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LIC AAO Model Paper 2

LIC AAO PAPER I. Myank’s wedding took place in
Chennai, however he was not
1. Seema walks 30m North. Then , she turns right married to Geetu or Vanshika
and walks 30m then she turns right and walks II. Abhi’s wedding took place in
55m. Then, she turns left and walks 20m. Ahmedabad and Rambo’s in Delhi;
however neither of them was
Then, she again turn left and walks 25m. How
many meters away is she from her original married to Jasmeet or Bindia.
III. The wedding in Kolkata took place
in February
(a) 45m IV. Harman’s wedding took place in
(b) 50m April, but not in Ahmedabad
(c) 66m V. Geetu and Inpreet got married in
(d) 55m February and November and in
(e) None of The Above Chennai and Kolkata but not
following the above order
VI. Prince visited Bengaluru and
2. Rajat moves from his office to the canteen Kolkata only after his marriage in
straight at a distance of 12m. Then he turned December
left and walked for 2m. Then he turns left VII. Sumit was married to Jasmine to
again and walks straight for 12m. How far is September
he from his office?
(a) 10m
3. Harman’s husband is
(b) 12m
a) Abhi
(c) 8m b) Deep
(d) 2m c) Rambo
(e) None of The Above d) Prince
e) Myank

Directions( 3 – 7): Read the following 4. Deep’s wedding took place in
passage carefully and answer the question a) Bengaluru
given below it. b) Mumbai
Six friends Abhi, Deep, Myank, Prince, c) Kolkata
Rambo and Sumit married within a year in the d) Delhi
months of February, April, July, September, e) Chennai
November and December and in the cities of
Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, 5. In Mumbai, the wedding of one of the friends
Mumbai and Kolkata but not necessarily took place in the month of
following the above order. The brides names a) April
were Geetu, Jasmeet, Harman, Bindia, Inpreet b) September
and Vanshika, once again not following any c) November
order. The following are some facts about their d) December
weddings. e) July Page 1

LIC AAO Model Paper 2

I. The relatives of the affected people
6. Sumit’s wedding was held in may refuse to take them to the
a) Bengaluru Government Hospitals.
b) Chennai
II. The nearby Hospitals may be able to
c) Kolkata
d) Delhi attend to all the affected people.
e) Mumbai
a) Only Assumption I is implicit
7. Geetu was married to ____ b) Only Assumption II is implicit
a) Mayank c) Either Assumption I or II is implicit
b) Deep d) Neither Assumption I nor II is implicit
c) Prince
e) Both Assumptions I and II are implicit
d) None of these

9. Statement – The Government has recently
Directions (8 – 12): In each question below announced an incentive package for setting up
is given a statement followed by two new business ventures in the rural and
assumptions numbered I and II. An promised uninterrupted power supply to all the
assumption is something supposed or taken units.
for granted. You have to consider the
statement and the following assumptions Assumptions
and decide which of the assumptions is/are
implicit in the statement. I. The Government may be able to supply
Give Answer adequate power to all such units.
II. People living in the rural areas may
(a) If only Assumption I is implicit
welcome the Government decision.
(b) If only Assumption II is implicit
(c) If Either Assumption I or II is implicit
a) Only Assumption I is implicit
(d) If Neither Assumption I nor II is
b) Only Assumption II is implicit
c) Either Assumption I or II is implicit
(e) If Both Assumptions I and II are
d) Neither Assumption I nor II is implicit
e) Both Assumptions I and II are implicit
8. Statement – Many people fell ill after
10. Statement – The municipal authority blocked
consuming meal at a wedding reception and
movement of traffic in and around the temple
were rushed to the nearby Government and
on the main festival day.
private hospitals.
I. Very large number of devotees may
visit the temple on the main festival day Page 2

LIC AAO Model Paper 2

II. People travelling to the areas near the I. The traffic department may be able to
temple may postpone their journey by a divert movement of vehicles through
day unless they have very urgent work alternate roads.
in that area. II. The people travelling in the nearby
areas may demonstrate to protest
Only Assumption I is implicit against authority’s decision.
b) Only Assumption II is implicit
c) Either Assumption I or II is implicit a) Only Assumption I is implicit
d) Neither Assumption I nor II is implicit b) Only Assumption II is implicit
e) Both Assumptions I and II are implicit c) Either Assumption I or II is implicit
d) Neither Assumption I nor II is implicit
11. Statement – The Government has instructed e) Both Assumptions I and II are implicit
all the private schools in the city to maintain
the current fees for at least two more years. Directions 13 - 17) Study the following
information carefully and answer the
Assumptions questions given below

I. The authorities of private schools may 8 persons – Ekam, Ford, Gabbar,
not follow the Government instruction Himmat, Inpreet, Johny, Karma and Loveleen
as they are not dependent on - are sitting around a circle at equidistance but
Government Funds. not necessarily in the same order. Some of
II. The parents of the students of private them are facing towards the centre while some
schools of the city may still be eager to others are facing outside the centre. Loveleen
pay higher fees. is sitting 3rd to the left of Karma. Both Karma
and Loveleen are facing towards the outside.
a) Only Assumption I is implicit Himmat is not an immediate neighbour of
b) Only Assumption II is implicit Karma or Loveleen. Johny faces the just
c) Either Assumption I or II is implicit opposite direction of Himmat. (It implies that
d) Neither Assumption I nor II is implicit if Himmat is facing towards the centre, Johny
would face outside the centre). Johny is sitting
e) Both Assumptions I and II are implicit
2nd to the left of Himmat. Both the immediate
neighbours of Gabbar face just opposite
direction of Gabbar. Ekam is an immediate
12. Statement – The municipal authority has neighbour of Karma. Both the immediate
decided to demolish the old bridge on a bus neighbour of Himmat face just opposite
road for constructing a new flyover. direction of Himmat. Ekam faces towards the
centre and he is an immediate neighbour of
Assumptions both Karma and Inpreet. Inpreet faces towards
the centre. Page 3

What is the position of Gabbar with respect to below Neeta is 34th from the bottom. Karma and Loveleen Inpreet and Gabbar e) All are true Johny e) None of these 18. Who among the following is sitting exactly c) 75 between Ford and Karma? a) Johny d) Data Inadequate b) Inpreet e) None of The Above c) Ekam (Directions 19 – 21): Read the following d) Gabbar caselet and choose the best alternative for e) None of these the questions that follow: 16. However. the current revenues remained c) Five Page 4 . All the Ekam? students from the class appeared for an a) 2nd to the left examination. Who amongst the following are not facing Karma towards the centre? c) Ford and Inpreet are sitting just a) Ekam. who b)3rd to the right passed in the examination to those who failed c) 4th to the left is 4:1 for the class. Gabbar and Johny d) Ekam is sitting 3rd to the left of d) Gabbar. who is 5 ranks 14.BankExamsToday. Which of the following statements is not true business had increased with time.BankExamsToday. In a class among the passed students Neeta is 22nd from the top and Kalyan. Ford and Inpreet opposite to each other b) c) Himmat. Despite b) Four the down turn. Consultant regarding the given sitting arrangement? were under pressure to deliver good and a) Loveleen is sitting exactly between innovate solutions. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 b) Himmat is sitting 3rd to the right of 13. How many persons are sitting between Ajay was thinking deeply about a problem that Himmat and Karma if we move clockwise his organization a business consulting starting from Himmat? company. The organization had Gabbar and Inpreet consultants from different age groups having a good mix of domain and industry expertise. If the ratio of the students. The complexity of managing the 17. faced Globalization had affected his a) Three company like many other companies. It www. Ajay knew it was inevitable d) Two that the company could not do business the e) One same way. www. how many students were d)2nd to the right there in the class? e) 5th to the right a) 90 b) 60 15.

