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There was / there were

A- Comple the dialogue with was/ wasn’t and were/ weren’t.

Dan: There _______ a new show on TV yesterdad.

Kim: Really? What ________ it?

Dan: It ________ a new reality show.

Kim: ________ it the one on an island?

Dan: No, it _________ that one. It _______ called STARS.

Kim: Oh, yes? ________ there any interesting participants on it?

Dan: No, there _______, and the presenter _________ terrible. They __________ funny at all.

Kim: Oh, dear! It’a lucky I __________ at home then! I ________ at the cinema.

B- Past simple and past continuous

Write either the past simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

It (be) _______ 6:15. In the Adelphi Theatre. The actors (arrive) ___________ for the evening
performance. It (rain) ___________ outside. Jack Long, the caretaker (sweep) ____________ the
corridor when he (hear) ____________ a loud voice. He (look) ___________ around. On the stage
a young woman (stand) _____________ in the darkness, (speak) ___________ loudly. When she
(notice) ____________ the caretaker, she (stop) ______________ and (run) ___________ off the
stage. “What (you/do) ______________” he (shout) ______________.

The girl (say) ___________ “Ia m sorry, I (pass) ___________ by the theatre and the door (is)
_________ open. I’ve never been on a stage before and I really (want) _________ to try it. I just
want to be an actres!

C- Complete the blanks with the verbs in brackets in the correct tense (simple past and

1-I used my time well while I _______________ (wait) for my plane. I wrote some e-mails.

2-I _________________ (not/work) when my boss walked in my office.

3-When I __________________ (wait) for the taxi, I saw two car crashes.

4-Tom _____________________ (have) long hair and a beard when he was at university.

___________________________________ 5-Paul: I’m not shy any more.Rewrite each person’s comment using USED TO or DIDN’T USE TO. _____________________________________ . Complete with the verbs in brackets and a correct form of USED TO. wasn’t it? Bell: Oh. we lived at Apple Tree Farm. 9-Jane _______________ (wait) for me when I ___________ (arrive) 10-My mum __________ (cook) while my brother _____________ (do) his homework.5-I listened to the cassette you gave me while I ________________ (drive) to work. 6-What _________________ (you/do) this time last year? 7-I _________________ (not/call) you at 9 o’ clock as arranged because I was having a meeting. E. but not always in this house. _________________________________________ 3-Lisa: I don’t eat junk food any more. Reporter: Where ____________________________? (you/live) Bell: When I was a girl. Reporter: And ______________________ (you/help) with the farm work? Bell: Yes. Mrs. I _______________________________________ 2-Gordon: I’ve got a dog now. Reporter: But life was hard. ____________________________________ 4-Jane: I go to the gym every night now. A radio reporter is interviewing her. 8-I noticed that he _____________ (not/listen) as I was explaining the problema to him. 1-Sally: I don’t walk to work any more. _________________________________ (I/look) after the hens. yes! Things ________________________ (be) different from the way they are now.USED TO. D. Bell: I’ve always lived in the village. Bell is a hundred years old. __________________________________ 6-Edward: I live in a big house now. She is the oldest person in the village. In those days ______________________________ (we/not/have) electricity. _______________________(we/like) it there.

_____________________________________ 6-Think/earth was round.Make sentences with USED TO and DIDN’T USE TO and how people lived hundreds of years ago. ______________________________________ 4-Hunt/laser guns. 2-He _________________ (be) a writer ____________ October 1999.7-I haven’t got long hair any more.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs (PRESENT PERFECT) and either since or for. They used to travel by horse 2-Live long. ____________________________________ F. ____________________________________ 7-Bigger families. 7-I ____________________ (not see) them _____________ last January. 1-Ashley ______________ (live) in a camper van ___________ 3 years. 4-They ___________________ (not/eat) any meat ______________ 2 years. 3-His wife. 1-Travel/horse. _____________________________________ G. ___________________________________________ 8-Children/work. ____________________________________ 5-Believe/ghosts and devils. Stella. _____________________________________ 3-Fight/swords. 6-They _________________ (be) married __________ ten years. 8-He ___________________ (have) a shaved head _______________ May last year. 5-Ashley ________________ (speak) French ____________ he was a child. ________________ (work) on an organic farm _________ Ashley gave up his job. _________________________________ 8-I eat lots of vegetables now. .

The teacher doesn’t mind! CAN 2-His mother __________ im go out at night with his Friends. Permission and obligation. H. 8-The US President __________________ (visit) our country three times in the last two years. Modals. JUST ________________________________________ 5-you (see) that film? YET ___________________________________________________ 6-you (meet) the new teacher? JUST ____________________________________________ 7-the bus (go)? ALREADY _______________________________________________________ 8-We (not study( for the exam. 1-We ___________ wear shorts at school. LET .Complete the blanks with the verbs in Simple Past or Present Perfect 1-How many times __________________ (you/try) to pass your driving test? 2-When ____________________________ (you/go) to Rome? 3-She _____________________________ (never/travel) to China. 6-_______________________ (you/speak) to John yet? 7-My sister _____________________ (be) to New York three times and she’s going again next month. I don’t ever know where he is. YET______________________________________________ J. 9-_______________________ (you/ever/break) your arm? I. 4-You look different. JUST __________________________________________ 3-Holly and Jack (eat) lunch. ALREADY ________________________________________ 4-My mum (get) back from work. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the modal verb given. _____________________ (you/have) a haircut? 5-I ______________________ (not/see) David at all this week. 1-I (not finish) this exercise. She trusts him. Complete the sentences with the present perfect form of the verbs. Putt he words in BOLD in the correct place in the sentences. YET ______________________________________________ 2-My sister (have) an accident.

