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Model# PF 3000

ALLISON - 3000
General Specification & Application Data
POWERFORCE ® - A Premium Brand for Power and Drive
Remanufactured Transmissions:
POWERFORCE ® is the premium brand offered by Central Power Systems &
Services. With the expertise to produce, in volume, a quality, durable, reliable,
and price competitive remanufactured Allison transmission.

All POWERFORCE ® transmissions are completely remanufactured…...........
.......NOT rebuilt!

By using proprietary factory specifications, lean manufacturing procedures,
genuine OEM parts, state-of-the-art test equipment, and proper final calibrations,
POWERFORCE ® transmissions guarantee the highest quality and best value for
our customers.

As an Allison Distributor since 1953, it’s our #1 goal to ensure quality first. All
POWERFORCE ® Allison transmissions are remanufactured back to the original
factory specifications. With up-to-date training and factory certified overhaul
specialists, it’s our pleasure to offer you POWERFORCE ® the most dependable Model: PF 3000
remanufactured product available. Model shown is a remanufactured POWERFORCE ® MD 3560P

Power Ratings Unit Diesel Gasoline General Rating:
Max Net Input Power Range HP 285 - 370 N.A. Application ratings vary significantly from general ratings. Contact Central
Max Net Input Torque Range lb ft 800 - 985 N.A. Power Systems & Services for specific vocational ratings.

Transmission Model and Applications Torque Converter Options
Original Manufacturer Allison Ratios TC 411 (2.71:1), TC 413 (2.44:1), TC 415 (2.35:1), TC 417
(2.20:1), TC 418 (1.98:1) TC 419 ( 2.02:1), TC 421 (1.77:1)
Allison Series 3000
Allison Model Number MD 3060, MD 3560, MD 3066, MD
Gear Ratios ( Close-Ratio Wide-Ratio
3070, 3000, 3500 * ( P ) ( R ) ( T ) (Gear ratio does not include torque 1st Range 3.49:1 1st Range 4.59:1
converter ratio)
Remanufacturer POWERFORCE ® 2nd Range 1.86:1 2nd Range 2.25:1

POWERFORCE ® Model Number PF 3000 3rd Range 1.41:1 3rd Range 1.54:1

4th Range 1.00:1 4th Range 1.00:1
Applications/Vocation Refuse, Concrete Mixer
5th Range 0.75:1 5th Range 0.75:1
Short Haul Tractor Trailer
6th Range 0.65:1 6th Range 0.65:1
Fire TruckEmergency Vechicle
Rev. Range -5.03:1 Rev. Range -5.00:1
Dock Spotter, Tow Tractor
Power Take-Off Gear Ratings PTO One Side PTO Both Sides
Transit bus, Agricultural Spreader
Continuous Operation 485 lb ft Max. 685 lb ft Max.
Sprayer, Blower, Feedlot Truck
Truck-Based RV Vehicles Shift Sequence
School Bus Lockup-To-Lockup (D) 1C-2C-2L-3L-4L-5L-6L

* Other Applications Available (5) 1C-2C-2L-3L-4L-5L

Transmission Specifications (4) 1C-2C-2L-3L-4L

Full Load Governed Speed Diesel 2000-2800 rpm (3) 1C-2C-2L-3L

Engine Mounting SAE # 2 Flywheel Housing (2) 1C-2C-2L
Additional Adaptation Requied (1) 1C-1L
Oil Pan Options Deep Oil Sump 12.8 in, Shallow Oil Second Gear Start Option Option Available
Sump 11.1 in
C= Drive through the torque converter; L= Drive with Lockup engaged
Fluid Type TES™ 295 Approved Fluid
PowerForc e ® C orp ora te O f f i ce ▪ 9 2 0 0 L i b er t y D r i ve ▪ L i b er t y ▪ MO 6 4 0 6 8 ▪ P h 816 . 7 81. 8 07 0 ▪ Fax 816 . 7 81.22 07

A Premium Brand For Power and Service: • Remanufactured…. PowerForc e ® Corpor a te O f f i ce ▪ 9 2 0 0 L i b er t y D ri ve ▪ L i b er t y ▪ MO 6 4 0 6 8 ▪ P h 816 . and load tested • A custom built remanufacturing facility • Large inventory for premium remanufactured swing transmissions • 60 years of transmission experience as an Allison distributor • Factory certified transmission specialists • Established track record in performance and reliability • Backed-up by the POWERFORCE ® warranty Model: PF 3000 Transmission Transmission Configuration Details Fluid Specifications Transmission Dimensions * (All dimensions are in inches) Inital Fill US Quarts Per Pan Size ** Fluid Type L = Length W = Width H = Height Model Dry Weights lbs Deep Pan Shallow Pan TES™ 295 Base Model With PTO w / PTO w/o PTO w / PTO w/o PTO 29. Central Power Systems & Services warrants only that the product complies with specifications agreed to in contracts of sale. 7 81.P OWER F ORCE ® Remanufactured Transmissions Operators of the transmissions remanufactured by the POWERFORCE ® team are assured a quality unit that considerably enhances the life of the equipment.1 20.33000 .0 535 575 * All measurements are approximate and for estimation purposes POWERFORCE ® . The information in this white-page specification is believed to be accurate but all recommendations are made without warranty.powerforce.0 19.75 29. pressure and leak checked. Central Power Systems & Services disclaims any liability in connection with the use of this information. 2 2 07 Ref# DS. The following below summarizes why it’s wise to select POWERFORCE ®. since the conditions of use are beyond Central Power Systems & Services control. and does not warrant against infringement by reason of the use of any of its products in combination with other material or in any process. Central Power Systems & Services reserves the right to change any of the technical information and data detailed in this paper.75 26.0 Approved Fluid 29. 8 07 0 ▪ Fax 816 . All rights reserved. ** The amount of transmission fluid shown in the following chart does not include the amount required to fill external circuits ® POWERFORCE Transmissions comply with applicable codes and standards All data subject to change without notice. Specifications are subject to change without notice.not rebuilt or repaired • Remanufactured back to the original factory OEM specifications • A certified Allison transmission remanufacturing distributor • All transmissions are dyno’d.0 26. 7 81.A Premium Brand For Power and Drive © 2013 POWERFORCE® a registered brand of Central Power Systems & Services. www.