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SMART Goal Strategies and Responsibility Timeline Evidence of
Action Steps Effectiveness
(add rows as needed)
Goal 1 Read Policy 701 Me Already done I will have
Reality/Rationale annotated the
statement: policy.
I still need to Ask questions Me, my Friday, Feb I will have
complete the about Policy 701 professors 16th, 2018 written down my
Policy 701 quiz (if necessary) questions along
online., because with the answers
it's mandatory as I find.
a teacher to have. Complete the Me Monday, Feb I will have a
Policy 701 quiz 19th, 2018 printed copy of
Goal: my Policy 701
To complete the quiz
Policy 701 quiz Have a Me, my Fri, Feb 23rd, A signed copy of
by Fri, Feb 23rd supervisor sign supervisor 2018 my Policy 701
off on my Policy quiz
701 quiz
Goal 2 Search for Me April 12th, 2018 Search history
Reality/Rationale training sessions with Red Cross
statement: on Red Cross website.
First Aid and website.
CPR training
will be extremely Attend First Me Unknown Notes from
helpful to have Aid/CPR session
in the schools, in training sessions
case of

I will complete Receive training People in charge Unknown Certificate in my
First Aid and certificate of training hands
CPR training
before May 31st,
Goal 3
Reality/Rationale Attend NVCI Me April 7th, 2018 Name signed on
statement: training session attendance sheet
NVCI training
will help me as a
teacher because I Take notes Me April 7th, 2018 Notes in my
will be able to during training binder
help my fellow session
staff and students
interventions. Receive NVCI Person Unknown Certificate in my
certificate responsible for hands
Goal: training session
Complete NVCI
training by April
7th, 2018.

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