus content and then
working through past HSC papers and other practice papers. This is vital to continue to learn and improve
up to the HSC Examinations.

Parent Teacher Meetings - Year 12 Parent Teacher Evening will be held on Wednesday 11th April from 4 –
7pm. Parents will be able to make bookings (from 28th March) to meet with teachers using the Sentral
Parent Portal. I encourage all parents to meet with their child’s teachers to support them through their
journey to the HSC. Our Careers Advisers will also be available on the evening to discuss post-school
pathways, University and TAFE applications and so on.

Attendance – I would also like to remind parents and students about the importance of attendance at
school and in each class. Being in class on time is the first step to success. This is essential for students to
learn about new concepts and to have teacher support when practicing and implementing the knowledge
and skills they have learned.

Year 12 Holiday Tutorials/Sessions – some teachers will be holding tutorials/sessions throughout the
holidays (both the Autumn and Winter School Holidays). This is a great opportunity for students to
consolidate their understanding and apply their knowledge in preparation for the HSC.

Classa Martinuzzi- Deputy Principal

Wyndham College MARCH 2018


On the 19th, 20th and 21st of March the Nirimba Collegiate was
lucky enough to provide the Young Change Agents program to
students and teachers from our four collegiate schools.
Young Change Agents is a social entrepreneurship program for 10-
18 year olds that helps our youth see problems as opportunities.
It provides them with the tools to think creatively, build skills in
critical thinking and communication and empowers them to
believe that they are good enough to be entrepreneurs, leaders
and world changers.
All students and teachers who were involved across the three days
really enjoyed themselves and reported back that they developed
a better appreciation of the issues that currently exist in our society and possible way that they all can be
part of the solution.

Our 2019 Year 11 students and parents visited Wyndham College

on Tuesday 13 March to speak to faculty representatives about
the different courses they will be offering next year
The evening was very well attended with all parents reporting that
staff did a wonderful job of explaining what their course required.
The next process for our year 10 students is the taster day in term
2 where they will choose subjects that they want to experience
and possibly select in Year 11 2019.
The Nirimba Collegiate really does a wonderful job in supporting
students and parents make the transition form Year 10 in to Year

Ross Dummett

Nirimba Collegiate Deputy Principal


Year 11 has been using the Library very well during study periods and we have noticed that there are a lot
of avid readers in this cohort. Our new quiet reading area has been well used and we have had lots of
discussions about current books that people are enjoying. Year 12 students have been working hard in
the lead up to the exams and have been setting an excellent example for our new students this term.

It is important that students are in full school uniform when using the Library as it is a shared space and
the uniform is the way that students from each College can be identified at all times.

We are excited to announce that "Clubs" at Wyndham College will be launched in Week 9 at the College
assembly. We have had a few students approach us with fresh ideas for student led clubs that we will add
to the long list of extra-curricular activities that Wyndham College already facilitates. Please encourage
students to get involved and take up some of the wonderful opportunities our community provides
outside of the school curriculum.

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Platinum Club News

Representing Wyndham College, Platinum Club students Bianca, Cindy, & Madeline attended the "Fierce
and Fearless" program held on the 9th of March to celebrate International Women's Day at the Hub in
Mount Druitt. Madeline's mum Terri was also able to attend the event with the girls and found the day to
be "an empowering and self motivational experience".

A psychologist spoke at the event and she explained a few self awareness techniques to help calm and
refocus when feeling stressed or overwhelmed. The program also included fun activities such as:

• Creating a poster to show how strong and independent women can be.
• Learning exercises to do when you're feeling down or panicked
• Learning to relax and just let go through a bit of meditation
• Building your self confidence through a word game and activity

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Socialising with other schools students and getting to know each other better while having fun and
learning new things was a good experience which helped boost confidence and self worth. The girls said
that "it's definitely something all female students should attend as it is helpful in empowering
women". The posters that were created are going to be put up in different places throughout Blacktown/Mt
Druitt and will eventually be sent back to the school. The girls did a fantastic job on the poster as did
everyone on the day. They were all so creative and different. We congratulate these students on doing
such a fantastic job of representing our school.

Sally Govett – Librarian

Wyndham College regularly hosts students from schools in Japan. It

is usually a four or five day visit and we aim to billet the students with
local families so that they can experience an Australian lifestyle.

We also have a regular group of international students completing their

HSC at Wyndham College.

If you are able to assist us with our Japanese visitors or international

students please contact Chris Minol He
will gladly provide you with any information about these programs.

2018 Dates: Tuesday 24th to Sunday 29th July 2018 Week 1 Term 3

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham students studying photography or social

sciences travel to Cairns every March. Deposits are
required in the previous year and the balance paid
early in the year. It is an amazing experience.
Coordinators are: Daniel Repeti and Natasha Scott.

Our SRC is very active. It is

coordinated by Rachel Kelso and
Dannielle Morais. They are always
delighted to receive any assistance.