BankExamsToday. 1. Recruit more consultants and let solutions emerge Which of the following would be the best democratically sequence of decisions taken by Ajay (starting from immediate to distant)? a) 3. from the most important to the least e) 1. Ajay was to retire in 5 yr and he wanted to c) 5. 5. 5. 3. It seems that the organization business was a challenge as all the consultants had never mentioned that consultants have to www. consultants wanted to consultants with latest knowledge who would renegotiate their contract with the also earn revenues. Some of the consultants were adept at consultants were willing to follow Ajay’s applying old solutions to new problems. Some of the clients had complained about the Which of the following decision can be performance of old and reputed consultants taken by Ajay to handle this situation? Ajay was mulling over the following five a) Retrench old consultants and recruit solutions to tackle this problem. 2. 1. 2. Page 5 . After Ajay implemented some of the steps biggest challenge for Ajay was to have mentioned above. 1 leave behind a legacy. conformists II. Increase support staff to help c) Negotiate with old consultants and consultants to remain updated communicate that the new rules III. 4. 4 b) were busy and it was very difficult to hire new work across industries and domains. the old consultants were reluctant to change their ways. 1. 3. 3. 5. Do nothing www. I. d) Do nothing and wait for a right IV. Make it compulsory for consultants solution to emerge. Getting additional organization. The 20. Order the following d) 2. young consultants I. Decrease time spent on client b) Pressurize non – conformists by interaction and increase time spent giving preferential treatment to the for generating solutions. was not very sure. 5 21. Some of consultants. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 was a flat organization with three levels. as with the to work on inter – industry and inter resistance would lie down domain problems e) Discuss the issue in an open house V. while many of the younger 19. 2. Ajay advice. 4. 2 important. 3 activities. if this would work for longs. Decrease the number of would apply to the new consultants simultaneous projects handled by only consultants. that Ajay should undertake in next five years.

a large number of educated youth are unemployed. 4. Set a future direction for the I. Infuse fresh thinking by hiring outsiders.BankExamsToday. Benchmark performance with company in industry likely to cause harm to nature. 5. Government should not permit respect to the best consulting development activities which are www. 4. 3 our country. 4. Directions (22– 26): In each of the questions Courses of Action below a statement is given followed by three courses of action numbered I. 1 d) 2. 2. Efforts should be made by the action logically follows worth pursuing. Statement – Occurrences of natural education. you have to assume that will generate employment everything in the statement to be true. Empower senior consultants and III. Government should give course of action is a step or an administrative unemployment allowance to all decision to be taken for improvement. 2. On the basis of the information various schemes in different areas given in the statement. a) Both I and II follow b) Both I and III follow Choose the best option from the following c) Both II and III follow sequences a) 1. 5 e) None of The Above c) 3. III. 3. society and the Government to encourage the youth for vocational 22. A I. V. a) Both I and II follow b) Both II and III follow Courses of Action c) Both I and III follow www. 4 d) All follow b) 2. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 II.BankExamsToday. follow unemployed youth. II. calamities have now increased as compared to the situation five years ago. Government should appoint a at the same time seek opinion of committee of environmentalists and all others for handling future scientists to work out plans to challenges outsiders. Government should always be organization in these ready with the action plan for challenging times disaster management. 5. then opportunities decide which of the suggested courses of Page 6 . IV. 3. Government should introduce policy etc. Statement – Despite increasing BPO jobs in e) 2. up a further action in regard to the problem. 1 23. handle various calamities.II and III. 3.

Statement – Cases of Asthama sufferers have been rising. Difficulty level of the e) None of The Above examination papers should be significantly increased. Statement – A large number of management air pollution caused due to emission institutes are mushrooming all over the from vehicles. The employers should make degree level are not able to master the subjects MBA as an essential even if they have passed out with high scores.BankExamsToday. These www. country and not all the MBA’s coming out are III. c) Only III follows II. qualification only for the positions where it is genuinely Courses of Action essential. permission should be severely Courses of Action punished. Civic authorities need to control the 26. 24. they are going to get. Examination system at all levels d) All follow should be so designed as to e) None of The Above discourage rote learning. Statement – Many students at school and III. Education boards should examine a) Only I follows and revise the examination system b) Only II follows to tap the real talent. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 d) Only II follows III. two statements A and B are provided. Directions (27 – 30) – In each question. a) Only I follows www.BankExamsToday. The Government should follow stringent norms for granting a) Both I and II follow permission to the management b) Both II and III follow b) Only II follows Courses of Action c) Both I and II follows I. Act of tree cutting without worth it. The students while taking d) Only II follows admission should examine the e) None of The Above market value for the degree. Civic authorities should ensure d) Either I or II follows adequate supply of medicine at e) None of The Above normal rates II. 25. c) Both I and II follow II. particularly in the big cities. Page 7 . I.

Statement A – The prices of ‘silver’ have gone up from Rs. powerful country in the world. statement A is its effect effective population. www. Russia and Japan.BankExamsToday. It some common cause is better that Sri Lanka is now led by a player e) None of The Above who will be at the peak of his career during that tournament’ 29. skippers whose individual performance drops after assuming the leadership role. American and European clients. 50000 Statement B – Remarkably. technological capability c) If both statements are effects of and energy security of top 50 countries. as per national security index. 27000 per kg to Rs. identified on the basis of their a) If the statement A is the cause and statement B is its effect Statement B – The assessment is based on b) If the statement B is the cause and defense capability. Statement A – Sri Lanka skipper Kumar statement A is its effect Sangakara justified his decision to step down c) Both statements are effects of from the captaincy of the ODI and T20 teams independent causes by saving. unlike most per kg in almost a year’s time. ‘I will be 37 by the next World Cup d) Both statements are effects of and I can’t be sure of my place in the team. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 may have a cause and effect relationship or Page 8 . China.BankExamsToday. Sangakara Statement B – Indian Jewellers are receiving has actually batted better as captain in all three a lot of demand for the silver ornaments from formats of the game. Statement A – India is ranked fifth most may have independent causes. in the hierarchy of Give answer top 50 nations. independent causes d) If both statements are effects of a) The statement A is the cause and some common cause statement B is its effect b) The statement B is the cause and 27. a) The statement A is the cause and a) The statement A is the cause and statement B is its effect statement B is its effect b) The statement B is the cause and b) The statement B is the cause and statement A is its effect statement A is its effect c) Both statements are effects of c) Both statements are effects of independent causes independent causes d) Both statements are effects of d) Both statements are effects of some common cause some common cause e) None of The Above e) None of The Above www. next to US. economic strength.

