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Fatima Mohammed Hassan

Carnival Day

Carnival Day Reflection

On the March 15, 2018, me and my colleges we were assigned to take the lead of the outdoor and indoor
activities for the 6 KG2 classes. The activities were implemented in the playground and the craft activity in the
class, at 8:30 to 9:30. The theme of the day was carnival.

The students were really engaged and enjoyed the activities. But we faced some management problems. And
that because it was our first experience of taking the lead if many classes at the same time. But it was a fun

We warm up the students before we start the activities by sing and dancing with the students, which is the part
children love the most, they were dancing actively and looked really like they enjoying. After that my friend
Fatima introduced us. I did the first activity ‘sack race’, first I introduced and explained the activity, after that I
made them play as practice. When the game started the students were exited, some students had some
difficulties with wearing the sack but the teachers helped them.

And so on the second activity was successful, the students had fun. But I think that not all the students had the
chance to play the games, because the time was out, so next time we will try to prepare activities that all
students can join.
Moreover, the students love the face painting and the clown photo booth prop.
Next time, me and my friends we decide that we will relate the activities to the curriculum.