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Production Schedule


Date: Task:

26/03/18 Complete Idea document- This is a
document were I will come up with my ideas. I
will try to come up with a total of three in
order to have a wide range of work to build
upon. I will then select the best one and begin
the rest of the work from there.

02/04/18 Complete Moodboard with annotations-
This will give a visual representation of my
idea and will give me an insight into what the
final outcome will be. It allows me to research
into what mise en scene to use, fonts and
other contextual research. This will help my
work be as accurate as possible and will
ensure that my final product is what I intend it
to be.

09/04/18 Storyboard- First Draft. This is what I will
use in order to guide my photoshoot for my
reference pictures. It will help me with all
future work as i can reference exactly what I
want/intended to have on each page. I will be
able to build a photoshoot plan off of it as I
will know exactly what shots I am required.

16/04/18 Complete a contingency plan- This will help
me avoid coming into contact with any issues.
It can also be referred back to in the future if I
do come into contact with any problems and
will inform me on how to resolve it.
Complete a risk assessment- This will allow
me to ensure the safety of myself and others
throughout my project. I can use it as
reference when setting up and working to
ensure that I am doing everything safely. This
will help with any legal issues with other
people I work with also.

23/04/18 Photoshoot- This is key to my work as I
need to conduct a photoshoot in order to be
able to complete my illustrations. This is as I
need images to reference from- this will save
me a considerable amount of time. When
doing this refer back to your storyboard and
photoshoot plan.
30/04/18 Illustrations- This will be the main bulk of my
work. Needs to be a series of twenty four
drawing. Referrer back to storyboard to
ensure that all illustrations that I require are
done. Use photoshoot for reference.

7/05/18 Organise layout- Use storyboard to help with
the graphology of your work. This is key to my
work as it will help with the narrative of the
piece. Add text and backgrounds.
Final piece- Complete work. Going back and
improving anything. Correct any errors and
then produce the final piece.