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The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency
How to Connect Your English to Your Life

Index The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency
RealLife Manifesto

Part I: > Four High Impact Learning Activities
> What’s Really Preventing You From Concluding:
This isn’t your typical English
Together We Can Change the
learning textbook Realizing Your Potential?
> Resistance
> Who Should Read This Manifesto
> Turning Pro & Living Your Truth > Projects That Are Making a Difference
> How Best to Read this Manifesto > Applying it to Your English and Your Life > Thank you!
> 12 Ways to be a Mediocre and Unsuc-
cessful English Learner
Part III:
> What is RealLife English? Effective English Learning
> Why People Fail (are some people just
not able learn English?) > Becoming a good communicator
> 9 Excuses and Reasons For Failure > Body Language
> The RealLife Way > Don’t Just Communicate Well, Become
> Lifestyle English a Diplomat

> 7 Surprising Truths About Grammar > Four tips for Diplomatic Communication

Part II: Part IV:
Great Learners Have Their Heart in Finding Your Tribe
> English is the Key to Global Citizen-
> Purpose ship
> Great Learners Build Strong Habits > The RealLife English Global Movement
> The Pareto Principle: the 80/20 Rule

This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook

” William Butler Yeats Have you been learning English the We’re going to show you exactly how to your own hands. then you become a part of it. and. wrong way? Have you ever questioned maximize your potential as an English the way you were taught in school? learner AND as a human being. Instead of writing this for all learners. and benefit from it. around you. You must sponsibility for your learning. and ready to should know that this manifesto prob- calling. 4 . They are motivated by their passion and they make it a fun part of their life. From our many years and experience If you’re unhappy with the way you’ve We believe that a small community learning languages and teaching Eng- been learning (or teaching) English. not The future of English learning is hap. motivated. show you exactly how to do that. but the lighting of a fire. This manifesto is an introduction to the We’ll help you use your life to transform If you are DETERMINED to learn. pening. to help spread it. if you feel the be dedicated. Who Should Read This Manifesto something they feel forced to do. fortunate obligation. and your English no one can stop you. and of deeply inspired global citizens lish. and are willing to do whatever it takes. take your learning AND your living into ably isn’t for you. If you see studying English as an un- cover it. then the next 31 pages will literally change the world. and you’re happy This Manifesto is your map to this we’ve decided to focus on the select few paying somebody else to take full-re- revolution: it’s going to tell you how to who are passionate about it. This manifesto is not for everyone. Part I The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook “Education is not the filling of a pail. embrace it. and already a small minority of people have been lucky enough to dis. revolution that’s already happening all your English learning. If you are NOT WILLING to learn no one can help you. we know that successful learners you’re ready to take control of your own can use the English language to take full responsibility for their learning experience. too. learning to transform your life.

but swer the questions. it with enthusiasm. self-taught learners who have never formally studied English. In a moment we’re going to look at many of the mistakes on this list: thing significant with it. and how it im- pacts their lives varies from person to person. > Take notes. or in any other convenient their lives and their interests to pursue moment.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency We know you’re busy. Hopefully you aren’t committing too ity and enthusiasm to really do some. what just about every average English learner does wrong. they have all used the bus. were fortunate enough to realize that there are more fun and effective ways. while others are How Best to Read this Manifesto podcast listeners. Others were > Take the time to thoughtfully an obligated to study at a school. up learning English. their passions and interests into their English learning. lish learning? diocre and unsuccessful English learner. underline. but first let’s talk How this minority of people will end about how you should read this. nority of people who have the proactiv. And now let’s look at how to be a me- to give this powerful advice to the mi. highlight. and make it a part of > Read it as if you were going to teach it. Some learn with music. and we only want already passionate about to your Eng. but what they all have in common is that they integrate > Print it out. oth- ers enjoy TV series.Part I . on Whatever the case. > Listen to the audio in your car. Many of these remarkable few are write in the margins. what they do every single day. > Come back and review the most So how can you connect what you’re inspirational parts! 5 .

English speaking country to become fluent. Believe that you can pay some. 6 . 3. Remember your mantra: I don’t 5. be bad at learning languages. Don’t EVER open your mouth 7. 2. 12. 10. Learn English just because you need it for a job. Think that you have to live in an have time! English speakers. 11. Love English music but never mistakes.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency 12 Ways to be a Mediocre and Unsuccessful English Learner 1. 8. Always apologize to people for you from trying.Part I . your poor English. but ignore one to make you fluent. Always compare yourself to other 9. learn the lyrics. Tell yourself that you must just 4. the cultural aspects that bring Eng- lish to life. Let your fear of speaking stop 6. Take it personally when people until you can speak without any don’t understand you. Know the grammar.