each working 8 Page 9 . A cistern has three pipes A. is emptied by a waste b) h/y pipe in 30 min. B and C. 2 and 3 am respectively. how long will tap B take to fill the rest of 31. They are turned on at the same time. If the pipes are b) 9 min opened in order at 1. it takes 40 min to empty the cistern. A cistern.BankExamsToday. Both of them are open for 2½ h and by a private bank for only ten vacant posts. Statement A – There is an alarming increase c) 160 min in the number of young unemployed MBA’s d) 180 min this year in comparison to the last year’s e) 110 min figures. Two taps A and B can fill a cistern in 12 min and 18 min respectively. when full. A contract is to be completed in 56 days and b) 120 min 104 men were set to work. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 30. If the tap A is turned off after 4 Quantitative Aptitude min. A cistern can be filled by two pipes A and B www.BankExamsToday. d) y + h How long the cistern will take to become full e) h – y when both the pipes are working? a) 140 min 36. then B is closed. c) 10 min when will the cistern be empty? d) 7 min a) 3 pm e) 15 min b) 4 pm c) 5 pm d) 6 am 35. e) 7 am What part of the pool is filled in y hours? a) Yh 32. The pipes the cistern? A and B can fill it in 4 and 5 hours respectively a) 8 min and C can empty it in 2 hours. Statement B – Nearly one lakh applications 33. A alone now requires 6 h a) The statement A is the cause and more to fill were received against a recruitment call given in 7 ½ h. A tap can fill a swimming pool in h hours. How long would A take to statement B is its effect fill the cistern working alone? b) The statement B is the cause and a) 8h statement A is its effect b) 10h c) Both statements are effects of c) 9h independent causes d) 8½ h d) Both statements are effects of e) None of The Above some common cause e) None of The Above 34. but if a tap (filling source) is c) y/h opened..

BankExamsToday. 80 15% www. 72 time. X. How much did C Health receive if all the four work together? Interest 28% 19% a) Rs. A sum of Rs. each man now working 9 hours per day? 40. B and C in Education 12 days and D in 24 days. 639 e) 6 in the same time. then in how many days can Y alone do c) 56 the half work?a) d) 160 a) 30 e) None of The Above b) 21 c) 15 37. If 3 men and 2 boys together earn Rs. B in 20 Page 10 . Y and Z can complete a job in 10 days. 376? Directions for questions (41 – 47): Refer to a) 7 Days the following pie charts and solve the questions based on it: b) 5 Days c) 3 Days The following pie charts represent the budget d) 6 Days expenditure of certain countries on various e) 4 Days sectors for the year in 2007: 38. 96 Non . find in what time Q will do Defence 8% it alone? Education a) 30 days 16% Health b) 22 days Interest 14% c) 18 days 22% d) 24 days e) 20 days Sri Lanka 14% 15% 39. How many additional men may be d) Rs. 2/5 of the work is c) Rs. If P is twice as good 20% a workman as R. 64 employed so that work may be completed in e) Rs. In how many days will 8 men and 6 boys together earn Rs. 300 was paid for a work that A 9% Defence can do in 32 Y does half what X and Z together do in 1 b) 84 day. After 30 days. Q and R 20% USA together do it in 15 days. 306 in d) 18 9 days while 7 men and 3 boys earn Rs.BankExamsToday. If a) 28 www. P and Q can weave a mat in 12 days. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 hours a day.Planned b) Rs. 108 finished.

How many of the above countries are under military rule? Non . A country is said to be progressive if its education. How many of the four countries are account for the maximum expenditure? progressive? a) None Planned a) 0 b) Interest b) 1 c) Defence c) 2 d) Can’t be Determined d) 3 e) None of The Above Interest health or education. Which of the following sectors will have same Health ranking in the countries budget expenditures? 10% Interest a) Non – Planned 7% Non . and the population of India is twice the expenditure.BankExamsToday. The total budgetary expenditure of USA is combined expenditure on education. If the total budgetary expenditures of all the expenditure are in the top four expenditure four countries are combined. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 d) 3 INDIA e) None of The Above 14% 23% Defence 12% Education 43.Planned b) Education 18% c) Health d) Can’t be Determined e) None of The Above 41. Then the per capita are developing nations? budgetary expenditure of USA is how many - a) 0 --------times per capita expenditure of India. If a country is under military rule. b) 1 a) 8 c) 2 www. How many of the four countries population of USA. health four times the total budgetary expenditure of and infrastructure is at least 50% of the total India. it will spend maximum on defence and minimum on either Health www. which sector will sectors. health and infrastructure 45.Planned 21% 14% a) 0 16% Infrastructure b) 1 c) 2 d) Can’t be Determined Uganda e) None of The Above 12% Defence 26% 27% Education Page 11 .BankExamsToday. A country is said to be developing if its 46.

35 the word ‘SOFTWARE’ be arranged in such a lakhs and withdraws Rs.30 lakhs.BankExamsToday. A initially invests Rs.24.4000 as profit. then the total profit was : a) Rs. B initially invests Rs. B and C enter into a partnership.08.000 54. A committee of five persons is to be chosen the budgetary expenditure in Sri Lanka from a group of 9 people.10 52. b) Page 12 .27. In what ratio should a) 120 the profits be divided at the end of 3 years? b) 360 a) 10 : 10 : 9 c) 1440 b) 20 : 20 : 19 d) 13440 c) 20 : 19 : 18 e) 720 d) Data inadequate 53.95. is: d) Rs. A’s a) 30 investment was thrice the investment of B and b) 48 the period of his investment was two times the c) 144 period of investment of B. In how many different ways can the letters of lakhs after one year. At the end of the year. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 b) 4 respectively.25 lakhs and adds another Rs. If B received d) 576 Rs. A. Rs.1.000 www.36.000 are kings. A. A and B started a business jointly. Under how many sectors in the budgetary expenditure in Uganda more than 51.000.20. the profits c) 1/8 were distributed among them. Two cards are drawn from a pack of 52 cards.000 e) None of The Above b) Rs. The total budgetary expenditure of Sri Lanka d) Rs.80. B and C started a shop by investing d) 55/221 Rs.000 The probability that either both are red or both c) Rs.81. In how many different ways can the letters of e) None of these the word ‘AUCTION’ be arranged in such a way that the vowels always come together? 49. If C’s share of d) ¼ profit be 47.000. then their total profit is : e) None of these a) Rs.000 and Rs.000 a) 7/13 e) None of these b) 3/26 c) 63/221 is twice the total budgetary expenditure of e) None of these Uganda.000 www.10 lakhs after 2 years way that the vowels always come together? and C invests Rs.72.BankExamsToday.600 c) Rs. The probability that a certain married couple will either serve a) 0 together or not at all is : b) 1 a) 4/9 c) 2 b) 5/9 d) 3 c) 13/18 e) None of The Above d) Data inadequate e) None of these 48.16.

stopping for 3 minutes after President Rule: every 75 km. The probability that a card drawn from a pack tree. An express train travelled at an average speed 62. What was the total a) 25 years distance travelled in 12hours? b) 35 years a) 456kms c) 45 years b) 482kms d) 55 years c) 552kms e) None of these d) 556kms e) None of these 57. Sound is said to travel in air at about 1100 feet per second. Father is aged three times more than his son Ronit. 21 min. How long did it take to reach its destination 600 km from the starting point? a) Mizoram a) 6 hrs. The speed of a car increases by 2kms after elder one was twice as old as the younger one. Sindhu e) None of The Above 58. General Awareness how many times would he be of Ronit’s age? a) 2 times 61. every one Page 13 . How far is the man from the wood a) 2/13 chopper? b) 4/13 a) 2197 ft c) 1/13 www. The difference between the ages of two persons is 10 years. 30 min. c) Arunachal Pradesh c) 6 hrs. Who has won the 2016 Malaysia Masters Grand Prix Gold Badminton Title? b) 2 times a) Prajakta Sawant c) 2 times b) Saina Nehwal d) 3 times c) K Maneesha e) None of these d) P. 27 min. Recently. 24 min. b) Nagaland b) 6 hrs.BankExamsToday. he would be two and a half times of Ronit’s age. d) Assam d) 6 hrs. After further 8 years. 11/5 seconds after he sees it strike the of 52 cards will be a diamond or a king is: tree. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 e) None of these 59. If the distance travelling in the The present age of the elder person is: first one hour was b) 2420 ft d) 1/52 c) 2500 ft e) None of these d) 2629 ft e) None of these 56. the 60.BankExamsToday. e) None of The Above e) None of these www. A man hears the axe striking the 55.V. in which state Union Cabinet clears of 100 km/hr. Fifteen years ago. After 8 years.