They are free! HACE TO 15-The man who hit my car ________________ to pay me $1000. 2-The weekend is a time ______________ people can usually relax. HAVE TO 10-Their mum ____________ them help with the house work. 2-They looked at ________________ in great surprise. MAKE K. ALLOW 4-They ____________ listen to the radio at work. 1-Russia is a country _____________ it is very cold in Winter. It’s smoke-free! BE ALLOWED 8-You _____________ be on time for class tomorrow. HAVE TO 13-_________ your teacher __________ you do a lot of homework? MAKE 14-You ________________ pay for the tickets. 3-English is a language ____________ people speak all over the world. MUST 9-She _______________ wear a uniform at school. MUST 12-You ____________ wear a seatbelt in a car.3-My boss _______________ me to go home at lunchtime. 1-I taught _____________ to play the piano. 6-The book is fantastic in _____________ L. 3-Did you do it _______________? 4-He hurt ______________ with a knife. 5-My parents ________________ me use their car since I crashed it! LET 6-________ you _________ your 15 year old daughter to have a boyfriend? ALLOW 7-We _______________ to smoke in the office. 5-Selfish people only think about ______________ . They don’t have one. There is a test.Relative pronouns and relative clauses. He is very strict.Complete the sentences with the REFLEXIVE PRONOUNS. . MAKE 11-You ____________ touch that! It is very dangerous.

4-Tennis is a sport ____________ has many fans in lots of different countries. I’ll get up and read if I can’t sleep. 7-Johnny Deep is the actor ____________ starred in Pirates of the Caribbean. Write sentences and questions with the correct form of WILL. 1-they/win (-) WILL 2-the meeting/be long (¿) WILL 3-he/get the job (-) MAY 4-it/be imposible to park (+) WILL 5-you/like the film (+) MIGHT 6-you/see him at the party (¿) WILL . Use the prompts to write conditional sentences in two ways. Example: I/can’t/sleep/I/get up/and read If I can’t sleep. I’ll get up and read. MAY or MIGHT. M.First conditional. 1-I/be/hungry/cook/some soup 2-She/arrive/this morning/she/probably/phone us/this evening 3-We/catch the first train/we/can be/in London/by 9:00 4-I/study/hard/I/pass/the exam N. 5-New York is a city _____________ they make a lot of films. 6-August is a month _____________ lots of people go on holiday.PREDICTIONS.

do I? 3-If I __________ (be) you. I ________________ (get) really cross. I _____________ (give) you my honest opinión but you aren’t. 1-If you __________ (be) my sister. 6-They ___________________ next month. life ________________ easier. 3-I _________________ in a restaurant. R. Complete the sentences with GOING TO and a verb from the box. so I Won’t. 6-This exercise is very ______________. it is not going to happen so I don’t need to worry. __________ you ________ it? (ask/do) 5-If you _______________ read people’s thoughts. 4-Cars are a bit ________________ tan motorbikes. P. O. They are deeply in love. they ____________________ what to do. I _____________ (not/say) that again.Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs. 5-Gold is a lot _______________ tan silver. (have/be) 2-If my cat _____________ open the fridge. (can/eat) 3-If Ann and Bill _____________ here.Complete the sentences with an adjective or comparative adjective fron the box.Conditionals Type 1 and 2.difficult 1-Swimming with sharks can be really ________________ 2-Learning English is quite ____________ 3-Studying History is much ______________ tan studying Maths. That is my advise anyway. 5-My brother __________________ me tomorrow. We ___________________ in a hotel. 4-Before you speak I must tell you that if you _______________ (say) that again. (be/know) 4-If your boss _______________ you to work on Sundays. SECOND CONDITIONAL. Easy – boring – expensive – safe – dangerous . it ___________ all my food. Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets. what ____________ you _______ ¿ (can/do) Q. 1-If people ________________ 4 arms. 4-She _________________ stay very long.Plans and intentions. 2-I _____________(be) completely amazed if you _____________ (come) last in the race. But. ok? . I did it in a minute. See – not stay – not go – work – stay – visit – get married 1-What film ___________ you __________ tonight? 2-We _________________camping next summer. So don’t do it.

bute ver if you ______________ (be/not) my brother. If I __________________ (be) you. I ____________(be) really happy.5-It’s going to be a tough race but I have confidence in you. 2-Warn your friend not to put too many tins into the plastic bag ori t ‘ll break. The alternative is having to stand.CONDITIONALS: What might you say in these situations? Use conditional sentences. I ______________ (still/be) on your side. If you _____________ (win). 4-You friend might need some help. I ___________________ (stop) training for a week. tell her to give you a ring. 1-You think Emma should book a seat on the train. so you can’t write down the address. 8-You need a rest. 3-You haven’t got a pen. . Why are we eaiting? If the race _____________ (not/start) son it _______________(be) dark. 7-We are brothers. If so. S. 6-The light is going.