You most probably wide grassroots English learning move. aren’t just English teachers ing support. lish learning. with a combined 15 years of experience meetups around the world. gle of continuously working to improve.Part I . have been a major influence on want to connect to other people who ment whose mission is to inspire. traordinary? Learn more about how to traveling the world teaching. you want to be inspired. do you want to be mediocre or ex. and orchestrating to spreading these amazing in-person What is RealLife English? events to major cities all over the world.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency So. Twitter. Chad. to make the world a better place. and a variety of other believe that we are the right people to which you can use social media channels. learn- and Ethan). and you might even want power. English. and connect the world through our vision for the future. we’re committed connecting learners. we’re be a remarkable English learner. we’ve quickly grown The fact that you’ve downloaded this to a following of tens of thousands of manifesto and read this far means that So we understand how difficult it is to learners and teachers from nearly every you are one of the remarkable few learn a foreign language. and you national locations. and we’ve found our calling in creating We organize and facilitate dynamic You are looking to reinvent the way you dynamic and imaginative solutions. ready for this new perspective on Eng- with conventional ways of learning tions as you. and a 7 . Brazil. em. as well as the people we’ve met impact on your life. where we and revolutionize the way you do it? to change the world. also language learners and community From our humble beginnings in Belo builders. so who exactly are we to tell you We also have a strong presence online: most powerful weapon how to learn English? And why do we Facebook. These meet-ups and want it to make a direct and compelling This is why we started RealLife. English. As we’ll explain later. friendship building. Horizonte. we identify with the strug. in-person events at an array of inter- learn. a world. there. “Education is the Ok. We’ve been country in the world who are more than English learners who isn’t satisfied through the same problems and frustra. With this in mind.” our incredible community leaders fa- The RealLife Founders (Justin. we’ve been creating tons of learning material. every aspect of the movement and on think like this. parties. Nelson Mandela cilitate cross-cultural interaction.

or even that they don’t and many more won’t understand your all available for free! like it. or that you need to ANYONE can learn English. that more than that: It is a microcosm of the stresses you out.Part I . it’s much. These “Average English Learn. they are inspired to change not just the way they learn Eng. Despite the fact that we are devoted to This is so crucial that we’re going to helping people learn English. is that just not able learn English?) in the form of all sorts of excuses. of our movement. let’s watch the dubbed version!). podcasts. RealLife Learning English shouldn’t be some. and have never been pre. Actually. Here are a few of the most Far too many people fail at learning full of dirty dishes.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency variety of cultural activities. cluding articles. but learn the strategies that As more and more people become a part sented with an alternative. however. It should be a natu. check my Facebook. There are a variety of reasons why you beings and as global citizens. repeat it: is not a school. have the opportunity to discover them. the most The most important thing for you to re- lish and communicate with others. English. much thing that you feel obligated to do. Other people might try to stop you. that they have some disadvantage English. more engaging part of your day. ers” give up [quit] because the way In addition to community activities. ral and enjoyable part of your life that selves and their potential. part of your everyday life. happen. As we’ve mentioned before. regardless of past failures. I’ll do it later. your English learning is to make it a fun English. first I need to quickly common ones: 8 . the sink is excuses. world itself. it’s where English learners continuously study. you’ll Why People Fail (are some people struggle with resistance. as also produce an abundance of fun and What happens in 9 out of 10 cases isn’t well (I don’t want to watch this movie in innovative educational materials–in. They’ve just been learning the motives. and videos– learning English. This will come The primary reason. but important thing that will revolutionize alize right now is that anyone can learn also the way they look at the world. we they’re learning hasn’t been effective. regardless of past failures. like I your head is full of limiting beliefs and don’t have time. as human that you look forward to every day. might have struggled with success Even once you find ways to make it a learning English. will help you respond. Accept that this is going to wrong way.

connect with people online or in per. If you know where I need a lot of time or money to look. I am a bad language learner matter how much you study. learning system. then you have to use it! No time.Part I . know.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency 9 Excuses and Reasons For Failure Misconception ONE: English. it’s emptying your wallet. and a ton of other I am too old Misconception FOUR: free resources. that age is no excuse for failure. interested in what you have to say place to start. natural. you need to learn English without er too old to start learning a language. No matter how busy you are. Making English a fun. and son. tunity to get better at speaking to forget anything. When you make an effort to way that works best for him. practice your English. you will find everything Contrary to popular belief. and there are plenty of lish you’re limiting your true potential. so that you never can learn another language if he ap. it won’t be as hard as you may convenient part of your everyday By comparing yourself to others or imagine because they’ll probably be life (Lifestyle English) is an excellent saying that you’re bad at learning Eng. Anki for just a few but studies have shown that anyone Think of this as your perfect oppor. minutes per day. Misconception FIVE: Misconception THREE: There are all sorts of convenient I’ve need to live in an English speak- I am naturally too shy or introverted moments in your day that you take ing country full advantage of to improve your If you want to get better at speaking English without spending any extra We’ve met tons of people who speak 9 . plies himself enough and finds the people. Misconception TWO: youtube videos. about your culture. If you’re motivated enough. in addition to blogs. and your life. learn in your car. you are nev. free podcasts you can download to There is no reason for you to be afraid. We’ll help you Even scientists are now confirming unlikely that you don’t have time to discover these things in a little bit. use the innovative spaced repetition special talent for learning languages. you can also download games on ing advanced grammar rules is no your phone and your computer and It is true that some people have a substitution for good communication.

