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Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionaries to Taguig City, Philippines sent by Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA
Mar. 2018

“Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and Dear Praying Friends,
maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.” (2 Cor. 2:14)
A Pre-Happy Resurrection Sunday greeting to
Marcia’s Children’s Sunday School class had you. I just wanted to return a most hearty “thank
70 children in attendance. Please pray that you” for your love and prayers. I also wanted to
many of them would listen well and truly get ask you to continue to uphold us in your prayers.
saved. 8 children are set up for a “perfect We have seen the blessings of sinners saved and
attendance” (at the end of April—meaning some devoting themselves to the Lord. Our
they have not missed one Sunday since the heart in this matter is both faithfulness and fruit-
New Year) and 10 children for faithfulness fulness. Three adult visitors returned to our Sun-
(meaning they missed only one or two Sun.). day School and AM service following Anniver-
sary Sunday. One of them, a lady named Happy,
We opened our First Year Anniversary Sun-
called upon the name of the Lord at the end of
day with a live-video greeting and word of
our AM service—and we are so happy for her!
exhortation from our pastor (Pastor Chris
Starr, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Brogue, PA). I
Two visiting men (Randy and Richard) gained
held up a tablet and connected a Bluetooth
the precious assurance of salvation, as they have
speaker so that everyone could see and hear never heard about eternal security (although they
Pastor Starr. What a privilege to be mission- both testified of genuine faith in Christ). Happy
ary representatives of Mt. Zion Baptist will be on her way back to the southern island of
Church and of all our supporting churches! Mindanao where she is from but do pray that we
can help her find a solid Baptist church, and the
The Lord brought many visitors to our two men have confirmed that they will be re-
meeting place and many were able to share turning again next Sunday. Pray for their spiritual
a word of testimony exalting the Lord Jesus growth.
Christ. One lady (Marcia’s visitor and mother
to Sister Josephine who passed away) was May the risen Lord of glory richly reward His
able to stand and share how the Lord pro- laborers, whether in the foreign field or at home,
tected her house from fire. She also men- with souls saved and changed for His glory. May
tioned that she had gotten rid of all her He strengthen pastors in their arduous ministries
idols! AMEN! with wisdom and courage as they lead. May He
bless His churches to continue steadfastly in all
We enjoyed a meal in between our AM and
things wherein they have been taught.
PM services. We believe that feasting is a
Baptist distinctive! But the highlight of our Serving the God of the Living, your fellow-
meeting was the preaching of the Word of laborer, Bro. Bill Hardecker and family.
God. Missionary Dan Tessin and his daugh-
ter, Jennifer, were able to come and help us
on our special Sunday. He preached on John 1. Praise the Lord for Happy. Good is good!
3:1-6 in AM service and Haggai 2:1-9 in the
PM service. Bro. Dan’s messages were spo-
2. Praise the Lord for safety as we go house-
(left to right): Jennifer, Joe, Marcia, WT, ken in “Taglish” (meaning Tagalog & Eng- to-house. Pray for safety.
Dan, and me. First things first...dessert lish) & uploaded on
before dinner! After all, it was a special
3. Praise God for a lady joining us on Sat.
mzbmp. According to the stats, our online
Sunday. tract distribution (which resulted in Randy
messages have reached 24 U.S. states, and
and Richard’s visit). Pray for laborers.
18 countries. Virginia, California, and Mary-
land have the highest listens; the Philippines, 4. Pray for a husband/father to get saved.
Canada, Italy, and Saudi Arabia are at the
top of the international list. God is GOOD! 5. Pray for your brothers and sisters to grow.

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Mt. Zion Baptist Church Central Missionary Bill & Marcia Hardecker Bill (01/10) & Marcia (09/30) Mt. Zion Baptist Missions Phil.
Block 6-A Lot 12 Bedford St. Melrose Compound, Unit #19
Pastor Chris Starr Clearinghouse Anniversary (06/15/04)
6 Gen. A Luna Street
48 Muddy Creek Forks Road P.O. Box 219228 Pacific Residences Subdv. W.T. (09/14/10) Tuktukan, Taguig City
Brogue, PA 17309-9400 Houston, TX 77218-9228 Ususan, Taguig City Joe (12/28/12) 1637, NCR, Philippines
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