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Activity Sheet 1-1-1

Education of Rizal

1. Why Dona Teodora was considered the first teacher of JoseRizal?

Dona Teodora was considered as the first teacher of Jose Rizal , because she is Jose Rizal`s
mother and she was the one who taught Jose when he was a little boy .in his childhood he
already learned the Latin alphabet and the catholic prayer. Dona Teodora also the first who
discover the passion of Jose in writing poem.

2. Describe Jose Rizal as a school boy in Binan.

Just like the other student in this century Jose Rizal also bullied but even he is smaller and
younger he fought the bullies in his school he also defeated the boy and became popular.
Jose Rizal is not a quarrelsome but he never run ffrom a fight ,in his fight he won and lost other.
He loved painting and become a apprentice of an old painter.
In his school studies ,Jose beat all Binan boys he surpassed them all in Spanish Latin and other

3. Why the administrator of Ateneo Municipal de Manila refused to admit Jose Rizal for high
school in 1872?Discuss why Jose Rizal called the imaged of the virgin when he was in high

The administrator of Ateneo refused to admit Jose rizal because of two reasons first he is late
for the registration and second he was sickly and under size from his aged.

Rizal s mother almost die giving birth to him ,and his mother promise to vowed to the virgin of
Antipolo. Jose Rizal baptizerd by Rev. Ruffino Collantes and his god father is a reverent and his
name Jose is from the name of a saint, Saint Joseph.

4. Discuss the character of independency that Rizal had with his degree in land surveying and
assessment in 1877 at Ateneo until he went to the faculty of arts and letters for a degree in
philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas.

When Rizal stared his term is UST he remembered that the ateneo offered a vocational course
,he excelled in all subject in surveying course in his young age. He achieve his success true her
own without the help of his family members .
5. Write an essay not less than 500 words presenting the impact of education of Jose Rizal to you
and how it inspires you to contribute in Philippine development.

Jose Rizal is a genius and kind and a talented person .He inspired the people around him
,through to his work of arts .when he was a child he already learn a latin alphabet and a catholic
prayer and when he gets older he become an excellent student in his school .even He suffer
from bullying he strive to be the best of all the best, he excel from all his subject when he was
studying ,although the Dominicans and Spaniards degrade Jose Rizal trough to his knowledge
and talent he became the first Indio who excel among the Spaniards

Rizal related his poems in what is going on in his life, that is why he succeed .In what we going
to do we should loved our work so we could not just enjoyed our work but we could also be
succeed to what were going to do.

When Jose Rizal Attending Ateneo theirs an incident in the book that inspires me the most ,it is
when Jose Rizal Hit in his face by one of the thrown books ,that time his face bleed but he did
not cry or protest .that s the part of the story inspires me to be good in others, even they hurt
you million times, we as a person should forgive .

Jose Rizal succeed in any things he do ,he have courage to try new things he also loved to
explore different things. so just like Jose we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things just like what
he did even though we couldn’t be like him ,but we could be part of him through to his work we
could we could expand our knowledge or we could scattered his word and works by teaching
the children about him.

I as a student, studying the history of Rizal ,teach me to be a strong person just like rizal.Jose
Rizal inspires me to be a great,trustworthy,independent ,honorable and god loving person and
as student as well.

Being a good, trustworthy. Independent and god loving person like Jose Rizal inspires me to help
the people who needed my help as a student I will start contributing my help in our barangay I
will help the poor people the one who can’t eat three times a day ,I will them to help
themselves to progress ,I will inspire them through my words just like what Rizal did to save our

Just like Rizal I want to contribute my knowledge to help other peoples need as an Agriculturist
I want to express my knowledge skills and experience ,to the farmers who want to enhance their
learning in farming ,I also want to help those people who needed some knowledge in defferent
fields like art ,science, and technology

I also want to impart my knowledge to enhance the work value in our barangay,municipality
,and if I will be given a chance to our country.