like a guide who’s there to facilitate the benefits that you have learn- tive language instead of being open the process.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency excellent English that have never Reason SEVEN: out what works best! lived in an English speaking country! You’ve depended too much on others Reason NINE: To the contrary. can make learning English fun because they spent all of their time er can be great–but a teacher is more and easy to do every day. there is no grades. answer your questions. as well life! more fun. you’re going to start or continue your English learning. no one can There are SO many ways that you without improving their English make you fluent. you already love that will help you Maybe in the past you haven’t had improve your English. a good purpose for learning English. or cook- ered your purpose your learning. American pop-culture all over the world. The truth is.Part I . as show how to develop the tools that you need to create a strong path It all starts with what we call… forward. One of surrounded by speakers of their na. ing English is the huge presence of to new experiences and taking risks. then it’s improbable Now let’s reveal some of the tools In this manifesto we aim to give you that you’ll be very successful. If you don’t take responsibility for TV show. there are an equal The only way to develop real fluency You’re process lacks imagination amount of people who have lived or is by taking your learning into your studied abroad and come back home own hands. Reason EIGHT: In school your incentive for learning You’ve lacked a good method or plan So what are you waiting for? If English was probably to get good you’ve failed in the past. have needed to learn it for your job. a type of music. and help you connect the dots. And having a teach. even the best teacher ing––you can find something that in the world won’t be able to help you. in this report we’re going to revolutionize your English and your English and to make it easier and give you some tips and ideas. that you can start using today to a lot more personal motives to learn Luckily. It’ll be up to you to figure 10 . Whether you enjoy a certain Reason SIX: You still haven’t discov. More recently you might If you don’t make a plan for how reason to continue on the same path.

transcend not just our cultural and lin- man connection. Make English a fun.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency The RealLife Way mize the way you learn everything. They watch TV and movies in English. traveling easier. and learning from each other. The five goals of the guistic differences. we discover embraces our enthusiasm for all types that our similarities as human beings Lifestyle English of self-realization. natural. and energy they invest is generally not English (if you ever started). and ev- 11 . and natural part of your just help you get a better job or make daily life. 3. communicating. dedication. It may sound hard. Maximize your results by focusing on and music. Become a lifelong learner and maxi. because it is 4. lish learning to the things you already 1. life. they enjoy it. you a Global Citizen. culture. and con. but getting 6. the vast majority of the time When you decide to stop studying English AND your native language). The most effective approach to lifelong RealLife way are to: geographic. and conceptual borders that English fluency is to connect your Eng- limit our perspectives. So. learn the lyrics. They listen to English podcasts 5. it gradually becomes a part 2. For somebody using the RealLife Way to municate with other human beings (in learn English. but in English. and beyond just studying a language. do what they already love to do. Expand your perspective and see your. started is actually pretty simple. but also the political. 20% of the causes). love doing . Improve how you connect and com. able and inspire your English learning. with time. and hu. Win friends who hold you account. it will only feel more and more natural to do them in English. The RealLife Way of learning goes far By connecting. It’s lish fluency will not suffer. convenient. patience. your Eng- what most would consider studying. and sing! the most high impact activities (80/20 principle: 80% of the effects come from These RealLifers. erything we do is designed to help you along the way. it can actually make of you. as we like to call them. When you make English a venient part of your life. just something they choose to do because already part of your life routine. and self AND the world through new eyes. This means that learning English won’t fun.Part I .

A Any self-taught language learner knows 5. an ecosystem of NOT control it. Children don’t learn grammar rules work so easily. 7. claiming that you must until well past fluency. It’s a vehicle to language learning is ineffective and experience boring. Exaggerating the importance of language is a flash of the that the grammar-focused approach grammar often makes the learning human spirit. This is actually far from cluding teachers). learning process. most native grammar. making lots of gram- only then can you apply it in the real matical mistakes is a crucial part of the “A language is not just a body world.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency 7 Surprising Truths About Grammar This is how it works with other school 4. with your learning process from the spiritual possibilities. of vocabulary or a set ofgrammatical rules. and this is why: each particular culture 6. even might think we have a big problem with Often people. hear about Lifestyle the truth.Part I . They gradually de. Just like a child learning to speak his subjects. You don’t need to know any grammar of themind. change. Wade Davis 2. You were not born into the English extensively study grammar in order to velop fluency through natural exposure language. Every language is an and evolve. your fluency. but do to start using English and having fun thought. learning experience. Grammar isn’t law. a tempt to explain how we speak.” very beginning. If you are new to the RealLife Way. In fact. speakers don’t even know the rules. Native speakers are continuously reinventing the language and they com. English and refuse to believe that it can 3. 12 . a watershed. through which the soul of outdated. comes into the material world. should learn it. it’s an old-growth forest imperfect set of parameters that at. If you don’t practice communicating. and that we don’t think you traditional learning methodology (in. Languages are a dynamic system of learning the rules can actually hurt sounds that continuously grow. right? You learn the theory and mother tongue. help mold and give integrity to your language before you can even use it. who are accustomed to in formal situations. so grammatical structure can dissect and comprehend the rules of the to the language and communication. you monly break the rules of grammar. 1.

and the best way to get inspired take a look at this article. conventional methods of learning Grammar is important. Action more effective by Nobel Prize winning and learning is easier when you’re in- science. you speak correctly. and just as every having fun. and understanding how individual learning styles affect us. Fluency transcends and includes takes place when we are engaged and the rules of grammar. spired.This isn’t Your Typical English Textbook The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency However. is doing things you enjoy. entertainment and pop-culture. as it does help English completely ignore the holistic.Part I . Sadly. We focus on human rela- tionship. but if you study theory alone you probably won’t get 13 . with it. which includes motivation. and relational aspects of lan. The RealLife Way doesn’t leave out grammar. self-development. guage acquisition and communication that greatly enhance learning. Grammar is helpful. rock star starts their artistic career by picking up the guitar and having fun We’re not just saying this. the most powerful learning fluent. cultural aspects of fluency. and if you want to learn more. The more fun. sence of fluency. we believe that getting inspired practical approach is actually proven as is the best way to learn English. and the psychological dimension of learning. but it’s not the es- intuitive.