000 crore c) 45. Recently. ______will be the fastest growing big economy in the world in 2016 as per recently www. Government mobilizes _______kg of Gold b) Abu Dhabi. Recently. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 63.000 crore d) 79. Recently.India e) None of The Above Cooperation Forum was held at: a) Ankara. Capital city of Under Monetization scheme: Dubai a) 700 c) e) None of The Above b) 30.000 crore 64. Capital city of Turkey 69. He was eminent: government's flagship financial inclusion a) Tabla Player program Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana b) Banjo (PMJDY) have crossed the Rs. State owned Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) has received 70.000 crore d) Veena www. Capital of Hong Kong is: environmental clearance for a project in the a) Dublin _______basin in Andhra Pradesh: b) Budapest a) Krishna – Ganga c) Hong Kong b) Godavari – Ganga d) Kingston c) Krishna – Kaveri e) None of The Above d) Krishna – Godavari e) None of The Above 71. India's digital payment startup e) None of The Above company TranServ has launched country's first Social Mobile Walled named _________: a) Xpect 68. Deposits in accounts opened under the in Kolkata. _______ mark: c) Flautist a) 20. Pandit Shankar Ghosh passed away 67. The first Ministerial Meeting of Arab . Recently.BankExamsToday. Capital city of Qatar b) 1200 d) Manama. Nirmala Gajwani passed Page 14 .BankExamsToday. Capital city of c) 1000 Bahrain d) 900 e) None of The Above e) None of The Above 66. b) Wiser Earth She was former Deputy Speaker of : c) Zooma a) Gujarat Assembly d) Udio b) Haryana Assembly e) None of The Above c) Punjab Assembly d) Uttar Pradesh Assembly 65.

Chellan e) None of The Above 79. according to a Page 15 . Google has entered into partnership with e) None of The Above _____to provide high speed public WiFi service: 74. 'Nai Manzil' scheme has been e) None of The Above launched first time? a) Jammu & Kashmir 73.Governance b) Mauritius begins in: c) America a) Aurangabad d) Qatar b) Nagpur e) None of The c) Lucknow d) Kanpur 77. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 released United Nations World Economics c) Ajay Jindal Situation and Prospects 2016 report: d) Ajinkya Jindal a) Japan e) None of The Above b) Pakistan c) India 76. Which country offered transfer of bio - d) Nepalwww. Who has took charge as the Executive a) Indian Post Director of Greenpeace India: b) Indian Railways a) Shashi Chellam c) Indian Airways b) Ravi Chellam d) Indian Transport c) Raghvir Chellam e) None of The Above d) Rao K. Who has been appointed as Prime Minister b) Himachal Pradesh by Moldovan Parliament: c) Uttar Pradesh a) Filip Swither d) Maharashtra b) Pavel Filip e) None of The Above c) Filip Kotler d) Adolf Pavel 78.BankExamsToday. 19th National Conference on e .BankExamsToday. Which country is the best country in the world for women to live in. Who has been appointed as the chairman of survey conducted by American Media Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT)? Company US News and World Report: a) Atulesh Jindal a) Japan b) Atul Jindal b) Denmark farming technology to the India enhanced e) None of The Above cooperation in the healthcare sector: a) Japan 72. In which state.

Which team won the Mushtaq Ali T20 80. Prime Minister Modi released a b) Jodhpur. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 c) Hungary d) Gandhi Nagar. Gujarat d) Burma e) None of The Above e) None of The Above was founder Chairman of MTAR. MTAR a) Gujarat supplies: b) Punjab a) Indigenously developed radio c) Uttar Pradesh systems d) Kerala b) Indigenously developed systems e) None of The Above for weapons manufacturing for Indian Army 84. d) Brijesh K Thakkar Umaid Bhawan Palace in ____is the world's e) None of The Above best hotel of 2016: a) Kangra. aimed at enhancing resilience to floods and increase agriculture 85. as b) World Bank announced on the Official Oscar Awards c) BIS website? d) International Investment Bank a) Neha Thakkar e) None of The Above b) Rahul Thakkar c) Aneem Thakkar 82. India signed a $ 250 million loan agreement Chopra with the _____for Bihar Kosi Basin e) None of The Above Development project. Ravindra Reddy passed away.BankExamsToday. Who will b presented with the Technical productivity: Achievement Award for his contribution to a) IMF cinema through "groundbreaking design". _____replace Aamir Khan as 'Incredible c) Indigenously developed systems India' brand ambassadors: for India's space nuclear a) Ajay Devgan and Kangna programs Ranaut d) Indigenously developed IT b) Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka technology programs Chopra e) None of The Above c) Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor d) Saif Ali Khan and Parineeti 81.BankExamsToday. According to travel website TripAdvisor. Recently. Rajasthan book titled 'The Z Factor: My Journey as the c) Mumbai. Recently. Maharashtra Page 16 . Himachal Pradesh 86. He Trophy recently? www.

Research a) Decimal b) Kuwait Institute of Scientific b) Hexadecimal Research c) Octal d) Binary c) Iraq Institute of Scientific e) None of The Above Research d) Afghanistan Institute of 92. Opera. Safari Scientific Research etc are example of: e) None of The Above a) web browser b) web portal 88. Capital of Portugal is: Exchange a) Rabat d) Central Online Real Time b) Bern Exchange e) None of The Above c) Essel/Zee Group a) Shilling d) Fashion Group b) Euro e) None of The Above c) Pound d) Dollar 87. Mrinalini Sarabhai. Currency of Portugal is: www. In Core Banking System. Recently. The Indian Space Research Organization e) None of The Above (ISRO) and ______ signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in Computer Knowledge the exploration and use of outer space for peaceful purposes: Page 17 . Netscape Navigator. what does CORE b) Dancer stands for: c) Scientist a) Centralized Online Record d) Actress Exchange e) None of The Above b) Centralized Office Real Time Exchange c) Centralized Online Real Time 89. wife of the late c) application software d) system software Dr Vikram Sarabhai passed away. Computers use the ______number system to a) Iran Institute of Scientific store data and perform calculations. She was e) None of The Above eminent: a) Doctor 93.BankExamsToday.BankExamsToday. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 Wrong Man at the Right Time in New c) Doha Delhi". Mozilla. The book is the autobiography of the d) Lisbon promoter of: e) None of The Above a) Sony Group b) Star Group 90.

