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Vocabulary Words

Eliseo Torres
1. Paranoia Serious mental illness
2. Jittery Very nervous
3. Mauve A light or medium purple
4. Churns Container which cream is stirred on shaken to make butter
5. Masonry Stone brick or concrete used to build things
6. Palpable Obvious and noticeable
7. Treachery Harming someone who trusts you
8. Crookedly Not straight/bend
9. Austere Simple or plain
10. Balustrade Low wall placed at staircases
Jasmine cortes
1. Affluent Having large amount of money
2. Bereft Suffering the death of loved one
3. Enamor To cause someone to be loved or admired
4. Feigning To pretend to feel or to be affected by something
5. Poignant Causing a strong feeling of stress
6. Myriad A very large number of things
7. Broncs An unbroken or imperfectly broken range horse of North America
Rosemarie Gemarino
1. Obstetrician Doctors who specialize obstetrics
2. Obstetrics Deals with the birth of the children
3. Stoop Entrance stairway
4. Crate Plastic container that hold plastic bottle
5. Fiddle To play violin
Ellaine Delos Santos
1. Oblivion Something that is not remembered
2. Dishevelled Not neat or tidy
3. Glaringly Obvious and noticeable
4. Insipid Not interesting or exciting
5. Tenuous Not definite of strong
6. Triumphantly Celebrating victory or success
7. Shrugged Raise and lower shoulders
8. Peril To cause pain, injury harm or loss
9. Fraught A lot of emotional stress/worry
10. Cohort A friend or companion
Frixie Jane Quilala
1. Promiscuous Having or characterized by many transient sexual relationship
2. Cupboard A cabinet or closet w/ door and shelves used for storage
3. Chastened Having a restraining or moderating effect
4. Mutinuous Refusing to obey the orders of a person in authority
5. Exuberance The quality of being full of energy, excitement, and cheerfulness
6. Scrutinize Examine or inspect closely and thoroughly
7. Entourage A group of people attending or surrounding an important person
8. Entwined Wind or twist together
9. Sluice A sliding gate or other device for controlling the flow of water
10. Fringe Not part of a mainstream
Erika Garcia
1. Murky Dark not clear
2. Quadriplegic A person who permanently unable to move or feel both arms and both legs
3. Squeamish Unpleasantly nervous
4. Vivacious Happy and lively in a way that is attractive
5. Despondent Very sad w/o hope
6. Gruelling Very difficult
7. Dreary Causing unhappiness
8. Intravenous Entering a body through a vein.
9. Amiable Friendly and unpleasant
10. Noxious Harmful to living things
Alondra Romano
1. Grazing Herbage or land for gaze
2. purged To remove people from an area
3. diminution The act of process of becoming nest
4. nausea Something in stomach that makes you feel vomit
5. tremulousness Shaking shanty especially because of nervous
6. accomplice Person who works with the help of others
7. dispirited To deprive of moral wrong
8. irrefutable Not able to prove wrong
9. unorthodox Different from what is usually done or accepted
10. ambivalent Simultaneous and contradictory attitude and feelings toward an object, person or action

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