>> PART II Great Learners Have Their Heart In .

well for most learners: It’s hard work to Successful English learners are gener- learn a language. While this is a topic 15 . Excellence. Great Learners Build Strong Habits and without them. of habit formation. ter how hard they try? Is there a list of characteristics that ensures success on Despite what society conditions them to is not an act. relaxed. with at. and this The first and most important reason makes the long and arduous journey people have difficulty forming habits The Most Successful language learn. desire is an indispensable part of success. travel. and infinitely is a question of attitude. and traditional schools don’t work strategies will be of use. and even if you disci. do. lives. There are two important reasons for this: Being connected to a deep sense of pur- Purpose pose opens up our imagination. is a powerful characteristic that greatly facilitates the formation of new habits. learning and are taking responsibil- it’s long and painful learning when your thing. etc) is few people implement these in their with a strong sense of purpose. ally good at implementing diligent daily If you are truly passionate about your pline yourself to study your whole life. and a burning “We are what we repeatedly just can’t seem to get very far no mat. a bonus. and the bi. This sense of WHY they are learning. it’s important to have product of their learning (for example: a formula for success. This is why textbooks are generally bor. and do it over and over again until that requires a deeper understanding The best language learners have a deep it becomes an unconscious part of you. internal reason for learning that nobody ful language learners and those who else imposed upon the. but a habit.” the journey to lifelong fluency? believe (“learning English is important Aristotle for getting a good job”). a salary increase. They know that to be good at any. The founda- ers are connected to a powerful. Strong daily habits are a pretty simple are. ity. innate more enjoyable. Part II The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Great Learners Have Their Heart In What’s the difference between success. tion of any good habit is purpose. no amount of good ing. To start with. in their hearts Our experience with both teaching and they are learning because they feel learning languages suggests that there connected to the process. then. there may be a secondary reason heart is not in it. you must do it consistently. habits. tention. but surprisingly your head and your heart in alignment better job. more effective.

they the customers. than others? tend to get discouraged and give up. here are four key ideas for success. guage learning. panic. don’t this is true in language learning as well. and get back on. > 80% of your happiness comes from so we’ve used the 80/20 Rule to integrate 20% of your relationships. It’s okay not to be perfect: People the world population. about 80% of the results to come subject. they would have a good and don’t exhaust us. habit formation helps you minimize thing you know a lot about or do really ful habit formation: them and makes your entire process a well. The recipe for success is to shoot for 100%. Here are a few examples to help you it works as a map in order for you to see After this time. and when they aren’t. the 20% foundation 2. The Pareto Principle: the 80/20 Rule 20% foundation of knowledge. nal and external obstacles that prevent Take a second and think about some- tion. If you fall off 20% of your efforts. After all of your experience and knowl- have the unrealistic expectation that edge. character traits into our methodology. It takes time: After about four to six from 20% of activities. of knowledge will not only help you weeks. but no longer requires much willpower. we’ve discovered that the horse with your new habit. need to take in your learning process. percentage. the most high-impact activities and 4. we actually feel worse if make sense of this: the most important next steps you’ll we don’t do it. and nearly every aspect of generalized understanding of the entire life. > 80% of your learning comes from Through our years of teaching and lan- but be content with 80%. education. a habit becomes automatic and understand the subject as a whole. and if after the initial stage. have you found that certain strate- they need to implement their habits > 80% of the profits come from 20% of gies are exponentially more effective perfectly. Now think about the fundamental lot easier. Willpower is a finite resource and a muscle that gets tired: It’s really tiring You’ll probably find that there is a to form a new habit. it gets easier. Resistance: Understanding the inter. but don’t worry. Con. Relax. > 80% of the wealth is held by 20% of 3. 16 . someone could understand that small tinuous small changes are sustainable The 80/20 rule states that in business. parts of that activity: 1.Great Learners Have Their Heart In The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency that demands a more detailed explana.Part II . Generally.

here are four key examples of the high im- pact 20 percent in English learning: 17 .Great Learners Have Their Heart In The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency The truth is that most people waste a lot of time on activities that are not bring- ing significant results in their learning. Although we’ve talked about most of these throughout this manifesto.Part II .