mail message c) A malicious parasite that feeds c) Chatting can involve multiple persons off of your messages and d) Chatting is an electronic destroys the contents dialogue d) A list of CC or BCC recipients e) None of The Above e) None of The Above 100. Which among the following definitions is b) Computer incorrect? c) Wireless a) CAD . DSL is an example of a(n) ______ e) None of The Above connection. What is Office Open XML: e) None of The Above a) A file format b) A software 98.Mail Attachment? 99. All of the following are search engines c) An electronic device EXCEPT: d) An international standard a) Alta Vista e) None of The Above b) Dogpile c) Google 103.magnetic a) vacuum tubes interference b) valves e) None of The Above c) Both of The Above d) Wireless Technology 102. What is an E . Chief component of first generation computer Software Engineering was: d) EMI . is a collection an E . LIC AAO Model Paper 2 94. a) Network 101.Computer Aided e) None of The Above Manufacturing c) CASE Page 18 . Which of the following is not a browser? of computer programs and related data that a) Netscape Navigator provide the instructions for telling a computer b) Web Master what to do and how to do the given job. Which among the following is not true? a) A receipt sent by the recipient a) Chatting is like email b) A separate document from b) Chatting can only be done with a another program sent along with single person www.Electro .Computer Aided Design d) Broadband b) CAM .Computer Aided 97. Computer _____ or just _____. c) Internet Explorer a) Hardware d) Opera b) Software e) None of The Above c) Fidelity d) Chips 96.BankExamsToday. A program written in machine language is d) Verisigh called? e) None of The Above www.

Which among the following definitions are 108. Role of IP addressing is: a) A name indicates what we seek 105. a) ARPANET especially intelligent computer b) IBM programs c) Microsoft b) Artificial Intelligence is the d) None of The Above intelligence exhibited by machines or software 104.BankExamsToday. Which among the following is correct about the ‘Artificial Intelligence? 106. . LIC AAO Model Paper 2 a) Assembler e) None of The Above b) Object c) Computer 109. By pressing 'Alt + Shift + T' you can insert: Service Providers a) the current date c) International Organizations b) the current time d) All of The Above c) the current screenshot e) None of The Above d) All of The Above e) None of The Above 110. Internet’s initial development was supported a) It is science and engineering of by: making intelligent machines. What are the uses of the Internet? correct: a) Communication a) Epistemology – It is study of the b) Information Retrieval kinds of knowledge that are c) Presentation of Information d) All of The Above www.BankExamsToday. _____ virus is an example of Script Virus b) An address indicates where it is a) Go and Escape b) Catch Me c) A route indicates how to get there c) I Love You d) All of The Above d) I Hate You e) None of The Above e) None of The Above 111. World Wide Web was proposed by: c) Artificial Intelligence is the a) Bill Gates branch of computer science b) Bill Rogers concerned with making c) Tim Berners Lee d) All of The Above d) None of The Above e) None of The Above e) All of The Above domain is used for: d) Machine a) Educational Institution e) None of The Above b) Internet infrastructure and Page 19 .

First time after establishment. b) Element c) Both of The Above c) Pixel d) None of The Above d) None of The Above 113. In AI. BIOS Stands for: the world. OSI stands for: a) Open Systems Interconnection 119.BankExamsToday. Which one is the Low Level Language? b) Operational System a) Assembly Interconnection b) Visual Basic c) Occur System Interconnection c) Java d) None of The Above d) C++ e) None of The Above Page 20 . In OSI Model. What is the environment variable that contains a list of directions where Java looks for classes with various kinds of objects and we study what these kinds are 117. Emphasis on ontology a) Cell begins in the 1990.BankExamsToday. How was the generations of computer the network? classified? a) Application Layer a) By the speed of the computer b) Presentation Layer b) By the model of the computer c) Session Layer c) By the device used in memory & d) All of The Above processor e) None of The Above d) By the accuracy of the computer e) None of The Above 114. a) Basic Input Output Software b) Ontology – It is the study of the b) Basic Input Output System kinds of things that exist. MS – Word was referenced in a program: known as: a) CLASSPATH a) Multi Work Word b) PATHDIR b) Multi Tool Word c) SEARCHPATH c) Multi Task Word d) PATHCLASS d) None of The Above e) None of The Above English Language www. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 required for solving problems in 116. What do you call a single point on a computer and what their basic properties screen? are. Which among the following is used to access 118. c) Basic Input Output Standards the programs and sentences deal d) None of The Above www.

Israel’s policy of targeted killings. below the sentence e) None of The Above five words/group of words are The Carnegie Council is pleased to announce b) Outlining c) Judging the release of the spring 2003 issue of its d) Investigating _________(121) journal (E and IA) Ethics & e) None of The Above International Affairs. An expatriate’s relationship with the host country is a shifting one. my tie with Japan is due to grow much stronger in mid May when my 122. _________(122) use of force. wife gives birth and I become the father of an a) Averting infant Japanese – Briton. many of these d) Debate pieces take on added significance. appropriate word/group of words in each a) Surveying Japan. a) Agitation and global economic justice. a) Hindering international law and international relations b) Depressing theory can help us to evaluate arguments for c) Nourishing and against preemptive use of force. b) Managerial hypercritic. partly c) Wrangle on grounds of preemption. Find the 123. one of which can replace the blank. and during my eight 121.K. American Page 21 . I have run the whole a) Front Runner gamut: Greenhorn – in – Wonderland.BankExamsToday. “Excuse –me 0 but – you’re c) Mothership standing –in.” culture – intoxicate. b) Harmony “With the launching of war against Iraq. “The contributions to our Roundtable enhance 125. e) None of The Above but paradoxically. and deepen the discussion of this issue by ________(123) how just war thinking. Rosenthal. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 Directions(121 – 125): In the sentence below d) Preemptive a word is given as blank. www. Many long c) Protective – term western expatriates in Japan inhabit an www. This issue of E & IA examines pressing concerns such as the 124.” d) Promoting Along with a _________(124) examining e) None of The Above Israel’s policy of targeted killings. b) Defensive This prospect changes everything. this issue also includes a set of articles on measures for reforming international monetary Directions (126 – 132): Study the following arrangements. aid conditionality and the information carefully and answer the Bretton Woods institutions as means as for questions below: _________(125) global economic justice. years in Western Japan.” said e) None of The Above Carnegie Council President Joel H. d) Flagship I am returning to the U. at the end of March.

