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Objective: At the end of this lesson 95% of the students will be able to:
1. Define Reality and fantasy based on the story/poem read.
2. Determine Reality and fantasy in the sentence.
3. Value life as reality and not as fantasy.
II. Subject Matter
A. Concept: Distinguish Reality and fantasy on the story/poem read.
1. What is Reality and fantasy?
2. Identify the Reality and fantasy in the poem/story read.
3. Construct sentence using words Reality and fantasy
B. Reference: Grade 4 English book pg. 341-342
C. Process skills: communicating, analyzing and identifying.
D. Value integration: Valuing lie as reality not as fantasy.
E. Materials: charts, cards, projector and laptop.
III. Procedure

Parts Activity Classroom setting
Preparatory Good morning students! Good morning Ma’am!

Jean please lead the prayer Let us bow our heads for the
presence of God.

Thank you Jean. Welcome Ma’am.

Energizer Before we start our new lesson Ok Ma’am!
for today let us do an
energizer first.

Direct Explanation I have two objects here a
magic wand and a heart.

What do you have in mind Ma’am magic wand shows
whenever you see a magic magical events.

Very good! What about a Ma’am it signifies life.

Yes it is, very good! These
two objects has a relation to
our new lesson for today.

Are you excited to our topic Yes, we are Ma’am!

Do you believe that No! there is such a woman? d. Great! Let’s give your 2 123 (clap. spider. Ma’am fantasy refers to Very good! What about situations that are magical or fantasy? make believe that could not happen in real life. cat and a horse. clap) 123 . mentioned in the poem? b. Do you believe that an No! old woman can swallow animals? e. Ok Ma’am. clap. Pass your paper. I have a poem here entitled An old woman who swallowed a fly. What can you say about the poem? This is a make believe or a fantasy poem Ma’am Now based on the poem what is reality? Ma’am reality refers to situations that may happen in real life. What did the old woman do? Swallowed the animals c. What are the animals Fly.for today? How much excited are you? Very excited! Ok! Our new lesson for today is Reality and fantasy. I want you to bring out a piece of paper and a pencil. a. I also have a guided question here that you are going to answer after the poem. In that paper you are going to draw a symbol that signifies reality and fantasy.

the leader will (Each members of the group serve as the brain of the group..4.3. aha. Love! Love! Love! Now. aha. stamp) aha.2.) record the answer the other 5 representatives will be in between of the leader and assistant leader and will serve as their connectors where the answer are being pass from the leader to the latter.. I have a chart here which is divided into columns (Students are raising their Reality and fantasy.) Modeling “you do”. classmate a Kris Aquino clap. (playing the video) (Students are listening very attentively to the story. stamp. (stamp..) are the cards that you are going to post in front whether it is reality or fantasy.) Mechanics: CLT game There are 7 representatives or each group. and here hands to volunteer. I’m going to divide you into 5 groups because we will have a CLT activity after a story (reading aloud) Dooby Dooby Moo. are communicating to each while the assistant leader will other while doing the activity. while the remaining members of each group will present a cheer to show that they already finished answering. Generalization How do you understand our I understand our lesson for lesson for today? today by just listening to the story and reading the poems and I distinguished reality and fantasy using them in a sentence. Used the words that are posted (Students are raising their in the chat in a sentence.5. . hands to answer.. Count heads 1-5 1.

My mother can fly like _F_1. ___4. The only fantasy in the story is Cite the Reality and fantasy in there was an old woman who the poem. I found a talking basket. _F_3. ___3. Flowers are singing Assignment Write something about reality and fantasy and give at least 5 examples of it. My mother can fly like a bird.Application Very good! Now that you fully understand (Each members of the group our lesson for today I want are cooperating to each other) you to have an oral reading of this poem by group. Fishes can swim. ___2. sky. Write F if the sentences. _R_4. Flowers are singing. ___1. Fishes can swim. answer before each number. ___5. Write the answer before each number. Birds can fly up in the _R_2. and R if it tells a real situation. Birds can fly up in the sky. I found a talking basket. . Evaluation Instruction: Read each Instruction: Read each sentences. and R if it tells believes event. a bird. Write the a real situation. _R_5. lives in a shoe and the rest are reality. There was an old woman Who live in a shoe She had ten children and she didn’t know what to do! All day long her children Stayed outside to play At night time they all Packed together and called It a day. Write F if the sentence tells about make sentence tells about make believes event.