Over the weeks. months. have a dramatic and immediate ef. fast.Part II . their fluency. and con. but if inability to understand native speak. As time passes. English will quickly become a part By learning to recognize and re- of your daily routine.Great Learners Have Their Heart In The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Four High Impact Learning Activities 1. the mechanics of connected speech. more fun. typical English course. is as significant as anything else. Focusing on Pronunciation & 4. passion. learners can it will get easier. Conve. can of your family and friends. Building Support Networks: Yourself First Connected Speech Connect with Human Beings If one takes the time to cultivate a We’ve discovered that teaching the Connecting with people who sup- better sense of purpose. the whole learning pro. produce these sounds. or an online community. and years the results will accumulate in big ways. it’s absolutely essential to be con- Most people say they don’t have While most learners attribute their nected to others who can motivate enough time to study English. and musical rhythm of the language and port and encourage your learning proactivity. which is basically how native speak. and guide your process. a mentor. ers to the myth that “they speak too nient moments in your day. cess changes. you just take advantage of the conve. a local English conversa- nient. the impact on your This is not something one learns in a English and your life can be huge.” the reality is that we drastically nect it to other parts of your hobbies cut and alter the sounds of words. natural experience massive improvement in and unconscious. 2. a teacher. and Natural Part of Your Life fect upon your fluency. 18 . Whether it’s by getting the support ers shrink and connect words. tion group.Making English a Fun. and interests. Getting Motivated: Work on 3.

and we may also have Most importantly. but your life is busy. immeasurable importance of both inspi- ton on your alarm clock when you should ration and perseverance on the journey get up to exercise. This incredible resource illustrates the meant to be?” Whether it’s by pushing the snooze but. 19 . Between son you might become. fear. “Late at night have you ex- The life we live. of why you don’t do what you should. in the face of internal and external fac. how to realize your potential in work it’s important to recognize when you are and life by cultivating a deep sense of In simple terms. and the un. plate how you could apply them not make you feel better about not doing only to your language learning. cluding justifications and rationalizations to sabotage ourselves again and again. to success in any endeavor. in- However. For example. the realized being you were tors. in whatever it is you Most of us have a good idea of what decide to pursue. Its ceding to our laziness. if you have a deep desire to get fluent in English. the maintain our discipline and performance the two stands Resistance. and ask you to contem. book The War of Art. even when we truly want to succeed. We’re going to borrow a few of these influence can also be sweet and alluring and a variety of other forces that block amazing ideas. justifications. or not preparing a pre. it teaches you how to a good idea of what we need to do. this force is called Resistance. recognize and deal with your greatest It can be either internal or external.Great Learners Have Their Heart In The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency What’s Really Preventing You From Realizing Your Potential? “Most of us have two lives. resistance is almost resisting your true potential. but still hold According to Steven Pressfield in his to other aspects of your life. perienced a vision of the per- We all know what it’s like to struggle to lived life within us. It explores Resistance sentation because you were on Facebook. you back from being your best. purpose and inspiration at each stage of anything that prevents you from be- your process. ing your best self.” work you could accomplish. with more credible excuses that might our path to true excellence. we’re capable of. there’s a universal tendency enemy: Resistance.Part II . but also what you know you should.

teur to looking at it as a pro. meta- as powerful as is our soul’s We tend to believe that fluency is a phors. 20 . of making mistakes and of what others I’m tired. tizing your deep desire to learn English. might be tricking yourself into not priori.Great Learners Have Their Heart In The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency seemingly valid excuses not to practice Turning Pro & Living Your Truth Other common reasons for giving in to English are easy to find. a fear spending enough time with my family. and tips that will help call to realization. You take may think. not to listen to the lies we tell ourselves. how it works. anecdotes. and learn able part of your life. we deny tential in life. rain or communicator in a foreign language. Applying it to Your English and speaker rather than a learner. inspiration and give you all the necessary single day. Turning Pro is This mental shift is that moment when a significant mental shift and a big step To be our very best selves.Part II . Whatever is limiting you. so potent future destination that we will someday you understand how to realize your po- are the forces of Resistance arrive at. because it’s a part of who you are. and you yourself to doing it every day. from looking at something as an ama.” not just the learning opportunities that learning to a deep source of inspiration and flood our lives. It stunts us tough transition for a lot of learners for Your Life and makes us less than we are several reasons. ever it takes to be the best you can be. overcome the many deceiving faces of Re- ity to do something about it. and were born to be… The War of Art is full of examples. and connect your English arrayed against it. we must under. but rather a permanent and unbreak. tools to conquer Resistance and do what- stand what it is. or I have a party. we must you start to recognize that English is in the right direction that will channel wake up and conquer resistance every much more than something you study. shine. sistance that that will inevitably show up. Stuck in this illusion. but also our responsibil. To do this. I haven’t been This mental shift essentially takes you in your ability to communicate. and an inadequate defini- it seriously enough to diligently apply tion of what it means to be a competent The supply of excuses is endless. This is a forms our spirit. You might describe it as the moment you identify yourself as an English “To yield to Resistance de. for example: I Resistance may be a lack of confidence have too much work to do.