An economy gnawed by deflation chopstick skills. so we are absolved from caring society’s relationship with the rest of the overly about where we live. However. she may well need to sacrifice folktale. ye remain untroubled by civic duties. a “dream drain” : a My sharpest worry is that national pervasive acceptance that a creative and homogeneity continues to be Japan’s modern fulfilled life in a human – friendly religion. means little on lifestyle.BankExamsToday. we may lack linguistic fluency. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 Edenic state of bourgeois affluence with no purity.” denies Korean commentators who failed to see rapid growth conscripts killed in the A – bomb blast a coming. my home for eight years and historian’s eye. Gerontocracy keeps younger talent away problems.” Russian exotic dancers sprint to brand name universities which offer or South American Laborers. cookie – cutter conformity in a marathon Filipino “Japayukis. Education should authority’s hierarchy of gaijinhood. so on his or her This pessimism may be too murky. expressway We can’t vote. www. propagate multiculturalism but instead fosters Causasians have a far easier time than. here: if you are not “a Japanese” your gaijin the Rome of Audrey Hepburn’s Holiday and status is hammered home at every encounter the Canada or Hawaii of Japan Travel Bureau with well – meant compliment on your brochures. Japan’s problems. one with the sewn – in – curse that its all hope of a rewarding career should she elect wearers can’t remove themselves. there is no provision for dual to take over. This is not an “Expat – as – produces a climate where xenophobia heats Victim” article: I know that in the immigration up. At the expire. even Japan into the industrial age in the blink or a Hiroshima. modernize the economy. street level beyond flag – bunting. but not dead enough to roll over. If my wife and I foreignness is like a magical garment from a have a daughter. signs in English and more Starbucks our opinions are presumed to derive from our franchises.BankExamsToday. we rarely blip on the The sea – change necessary to update Japanese www. Japan twentieth birthday our child must go through changes more by revolution than evolution. and allow their 21st century successors political level. world and its people is not on the horizon. “Internationalization. the City – bound arts drain and more depressing country’s failings suddenly matter more. withholds an admission of doubt. for a father – to – be. say. The political consent will allow my child to feel at home in forces that steered Japan to global dominance his or her Asian mother country. There are no degrees of citizenship environment lies only in the Paris of Amelia. not except in a Japan watching way. My point is that a woefully shoddy product. as did the post – war economic according to its tourist literate “the “miracle” – a word employed by Western international city of peace. nationality in adulthood. On a civic level. the ritual of renouncing British citizenship in The Meiji Restoration of 1868 catapulted the eyes of British Law.” as oft – quoted strings attached. Only social to stay in Japan as it is now. as someone who intends from powers of decision making. not cools down. a Europe/New York Japan’s elementary – school Page 22 . We enjoy a comfortable a mantra here as anywhere. It may be that the demographic and monument in Peace Memorial Park because its financial meltdowns Japan faces protect the foreign presence would sully the sanctum’s environment. national stereotypes. resulting in to return in five years to put a child through a US – bound brain drain. in the 1980s are now to kick start the country Japan withholds this consent like a zealot back to national radar. are not our yet.

BankExamsToday. “No. an affection that I e) None of The Above want him or her to share as a native and not a www. usher in a nationality upon adulthood broader definition of what it is to be Japanese. “I said. d) In Japan politics is the domain of the I hope. young talent in any field of study.BankExamsToday. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 strangle the Yakuza. Which of the following can be inferred from British the passage? b) That his child should get the best of a) Japan does not provide a conducive both the worlds – America and atmosphere for the nurturing of curio. e) Both (c) and (d) he implies: a) That the child is both Japanese and 130. so your child will be a Half. (b) and (c) 127. “I was 129. Which of the following is the author least b) Protest against the unfair treatment likely to agree with? meted out to foreigners in Japan a) Japan suffers from an acute c) Emphasize the need for Xenophobia multiculturalism and b) Most Western expatriates in Japan internationalization in their true hold blue-collar jobs meanings in Japan www. c) That his child should be equally b) Japan would maintain its status quo accepted by both the English and the unless a natural calamity hits it Japanese Society c) The author’s attitude would not have d) That his child should be looked upon changed were he not to become a as an individual in his own right.” c) A government ruled by old men d) A mistrust of young talent 126. When the author says his ‘child will be both’ . muzzle corruption and c) Japan does not acknowledge dual crucially for my family’s Page 23 . The style of the passage can be best described to as: a) Show the internationalization of a) Analytical Japan b) Expository b) Prove that famous brands like c) Factual Starbucks have outlets in Japan d) Argumentative c) Show that getting around in Japan is e) Humorous not a problem or a foreigner d) None of the Above 132. The author gives examples of ‘expressways signs in English’ and ‘Starbucks franchisees’ 131. What does the word ‘Gerontocracy’ means? told by my colleagues when they learned of a) A distrust of foreigners my wife’s pregnancy. “my child b) A distrust of political leaders will be a both. The main purpose of the passage is to: e) Only (b) and (c) a) Voice out the alienation that a foreigner feels in Japan 128. so I have a strong affection for our old child’s Asian homeland. “Ah. father e) Both (a) and (b) d) None of The Above e) All of (a).

According to the investigators. the hammer used in the crime was the one who is used by Directions(138 – 142) – In the question security guards to sound the hourly bell on a given Page 24 . Islamic State to India (b)/ as it sought to expand its global 135. b) Been leaving some loosening ends a) Have sought accessing c) Leave some lose ends b) Is seeking access d) Left some loose ends c) Are seeking accessed e) No correction required d) Has sought accesses e) No correction required 134. The Centre has woken up to the threat (a)/ e) No correction required posed by the terror outfit. (c) and (d) given below each woman had committed suicide on account of www. (b). d) Is ones that 138. Preliminary investigation revealed that the (a).com sentence should replace the word/phrase her failed attempt to enter the country.BankExamsToday. into parts. 139. Choose the part which has error as b) Was the one that your answer. The fraud comes at a time when the footprint and enroll fighters (c)/ from all over unregulated microfinance industry is facing a the world (d)/ No Error (e) crisis on its way of high interest rates and low repayment of loans. a sentence has been divided metal plate while on duty. concerning the search and the inclusion of a) Left some loosened endings international experts in the inquiry. out of which one part has an a) Are those ones which error. Three buildings in the vicinity of the Vishnu a) Because manner of Garden (a)/ five storey house that collapsed b) Since ways are (b)/ has been declared ‘dangerous’ by the local c) By way of www. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 d) All of The Above d) In the way of e) Only (a) and (c) e) No correction required Directions (133 – 137) Which of the phrases 136. d) Reason being e) No correction required 133. make (e) as the answer. In case there is no error then c) Which one choose option (e) that is ‘no error’. The abduction and return of the local leader within twenty four hours on Wednesday has 137. printed in bold in the sentence to make it a) In place of grammatically correct? If the sentence is b) Being depressed of correct as it is given and no correction is c) In belief of required. Frustrated families of the missing people have left some lose and that have been intriguing sought access to all documents and data investigators probing the case.

d) None of The Above a) nothing b) something 144. She cried but ____ heard her. ____ wants to be rich. c) Everything a) He d) None of The Above b) One c) You 151. well (d)/ No Error (e) a) nobody b) anybody c) somebody d) None of The Above 140. ____ like to live a miserable life. search (c) for a toilet in Delhi’s Connaught a) something Place (d)/ No Error (e) b) anything c) nothing it may call a special session of parliament (b)/ to pass the Construction Amendment Bill (c)/ 146.BankExamsToday. _____ like the size of a cat jumped over his driven by (b)/ their own frustrating futile head. Is there _____ home? d) None of The Above a) Somebody b) anybody c) everybody www. 147. choose the correct options to fill b) Anybody the blanks: c) Everybody 143. He will eat ______ you give c) Vivace Page 25 . LIC AAO Model Paper 2 civic body (c)/ and are destined to go down as 145. Moving away from its earlier intention of d) None of The Above submitting (a)/ a comprehensive climate 148. _____ can solve this difficult sum. A _____ girl is full of vim and vigour. _____ must do one's duty honestly. for the Goods & Services Tax Regime (d)/ No a) All Error (e) b) Everyone c) No one d) None of The Above 141. d) None of The Above a) Vivacious b) Vivacity 150. He is not choosy. The Swachh Bharat toilet locator is the brainchild (a)/ of an IAS couple from Punjab. The Central Government has indicated that (a) www. action plan (b)/ India is preparing to make a a) No body minimalist offer (c)/ for slow down the growth b) Everybody of its greenhouse gas emissions (d)/ No Error c) Anybody (e) d) None of The Above 149. Directions (143 – 150): In the following a) Nobody questions.