Wyndham College MARCH 2018


The Well-Being Team involves a large group of staff who work to provide a supportive environment for our
students they include

Year 12 Advisers Tim Macintyre (A-F), Vanessa Wickens (G-N) and Natasha Scott(O-Z )

Year 11 Advisers are Jason Ewing-Jarvie (A-G), Nitha Sewlall (H-N)and Daljit Bansal(O-Z)

Platinum Year Adviser – Yr 11 & 12 – Sally Govett

School counsellors Anna Jakymin, available Tuesday and Thursdays and Tracey Tsanadis on Wednesdays

School Chaplain is Rebecca Kenny, available on Wednesdays in Term 1.

Year 11 have a compulsory Crossroads program that needs to be completed over the next two years. The $30
Crossroads fee needs to be paid this term please to ensure all bookings can be made for guest presenters.
Crossroads days will be organised and include BStreetSmart which involves all Year 11 going on an excursion to be
engaged in the importance of driver education, risk taking and decision making. More information will be provided
closer to the date( August).

Scholarships are available and advertised widely for students. Please ensure you take up the opportunities offered.

Health care Plans have been created and sent home with Year 11 students. If you need one and haven’t had one
yet please see me as a matter of urgency.

Wyndham prides itself on looking after the mental health and well-being of all its students. Parents and
care givers are encouraged to complete this 10 minute anonymous survey to provide us with data to
continue improving in this area:
Your support is greatly appreciated.

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Sue Beamer - HT Well-Being

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Tell Them From Me student feedback survey (Term 1, 2018)

I am delighted that this term, our school, like many other public schools in the state, will participate in a
Department of Education initiative: the Tell Them From Me student feedback survey. The survey measures factors
that are known to affect academic achievement and other student outcomes. The focus of the NSW-wide survey is
on student wellbeing, engagement and effective teaching practices.

More information about the survey is available at:

The survey is a great opportunity for our students to provide us with valuable and quick feedback on what they
think about school life, how engaged they are with school and the different ways that teachers interact with them.
More than 6,300 schools in Australia and around the world have used Tell Them From Me to survey 5.4 million
students. Capturing the voices of our students will help improve how we do things at our school.

I want to assure you that the survey is confidential. The survey is conducted online and will typically take less than
30 minutes to complete. It will be administered during school hours between 12 March and 13 April. Participating
in the survey is entirely voluntary.

A consent form and FAQs for parents/carers about the survey is being sent home with students. If you do not want
your child or children to participate, please return the form to school by 12 March. Copies of the form and FAQs are
available from:

The consent form and FAQs are available in 23 languages.

Brian Ewin

HT Teaching & Learning

Wyndham College MARCH 2018


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those parents who have made payments for subject
fees etc. Don’t forget our incentive payment scheme. If you pay both the general contribution and the
resources digital/text contribution before the end of Term 2 we will give you a discount of $35.00,
therefore making the payment for both contributions only $100.00.

We are happy to accept payment by instalments – as much as you like, whenever you like. We
understand the financial pressures that some families face and hope by providing this facility it will be of
some relief.

Student Early Leavers PROCEDURES
If you require your child to leave school before the end of the day, please send
them with a signed note stating their name, date, time and reason you would
like them to leave. This should be brought to the front office upon arrival at
school, then an early leaver’s pass will be issued, allowing the student to leave
the classroom at the correct time.

If this procedure is not followed, the student may not be allowed to leave the classroom.

If your child is absent from school or you know they will be absent on a certain day please contact the
front office by phoning 9208 7100.

Email is not the most effective point of contact.

Thank you

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

Wyndham College MARCH 2018

UNIFORM SHOP – open during school terms

The Uniform Shop is open on TUESDAYS 7.30-10.30am and THURSDAYS 1.00pm -

4.00pm. Online purchases available

Wyndham College is a uniform college and students are expected to be in full college
uniform from day one 2018. This includes for Year 11 pale blue shirts with the college
emblem and fully enclosed black leather shoes.
For information about uniform items and prices, please refer to School Locker’s website

Wyndham College MARCH 2018



YEARS 11 & 12 are invited to join the free Maths tuition held
in C8 every Monday from 3.00pm to 5.30pm. Be there!


YEAR 11 – Mondays - 3pm-4pm
YEAR 11 – Fridays -1pm-2pm

YEAR 12 – Thursdays -3pm-4pm

In B1

YEAR 12 – Wednesdays -3pm-4pm

In B1

All students are invited to join the Christian Group at recess in B2 on Wednesdays.

There are also free pancakes on Wednesday mornings before class.

Join us for pancakes and a chat.


Wyndham College MARCH 2018

To keep student records as up to date as possible please complete the slip below if you
have changed address or changed phone numbers, and return to the front office.

Student Name ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

New Address ………………………………………………………………………………………………

Home Phone ………………………………………………………………………………………………

Mobile Phone –Mother…………………………………………… Name………………………………

Mobile Phone -Father …………………………………………… Name……………………………...

Signed ………………………………………………………. Date……………………………....

So we can keep you informed and up to date, please complete the slip below if you have
recently changed your email address and return it to the office:

Student Name ___________________________________________________

Parent Email Address ____________________________________________________________

Please print carefully