>> PART III Effective English Learning .

when have been a huge success from the start. lead to success for practi. 1. cover: their English firsthand when most of ering the correct tools–either by them- their learning was taking place in the selves or with our help–and success in > The RealLife Podcast: Free. and Learning Videos on Youtube. able audio program made by us! some more authentic way that they uct of their own personal investment in could experience actually using their the process. The toolbox is made up of learners were craving an opportunity to the following: > How to Meet People Online and In- practice their English with others in a person. es ourselves. > Rhythm and Flow: Learning English alLife Toolbox. practical. set goals.” This is a set of strategies with Music. Part III The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Effective English Learning RealLife was born out of our years of methodology. and convenient part of > Top Articles from the RealLife Blog. To inspire. Inspire Your Learning: Clarify your purpose. download- classroom. into action on our award-winning blog. fun. relaxing setting. our mission has evolved to: and commit. Cultural Fluency: Become an active have seen enjoying success with this and culturally aware communicator. 22 . Our parties in Belo Horizonte. ment (Learning Community. At the RealLife Fluency Center. empower. used together. We wished that there were their learning is just a natural byprod. We could hardly believe how much cally anyone. the more people we 3. Parties & Events). > The RealLife English Global Move- Since then. we have become to continue. and connect 2. We realized that it was Here are a few important areas that we difficult for our students to experience This is because people are finally discov. fun. Lifestyle English: Make English a the world through English. we give So we decided to create it! our students something we call “the Re. > Learn with TV Shows and Movies. The longer we’ve been working towards this big mission. and the more motivated You can learn more about putting these teaching English and learning languag. > RealLifeTV: Dynamic English Lessons English in a real life environment. Brazil and resources that we’ve found. your life. take responsibility.

ply by acting like the fluent. is giving the wrong message it won’t matter how well you speak a language. if your body language Fake it until you make it. They might even feel You can apply this to your learning sim- uncomfortable talking to you. but that they communicate “Our bodies change our want to become. so. our behavior changes rect. and lots of mistakes that you gradually cor- of communication. This means to act like you are what you people may still not get a positive im. Part of our methodol. and language is a English speaker you want to become. how others perceive you. For many. Talk about the importance of good com- munication and the best way to conquer Social scientists estimate that over 90 insecurity and poor body language: percent of what we communicate is nonverbal. but in your na. and by making ogy is focused on the intangible aspects change our behavior. about yourself.Effective English Learning The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Becoming a good communicator pression of you. all the way down to how you hold skills not only in English. 23 . your posture. you will experience ing. our outcomes. Amy Cuddy. cultural fluency. guage. minds. you’ll feel more confi- poorly in general. an immediate impact on how you feel yourself.Part III . and your self-awareness. your openness. tool for communication––so it is crucial By becoming aware of and working on Change the way you’re communicat- that you improve your communication your body language. desire to be until you become it. and diplomacy. and our minds dent in your speaking. you’ll steadily improve. in a Ted comes from confident body language. the problem isn’t just that By imitating the body language of the they don’t express themselves well in self-assured communicator that you English. including body lan. tive language as well. incredible English is a language.” Amy Cuddy Body Language These ideas are presented by Harvard A significant part of good communication social psychologist. and your overall communication.

Part III . 24 . their religion. This is the ability to commu- nicate open-mindedly with anyone.Effective English Learning The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Don’t Just Communicate Well. their race. or worldview. Become a Diplomat “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” Aristotle Another big idea that we teach our students at the RealLife Fluency Center is the importance of diplomatic commu- nication. no matter where they are from.

Think about it. they listen with the mindedness and a lack of flexibility. > “You could…” When you are having a conversation Remember. but It’s amazing what a difference word it’s not at all impossible.Effective English Learning The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Four Tips For Diplomatic Communication 1. but it drastically changes how thinking about what you are going you communicate and how people to say next? 2. It can be a hard habit to break. Stephen Covey > “I know what you mean. we understand others before trying to have the habit of telling others. try to start using phrases like: use them proportionately. ment. tially by adapting to more and more It’s a simple and intuitive adjust- ing you or do you often find yourself perspectives on the world. others are saying. choice can make! 25 . with the intent to under. These types of words show closed- stand. but have Everyone is longing to find someone you considered…” Most of us spend way too much time who will listen and be interested! It’s talking about ourselves and too little one of our greatest desires as hu. > “Have you thought about…” time listening to the content of what man beings to feel interesting. “you be understood. > “Maybe you should try…” language. The importance of listening A good place to start is by trying to In pretty much every language. Choose your words carefully perceive you. Instead.Part III . if you listen. intent to reply” You have two ears and one mouth. even in your native easier to connect with AND influ. are you able to focus on ence people. it’s much with someone. You will grow exponen- understanding what they are tell. to know where they must.” and using def- “Most people do not listen are coming from and why they think inite adverbs like never and always.” or “you should. the way they do.

This kind of posture naturally invokes confidence and at- Your first reaction should rarely be tracts people. anger. Body language reactions to nervousness. change bad habits. rubbing the back of your neck? Are sons might exist? Have you misun. listen. Ask her why she believes this. what is your body language saying? How do you hold yourself when you are talking to other people. They are just natural 4. the label off of your drink? Are you rubbing them together or on your Why would she think or do some.Effective English Learning The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency 3. Before you even open your mouth. take a moment to consider you are talking? Are they tearing her point of view. or biting your nails? and ask questions. If someone says something that you don’t agree with. Give others the benefit of as possible. The last important part of diplomatic and start becoming conscious of how communication is something we you feel when other people do them. You Fidgeting like this can make people in- might just learn something new. and even make yourself the doubt appear bigger. legs? Are you clutching something or thing like this? What cultural rea. touching derstood something? If so. herently feel uncomfortable speaking to you. It’s okay. before What are your hands doing while reacting. mentioned earlier: body language. are you slouched over? Make yourself as tall 26 . you playing with your hair. Above all. Pay atten- tion to yourself. be open your face.Part III .

