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1. A: Excuse me. Do you happen to know where Agribank is?

B: Sure. Just a bit further down the road, past the supermarket.
2 A: Have some more lamb.
B: Not for me thanks. I usually eat very little meat.
3 A: Would you like to have dinner together tomorrow?
B: I'm sorry. I'm afraid we're expecting some relatives tomorrow.
4 A: Come on, stay with us a little longer.
B: Sorry, I really must get going. It was very nice talking to you.
5 A: I've just received my MBA.
B: Congratulations! That's something we've got to celebrate.
6 A: Sorry, I forgot to bring back that report you lent me.
B: Never mind. I don't need it till next Monday.
7 A: Unfortunately, I'll probably be made redundant this winter.
B: I'm sorry to hear that. It must be a difficult situation to be in.
8 A: Let me just call the waiter.
B: No, I'll get this. It's on me.

 I was delighted to talk to you after your presentation at the Bridging the Culture Gap conference in

Frankfurt last week, and I would like to thank you for the interest you expressed in our company.

As I explained to you briefly when we met, our engineers often spend periods of up to three months in

India, Malaysia or the Philippines. Many of them request practical information about various aspects of

those cultures. We would therefore like to invite you to run a one-day training seminar on cultural issues

for a group of twelve staff due to leave for the Philippines in mid-April. I very much hope that your

schedule will allow you to accept our invitation.

letter of invitation

 Just to let you know that we are expecting three potential clients from Egypt to visit our design

department early next month. Could you book three single rooms en suite in my name at the Royal, 3-6

May? Breakfast only please as they'll be otherwise entertained for the rest of the day. That reminds me:

any suggestions for their evening programme would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

e-mail booking

Further to your letter of January 10, I would like to thank you for
your kind invitation.
I would be delighted to run a one-day seminar for your staff.
As you probably know I have first-hand experience of the Asia–Pacific region, and it is always a
great pleasure for me to run seminars focusing specifically on that area.
However, owing to previous engagements, I am afraid that I could not possibly run a workshop in
March as you suggested.
I would be grateful if you could let me know whether late February or early April would
be convenient for you.
I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

It is sometimes said that cultures are becoming more alike under the effect of mass tourism and globalisation.
However, there often remains a gap between any two given cultures. What enables for us to bridge this gap is
often called culturalawareness. Empathy, i.e. openness of mind and heart together with a willingness to try a
nd understand things fromsomeone else's perspective, is a necessary condition and for such an awareness to
develop. However, empathy on itsown it is not enough. We also need that to develop an ability to look at ou
r culture from the outside. This processshould make us realise that all the behaviours, beliefs and values that
we have always taken in for granted may indeedappear strange to someone from another cultural group. In o
ur other words, we need to be able both to make thestrange look familiar, and they make the familiar look st
range. If we can achieve this, then we can develop aboutwhat some sociologists call our cultural awareness.

I'm fluent
in English and Arabic.
I think I'm an effective
I've worked
as an adviser in an estate agency. 4
I graduated in economics
from the University of Alagoas in 2006.
My current employer says I've got excellent
interpersonal skills.
The salary
was above average but I expected a more challenging job.

promotion discussion decision situation expression supervision

qualifications impression conclusion communication motivation division

/eɪ/ as /iː/ as in /e/ as in sell /aɪ/ as in /əʊ/ as /uː/ as /ɑː/ as
in play clean well my price in in in
safe sheet go slow school smart
rules card
a, b, c, d, e, f, l, m, n, s, x, z i, y o q, u, w r
h, gj, k g, p, t, v
I'm • fluent • in • English • and • Arabic.
 2
I • think • I'm • an • effective • planner.
 3
I've • worked • as • an • adviser • in • an • estate • agency.
 4
I • graduated • in • economics • from • the • University • of • Alagoas • in • 2006.
 5
My • current • employer • says • I've • got • excellent • interpersonal • skills.
 6
The • salary • was • above • average • but • I • expected • a • more • challenging • job.

1Tell‿ us‿ about your‿ experience‿ and qualities.
2You'll have to liaise with‿ our team‿ of‿ experts.

Do you happen to know Вы случайно не знаете ?

Sorry, I really must get going. It was very nice talking to you.

noun verb

recommendation recommend
interview interview
advice advise
appearance appear
clippings clip
proof prove
demonstration demonstrate

1 The usual American English word for 'CV' is resume

2 Exlon has hired a headhunter to attract talented executives from rival companies.
3 We ask all our new employees to work a probationary period of between one and three months.
4 The starting salary of the successful applicant will be decided on the basis of qualifications and
5 The panel will shortlist candidates for interview and contact them by the end of the week.
6 Please send a covering letter together with your CV.
7 Our company has a vacancy for a graduate in economics.
8 When you apply for a job, you can ask your previous employer for a reference.
9 A survey showed that most temporary workers were hoping to be offered a permanent post.
10 Applicants will be called for an interview between 15 and 25 May.

 Example:
an interview
to call for to hold to apply to carry out
 a post
to shortlist to take up to advertise to appoint

 applicants
to interview to advertise to reject to shortlist

 one's CV
to fill up to update to submit to send

 a contract
to sign to enter into to terminate to work

 a salary
to earn to pay to receive to submit

 Example:


We plan all our vacancies on our website.

 2

This vacancy needs to be filled urgently, so don't delay advertising.

 3

There aren't a lot of enquiries because we forgot to advertise in the local paper.

 4

The board have decided to advertise the post of Deputy HR Manager more widely.

 5

I think we should stop advertising in The Westland Echo. They're far too