a) A D. If there is no error. his expenses for six months. e) E E. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 d) None of The Above a) B b) C 152. if any. yet he had returned the c) C balance of the amount I had sent. and (b) / are not a unique e) E risk factor (c) / for obesity or heart disease. Which of the following should be the Second sentence after rearrangement? www. (C). Which of the following should be the Sixth interview with a boy who had ranked (Last) sentence after rearrangement? eighth in the SSC exams. Which of the following should be the Fourth A. mark ‘No sentence after rearrangement? error’ as your answer. 156. (Ignore the errors of a) A punctuation if any). Which of the following should be the Third sentence after rearrangement? a) A Directions (Q. While reading the newspape. I saw an 157. (E) c) C and (F) in the proper sequence to form a d) D meaningful paragraph and then answer the e) E questions given below. c) D a) nobody d) E b) anybody e) F c) all www.1800 to cover grammatical mistake/error in it. will be in one part of the sentence. Mark the part with the error as your 153. He was unable to study further because his father earned only forty rupees a Directions (Q. I. b) B c) C 158. accordingly.BankExamsToday. (D). I think there is _____ at home. I. The d) None of The Above155. 153 . He sent me a letter of thanks but I was c) D surprised also to find some currency d) E e) F notes in the envelope. (d) No error (e) Page 26 . sent Rs. 158-160) Read this sentence day. Sugar sweetened drinks does not (a) / pose any d) D particular health risk. to find out whether there is any F. He knew I did not expect any account b) B of the money. Which of the following should be the First answer. as his d) D expenditure was less.BankExamsToday. contacted him. (B).157): Rearrange the b) B following six sentences (A). C. found out sentence after rearrangement? his fees and that he wanted to study at a) B a Teacher’s Training College. therefore. b) C B.

com industry. (d) No error (e) 160.BankExamsToday. Option C 5.BankExamsToday. Option B Assumption I is invalid ad has no connection with the given statement. Option B 8. Celebrating its ten long years (a) / in the www. a private entertainment channel (b) / announce a series of (c) / programmes at a press conference. Option B of unsafe procedures. Airline managements should note (a) / that the Solution ultimate passenger unfriendliness (b) / is to have their planes crash (c) / due to the adopted 1. Assumption II is www. Option C 4. Option D 6. (d) No error (e) 2. Option A Page 27 . LIC AAO Model Paper 2 159. Option D Solution (3 – 7) Husband Wife Place Abhi Vanshika Ahmedaba Deep Geetu Kolkata Myank Inpreet Chennai Prince Bindia Mumbai Rambo Harman Delhi Sumit Jasmeet Bengaluru 3.

15.BankExamsToday. 5 20. (Note . then it is not www. 3. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 implicit as if people go to nearby hospitals. Option B The sequence of decision taken by Ajay is 4. Option E If someone make a Page 28 . 1. 18. if at all the 16. 11. Assumption II must be implicit. 2. 4. www. he assumes that he would be able to fulfill it. Option C From among those who passed Neeta is 22nd 12. Option B The least option is 2. 9. it is to the contrary that the parents may not be able to pay higher fees. Option C If an instruction is given. since the business ventures are planned to be setup in rural areas.Arrows shows the face directions of they assume that those hospitals will be able to 8 persons) attend to all affected Assumption I is valid. 21. Option B Government assumes something about the 17. Hence. Again. Option D If the Government is not ready with the action plan for disaster management. Option E To tackle the situation and to reach a solution. Option A Assumption II is also invalid.BankExamsToday. Hence. 5 22. 3. Option A from the top and Kalyan is 22 + 5 = 27th from Assumption I is implicit as diversion would be the top and 34th from the bottom. total number of students who passed the Assumption II is not implicit as negative examination = 27 + 34 – 1 = 60 reactions are not assumed. Therefore. Option E Assumption I is implicit as the municipal corporation takes this action in expectation of large number of devotees. 10. I is invalid. it is assumed that it 14. total number of students in the class Solution (13 – 17) = 60/4 × 5 = 75 19. Assumption II is also valid because whenever we plan something. we assume that conditions will be favorable enough. Option D 13. necessary while the construction goes on. Option E parents. Option B may be followed. he should discuss the issue in an open house and solutions should be welcomed. Therefore.

Course of Action III follows. Hence. then it will be beneficial. 27000 Civic authorities should ensure adequate per kg to over Rs.BankExamsToday. course of action I and II are action accordingly. Hence. problem in 30. Hence. Option E related to the statement. II effect because India’s rank as the fifth most follows because various schemes in different powerful country is based on its defense areas will reduce the unemployment. hence II follows. it likely to cause harm to nature. Statement A is the cause and Statement B is its Hence. then Course of action I follows because on (1/4 + 1/5 –1/2)x = 3/10 → x = 6h. technological capability and education. controlling pollution is necessary. But the Government appoints a committee of course of action III is not related to the www. economic strength. For the students too. Option C 24. Hence. Pollution is caused due to emission of causes. part filled [1/fA action III does not follow because it is of no + 1/fB] = 5/2 (20 / 15) use. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 possible to remove distress. 27. hence Course of It is necessary for the Government to follow action I is appropriate. If the environmentalists and scientists and takes statement. course of action I European clients are effects of independent follows. Option C Since cistern is filled. Option A Course of action II also follows because the 33. By this we jewelers receiving a lot of demand for the silver ornaments from American and can control asthama. then natural is necessary to examine the market value of calamities will increase. Hence. I option does not follow. 50000 per kg and Indian supply of medicine at normal rates. energy security among top 50 countries. 29. 32. Next A is open for 6 . Option B system of education should be so designed as Let the filling time for A and B are FA and FB to discourage rote learning. If the Government stringent norms for granting permission to the permits development activities which are management institutes. Course of action III is appropriate. so [1/3] + 20/3 × [1/fA] = 1 www. appropriate. Due to this. unemployed youths. Option C Remaining 3/10 part is filled in c hours. II follows but course of action III is not 31. Page 29 .BankExamsToday. part filled = 20/3 [1/fA] 26. the defects filled at 1am + 6hr = 7am of the education system can be removed. Up to 3 am both pipe fill the tank = 2/4 + 1/5 = 7/10 part 25. Option C 23. If the degree while taking admissions. Option A The price of ‘silver’ going up from Rs. it will also reduce unemployment. effect. But course of then both are open for 2½ hr. Option B loss of money and they will not think for their Statement B is the cause and Statement A is its future. Option B Both statements are effects of independent If the Government gives allowances to all the causes. effective Government and society introduce vocational population. Cistern is examining the examination system. fumes from vehicles. Option A breathing is caused and asthama spreads. then there will be great 28.