>> PART IV Finding Your Tribe .

They are growing as People crave support and friendship in human beings and leaders as they learn Through the simple and meaningful act their learning. More and more RealLifers are coming > Build intercultural understanding. and this unique vision of learning English. but tons are finding and make a difference. and above all REAL. then we highly cultural and linguistic differences. they hold you accountable. munity. we would like to invite you to 28 . natural. Seth Godin. allowing us to: ing. > Break down communication barriers they make the process fun. perspectives and discover that our simi- exactly what they’ve been searching for ested in understanding our vision from larities as human beings transcend our within the RealLife English Global Com. but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea” Antoine de Saint Exupéry At the heart of RealLife is community. a higher perspective. with a common English is revolutionizing the way that A strong. as human beings. don’t drum up people to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work. the most important thing and spread this vision is our belief that about community is that. people really can change the world. It’s a group of people who are there to help you succeed with your learning We are already seeing this within our > Build global learning communities. Many just don’t know how to achieve their highest potential of learning English. supportive community is a vision and proactivity. Part IV The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Finding Your Tribe “If you want to build a ship. from each other. This is why every day we see recommend this Ted Talk from revolu- more and more active participators. connect and learn crucial motivator to your English learn. Without a doubt. a group of inspired we. to this realization. To really show you what we’re talking What drives us to build community about. because they understand exactly what community with a small group of you’re going through. remarkable leaders who have stepped > Expand our perspectives and become up and played a crucial role in assisting global citizens. If you are inter. tionary entrepreneur. other members to open their minds to ing. we can expand our where to look. They make you want to continue learn.

we we draw on maps and fight wars over are transcends not just geographic and will bring together all of these lessons feeble illusions that each and every one political borders. our community.Part IV . pian fantasy. our inherited worldview. ourselves.” We need to start considering looking at Schopenhauer English is the Key to things from a new perspective that hon- ors and supports the living. our family. our hearts and minds beyond the con- sion for the RealLife English Global Move. every nation and human being–– “Every man takes the limits communicates this so much more black or white. perspectives. to our problems. able stage of psychological development Imagine this: and human consciousness that more You may call this perspective a utopian Looking at the planet from outer space. Christian or Muslim. how we plan to change the world. we are only destroying selves. breathing Global Citizenship reality and future of our human family: To be a global citizen is to experience that the political and geographic borders and understand the world in a way that For the remainder of this manifesto. and more of the world’s population is pipe dream. When we hurt each other. that such a global awareness is not only 29 . but one could also argue borders do not exist. but also the borders of and show you exactly what it means to be of us can deconstruct and see beyond. we must find a way to uni- fy these perspectives into a colorful and There is no better way to use our time But to see and experience the world harmonious tapestry of cultural identi- on this planet than to be the change we from a higher perspective is not a uto. To save ourselves from our own cancer- you make a difference? standing that we are one! ous behavior. We will also share our vi. It is to expand a global citizen. From this point of having the privilege of experiencing.Finding Your Tribe The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency watch this short video that view. In fact. astronauts that see the entire planet. or straight––forms a part of Earth. and English and your life to something bigger. we are only ventions of our cultural heritage. hurting ourselves. of his own field of vision for the limits of the world. ties. gay than we ever could. and creative solutions wish to see in the world. but rather a real and verifi. When we destroy be a force of positive change for our- and what you can do to connect your our planet. and to ment. our planet from space are dramatically What are you inspired to do? How can transformed by the embodied under.

and to start to include perspectives that to pervade all facets of life and transform ked truth. survive. but as you With this said. global awareness. and and understanding of all the different believe that when just 10% of the world’s not even good information. our relationships with each other and the the beliefs and stereotypes you’ve inher- world. revolutionary juncture.Part IV . you’ll soon realize that we actu- English language is an extremely potent backgrounds are not as different as you ally have a lot in common. one-dimensional worldview that will cause a series of positive changes other cultures. which is the gateway to true From fluent communication and human human connection and relationship: Not connection flows a direct experience A lot of researchers and philosophers travel. in their shoes.” can change the world.” tures. AND the Unity Margaret Mead munication. are different. English has become a language for peace The impact is huge! 30 . it is the only thing cate with people from all different cul- that ever has. vehicle for developing and spreading might have once thought. the RealLife English Global ceptions on others. English Connects People in Human “A lot of problems in the Relationship world would disappear if we “Never doubt that a small talked to each other instead group of thoughtful citizens The first and most immediate effect of of about each other. cultures. you are exposed to the na. or even strange.Finding Your Tribe The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency what we desperately need to thrive and There are a number of important reasons and diplomacy. not education. which forces you to challenge may not seem so apparent to you. not intelligence. and this alone will transform your 2. This makes it increasingly from other cultures and perspectives hard to project your fears and miscon. a tipping This allows you to break out of a re- point or massive shift will be triggered When you truly connect with people from stricted. English fluency is that you can communi- Indeed. 1. population reaches this level. and you realize that open your perspective and meet new Movement has proven to us that the people from other religions. but also something that we are for this: already evolving towards. In this sense. We are gradually moving toward ited from your culture and put yourself Your first impression may be that people this critical. and people. You Recognize the Multiplicity perspective. cultures you encounter on your path. Nothing can replace com.