Option D Since Individual expenditures of the countries are not given. Option D By visual inspection.3x for 2y months. x. Option C So. C’s share : total profit = 9 : 20 Let X & Z together do 1/a work in 1 day. it will spend maximum on The word ‘SOFTWARE’ contains 8 different defence and minimum on either health or letters. Let the total profit be Rs. Option A serve the committee = 7C5 = 21 By visual inspection we can see that option A Favorable number of cases = 35 + 21 = 56 is the correct answer. Option E = 95 lakhs : 95 lakhs : 90 lakhs = 19 : 19 : 18 (P + Q)’s 1day work = 1/12. Then. = then Y do 1/2a work in 1 day. Option A 39.)→ = . so 1/a + 1/2a = 1/10 = 1 day’s work of (X + Y + or x = = 80000 Z) 51. Option A 48. we can’t determine it.= →x= or x = 28000 20 50. 46. Option C 44. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 FA = 10 hrs spending maximum on defence and minimum 34. A : B = (3x × 2y) : (x × y) = 6xy : xy = 6 work = 1/15 – 1/x :1 Since P in twice good as R → P’s days work So. Option C military rule. Then.)=2( . (Q + R)’s 1 day work = 1/15 → R’s 1 day So. x.BankExamsToday. Option D Understand the logic that “If a country is under 45. P’s 1 day work = 1/12 – 1/x A invested Rs. Then. Option D A : B : C = 27000 : 72000 : 81000 = 3 : 8 : 9 40. Option E 37. we can see that option D is the correct answer. Let Q’s 1 day 49. x for y months. Option A on either health or education. the required probability = = 43. Number of ways in which the couple does not 42. Option E military rule. = ( .BankExamsToday. Option E A : B : C = (25 lakhs × 1) + (35 lakhs × 2) : (35 lakhs × 2 + 25 lakhs × 1) : (30lakhs × 3) 38. Option A Number of ways in which the couple serves By visual inspection we can see that option A the committee = 7C3 × 2C2 = 35 is the correct answer. Option A Page 30 . education” does not mean that if a country is www. Option D work = 1/x Suppose B invested Rs. Y can do in 30 days (= 2a) Total number of ways in which 5 people can Y can do half work in 15 days be chosen out of 9 people = 9C5 = 126 41. B’s profit : total profit = 1 : 7 = 2 × R’s 1 day work Let the total profit be Rs. then it will under 35. Option A a = 15. Hence. www. 36.

n (E1) = 26C2 = = 325 . Then. Option B = P (E1 ) + P (E2 ) = P (E1 ∩ E2 ) Distance = [1100 × ] = + - feet = = 2420 feet = 60. n(E) = (13 + 3) = 16 The vowels (OAE) can be arranged among www. Option A ways. x=8 E2 = event of getting both kings Hence. x . we have to arrange the letters SFTWR There are 13 cards of diamond (including one (OAE). Option D 8x + 16 = 5x + 40 ( × ) Clearly. Option A red cards. Then. king) and there are 3 more kings. n(S) = 52 P (E) = = themselves in 3! = 6 ways. (x + 10) . 4 letters can be arranged in 4! = 24 57. n (E2) = = 6 hrs. Option B Required number of ways = (720 × 6) = 4320 Let their ages be x years and (x + 10) years 53. required ratio = = =2 Then. n(S) = 52C2 = = 1326 3x = 24 Let E1 = event of getting both red cards. The vowels (AUIO) can be arranged among father’s present age = (x + 3x) years = 4x themselves in 4! = 24 ways. = 35 years Now. present age of the elder person = (x + 10) (AUIO). The word AUCTION has 7 different Page 31 . 21 min. Option C www. 56. Here. Let Ronit’s present age be x years. Option B they can be supposed to form one letter.BankExamsToday. P (both red or both kings) = P (E1 ∪ E2 ) 59. Now.15 = 2 (x . we have to arrange the letters CTN So. years Required number of ways = (24 × 24) = 576 So.5 = 2x . 5 letters can be arranged in 6! = 720 Let E = event of getting a diamond or a king. Option D respectively. = [ ] hrs. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 When the vowels OAE are always together. x = 25 Then. (4x + 8) = (x + 8) 54. E1 ∩ E2 = event of getting 2 kings of 58.30 they can be supposed to form one letter. total time taken = 6 hrs. ways Then. ( × ) Time taken to cover 600 km. ( × ) ( × ) 4C2 = =6 Number of stoppages = -1 ( × ) n (E1 ∩ E2 ) = 2C2 = 1 =7 ( ) Total time of stoppages = (3 × 7) P (E1 ) = = P (E2 ) = min ( ) ( ) = 21 min = P (E1 ∩ E2 ) = ( ) Hence.15) When the vowels AUIO are always together. 55.

Option B 64. 81. Option A Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra (Tabla Player) 85. Option C 65. Option D 68. Option B 66. n = 12. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 Total distance travelled in 12 hours = (35 + 78. Option B Dancer (30. Rajasthan (P. Option D Rahul Thakkar (Udio) 86. Option A Lisbon (Gujarat Assembly) 90. Option B A separate document from another program Pavel Filip sent along with an E – mail message 74. Option C 72. Option A 98. 79. Option D Euro (900) 91. Option D Jodhpur. Option C Both Vacuum Tubes and Valves 77. Sindhu) 83. Option D Broad Band 76. Option C Binary (Hong Kong) 92. Option B 37 + 39 + ….1) × 2] www. Option B 73. Option B Ravi Chellam 95. Option B Web Master 75. d = 2 Denmark Required distance = [2 × 35 + 80. Option B number of terms. Option B 63. Option B 61. Option D Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (Krishna – Godavari) = 6 (70 + 23) space nuclear programs = 552 kms. Option A 71. Option B Mauritius 97. Option B Centralized Online Real Time Exchange Nagpur 94. with first term.BankExamsToday. Option D Essel/Zee Group (Manama. Option A Atulesh Jindal 96. Upto 12 terms) Indian Railways This is an A.V.BankExamsToday. Option B 67. Option C 62. Option B 69. Option D 70. Option C Web Browser India 93. Option B World Bank 82. Capital city of Bahrain) 87. Option C Uttar Pradesh (Arunachal Pradesh) 84.P. a = Page 32 . Option C Indigenously developed systems for India's {12 . Option D Jammu & Kashmir www.000 crore) 89.

Option E 115. Option A Replace “has” with “have”. Option C Promoting I Love You 126. Option B 120. Option E Both of The Above 138. Application Layer 139. Option C 108. Option A Pixel Vivacious 118. Option D 110. Option D 105. Option C 144. Open System Interconnection 140. Option C 137. Option A 141. Option D ARPANET 128. Option D 122. Option D Basic Input Output System Replace ‘slow’ with ‘slowing’ 117. Option C Tim Berners Lee 130. Option B Software Flagship 101.BankExamsToday. Option B 142. Option B By the device used in memory & processor One 119. Option A 124. Option E All of The Above 112. Option A www. Option D Assembler Debate 104. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 Verisigh Assembly 99. Option A 145. Option B 132. Option A 127. Option C 114. Option B Chatting can only be done with a single Multi Tool Word person 121. Option C 129. Option C 111. Option A 123. Option C 143.BankExamsToday. Option D 100. Option C 106. Option D Internet Infrastructure and Service Providers 133. Option D None of The Above Preemptive 102. Option E www. Option D Page 33 . Option B All of The Above 135. Option A Replace “sought” with “seeks”. Option D A file Format Investigating 103. Option B 107. Option D All of The Above 131. Option C CLASSPATH Replace ‘frustrating’ with ‘frustratingly’ 116. Option A 109. Option C 113. Option B The Current Time 125.

Option A No body 153. Option C 154. Option A Something 148. Option B Anybody 152. Option A 156. Option C No one 147. Option C Everything 151. Option D 158.BankExamsToday. Option C www. Option D 160. Option A No body 150. Option A 159. Option E 157. LIC AAO Model Paper 2 Nobody 146. Option D Page 34 . Option B Everybody 149.BankExamsToday.