your identity as a information. 4. around 98% Nothing can replace a well-developed of the corporate mass media is con. ter information sources. you start to realize that even sources. has made them return with a new vi.Finding Your Tribe The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency It’s about how astronauts’ experiences that have a vested interest in manipu- First of all. listen. you value the uniqueness between cul. power- luminate your perspective on the world. but also of your own. The simplified explanation for this is gest common denominator that exists. that. however. you start to appreciate the seeing the world as a whole from space lating the information and misleading uniqueness of not only other cultures. by erroneous. so our though the multiplicity is amazing and you’ve been misguided your entire life solutions need to be. Good Information Catalyzes New consume and open our minds to the thought. This results A very important weapon on your path global truth. that created them. and humanity is the stron. Here’s a fascinating video that will il.“ “To have another language Albert Einstein is to possess a second soul.Part IV . Although you see sion of humanity as one. and politically connected families This final step. you discover the uniqueness Perspectives multiplicity of perspectives. too. trolled by a small group of rich.” The more you read. to global citizenship that only English mits you to recognize both the positive can offer is access to exponentially bet- “Problems cannot be solved and the negative inherent in all cultures. in any given country. ful. watch and Charlemagne learn about the world and your country It’s important to remember that our through a variety of alternative media problems are much bigger than any one Beyond this. has nothing to 31 . that your nation is just one of many and We must question the information we not the absolute reality you previously 3. and biased tures more than ever. No other lan- guage can even come close to English in on the same level of thinking quantity or quality of information. Be the Change You Wish to See in global citizen is much stronger than your the World nationality. and informed global perspective. which is the of your culture and reflect back upon it only way to give birth to a multi-faceted with much more awareness. the masses. in a more balanced perspective that per. incomplete. the more you will realize that government or our politicians.

and teachers from all around the world to not only learn English in innovative new ways.Finding Your Tribe The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency do with English. “The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. connects. destination.” Steve Jobs This idea of English as a vehicle for glob- al citizenship is the driving force behind RealLife English. It connects our lives and our work to a deep and life-vivify- 32 . It is more of a personal ing sense of purpose and it informs and commitment and an ongoing process guides our vision of what is possible: that demands that we apply what we’ve learned and live with integrity accord. but to be a global citizen is grassroots English speaking movement to apply what you’ve learned to make that inspires. We believe that a small community of ing our worldview. The RealLife English but to use their English to transform their life.Part IV . deeply inspired global citizens can use English to literally change the world. learners. and empowers the world a better place. English speakers. and to be the change they Global Movement wish to see in the world. and it’s more of a journey than a To do this. To be the change is different for every- body. we are creating a worldwide.

>> CONCLUDING Together We Can Change the World .

We can’t guarantee that this is going to > What inspires you? be easy. But what we can promise is that if you work hard. and apply your intelligence to your process. and the importance of community support. alLife English they are one and the same. > How can you use your life to make the We also talked about some of the main world a better place? reasons why people fail. we hope you are inspired to get connect- 34 . effective learning strategies. Concluding The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Together We Can Change the World In this manifesto. and using your some other aspect of your life. > How can you connect your English learn- actly how to maximize your potential as a part that is ready to take action. but with Re- English to improve your life. Now that you have a deeper understand- ing of our vision for English and for life. it will be a very successful and rewarding journey. ed with a more profound part of yourself. or with improve your English. bring your English to life. ing to the things you’re passionate about? an English learner by taking advantage of the things you enjoy in your life to This may be with your English. we’ve explored ex. offering what we believe to be a pretty substantial solution with the RealLife Way. which weaves together a lot of important insights and big ideas on self-develop- ment.

amazing. Listening to this manifesto from time spiring this entire process. and to We would like to leave you with this final idea: > Couchsurfing . if you’re not already part of it.use the Internet to get off of the internet and meet people We want to thank you from the bottom make you a fortune” wherever you’re at. travel- al lives that make the world a better place. It is the fruit of a long and transforma- ing to alleviate poverty. Here are a few worldwide projects that more than anything.A non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lend. mend you check out: to time is a great way to integrate this information. Thank you! self education will > Meetup. you guys are in- have inspired us and that we recom. conve- person social network for travelers and nient. and now in building a community around these powerful ideas. contributions to our community. As a members (you know who you are) gift for becoming part of the movement.An online and in. not just in the sixty plus hours it’s taken to create it. And finally. and natural part of your life. who pour their heart and soul into this 35 . continue making English a fun. tive process. of our hearts for taking the time to read Jim Rohn this manifesto. we would like to invite you to join the We are especially grateful to our core RealLife English Global Movement. .Concluding .Together We Can Change The World The Master Guide to RealLife Fluency Projects That Are Making you’ll get a free audio recording of this project. make you a living. consistent participation and ever and whenever you want. teaching. but. ing. our language learning. to stay inspired. Not only do we appreciate your a Difference manifesto that you can listen to wher. global citizens looking to exchange “Formal education will cultural and life experiences. > Kiva . but also > The Art of Nonconformity -Inspiring through years of investing ourselves in people to live extraordinary.