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Unit 3: Achievement Test

.A. Complete the sentences with a word or phrase from the list below
.Use the underlined words to help you

Rare secret

Educational condition


.-------------We learned a lot from watching the show. It was .1
.------------The map was very old and torn. It was not in good .2
.-----------There are not many of these stamps. They are very .3
.-----------I can´t tell you the story. It’s a .4
My sister has a large collection of dolls. There are about 100 .5
.in her collection -----------

B. Choose two words from the list below that are related to each of the
.Boldfaced words. Write the words on the lines

Expert is worth collector

Antique value historical
------------------ --------------------- price .1
------------------ --------------------- person .2
------------------ --------------------- old .3

Complete the paragraph with the simple present tense froms of the verbs

My brother and i----------- old cions and banknotes. Some of the
collect .1
-------------Coins----------- very beautiful. My brother often
be 3. buy .2
.New items from other collectors. He----------- some coins from the 1700s
have .4
--------------------My brother----------------- people to touch the items. I
not/ like 6. not/have .5
----------------A large collection of coins and banknotes. My collection
not/be .7
Very valuable, but I have fun looking at it. Why--------- we---------- to
like .8
To collect these things? We--------------- a lot about history from our
9. learn

We---------------.1----- . He's very . members . they decide.4 a. The others lose Computure auction are open all day and all night! There is always . Each auction has a list of items. 10. avoid b. supportive b. They read descriptions and often see pictures of the items. Is there an item they want? How much is it . some stamps Many collectors buy items for their collections online. a movie.2 . She's a great .4----- .worth?The collectors fill in prices. a doll.Many collectors buy things at auctions on the computure .3 a. Decide if the sencentences are true or false Computure Auctions ?What do you want to buy--. We--------. not/sell Reading Comprehension . Then.2----- . support .------------Mr. She seems very . Collectors look for the Types of items they want. parents ?How many people are----------.those places .of this group .7 a. Thomas donates money to the youth group. actress b. It's for .Hobby.---------This club is not fof little kids or adults.The auction is open all the time .----------The new girl is negative.Read the paragraph below.-----------Martina is a good example for others to follow. There are many Different auctions.6 a.want . They may have problems in the . dangerous Some of the young people are--------. generous b.1 a. role model . One collector wins. at risk .3----- The collectors read the prices for the items and check the ones they .Only stamps are sold at these auctions .5----- Unit 4: Achivement Test Vocabulary .a computure. friends b. positve .Many people see the different items .Something for sale . teenagers b.Some places are not safe.items from our collection. upset b.future a.5 a.Circle the choice that best completes the sentences .

friend b. I do I / me / my . Complete the conversations with the pronouns and possessive adjectives he / him / his .------------.That’s not a safe thing to do .Bob is a---------.papers and gave them to the teacher .ERIN: Thanks .MARCOS: Yes. .That’s a great organization.Sam lives near the school. Fifteen other students are now members of the group.I'll ask-------to call you . Sometimes they help classmates with homework.morning .book .when you're finished she / her / her .3 . Other times they play games and read books with younger kids at the the cafeteria .2 ?ERIN: Where's --------book? Can---------.A. Read the sentences.1 Erin and I like to play tennis on Saturdays.1 ?-------------ERIN: Who is----------? Do you know -.4 . nickname . the group of teens .9 a.usually play in the . classmates. They meet after school. Do you have------.2 .for Robert . It's .Are you going to class? Where is------.5 Reading Comprehension Read the paragraph below. here it is.-------.-----.10 a.Rewrite them to make them true Students Care Brian cares about his friends. Then read the statements.and help it .use your book .3 ?ERIN: I have to call Susana is on Westwood Road .The students finished-------. dangerous b.MARCOS: I don’t know it-------is in my next class. They are all false. Fill in the correct pronouns and possessive adjective I my you your he his She her we our they their ?Where are Susana and Thomas? Are---------. Every fall.. Brain started a group at school. Just give it number . and the people in the town. avoid . support b. respectful Grammar .MARCOS: Sure.8 a. It's called SWT—Students Working Togather.----------. Many people-------.

competition . wel – known My uncle is a pilot. Brian's group helps many people all the year long.SWT is a group that meets before school .Match the underlined words with the definitions When the airplane landed at a.7----- . radio. they volunteer to wash windows and clean. they clear snow from sidewalks.The members of the group sometimes read to kids in the classroom .3344 . trip 1----- we were glad to get off .4 . depart. He flies .4----- .rakes leaves for older people in town.2----- on the plane.3----- .5----- . h.provided.airplanes around the world There were many reporters . 6----- contest?. too? Call at 555- . In the winter. e.TV . And in the spring. b.3 .1 .Brian and his friends help fifteen people . It's ready to take off The flight from Londan to f.To talk to him He was very handsome and d. Everyone wanted c. good looking There was a famous musician .2 . newspaper.all the girls liked him We need to get on the air.You might win a prize.They work during the summer and on weekands .5 Unit 6: Achievement Test Vocabulary . Do you want to help.8----- from the media at the big .Montreal was very long Do you want to be in the g.Plane.8:00 The plane. leave .The members of SWT arepaid to wash windows . arrived . Some of the verbs are regular and some are irregular .event Grammar Complete the paragraph with the simple past tense forms of the verbs . someone who flies an airplne .

too. my brother and I-------.3 We------.1 ?In what country did they start the trip .2 ?What oceans did they cross .backpacks. we----.some friends in Vienna. They crossed the Pacific Ocean. do 7.5 Unit 7: Achievement Test Vocabulary A.4 ?Where did they land . train . The baloon climbed high to 21. subway always full of cars at five o'clock in the afternoon . Many people helped them and followed their trip.8 .a great time Reading Comprehension .Some German there.1 . in Switzerland.3 ?How fast did they race along . commuter b.finally landed in Egypt. truck c. Then. 1999. We-------.1 a. They flew around the world in a bolloon without stopping. plan . fly . two men made an incredible trip.000 feet. stop . It was time for a big celebration ?In what year did the men make the trip around the world . After that. It was very cold up Austria for three weeks. We-------. Wim Verstraeten and Bertrand Piccard planned a long time before they made the trip.home stay 9. Cross out the . After nineteen days.Read the paragraph learn carry 6. we-------in Salzburg for a few days visit 4. Finally. try .The-----------.We--------. Write answers to the questions Around the world in a Ballon In March 1999. they went acroos the Atlantic Ocean to North Africa. tunnel . They raced along at 120 miles per hour. they completed the trip around the world. so we--------. The wind pushed the baloon over Asia. They .-------------You need a ticket or pass to ride on the .the trip togather travel 2.5 .to Austria.We-------.some hiking.Choice that does not make scence . Two of the three choices correctly complete the sentence. They flew over the Americas.2 a. The two men started on March 1. My brother------. highway c.Last summer.

5 Grammar . At 4:00.1 Mexico City / old /Las Vegas . It only takes 55 minutes to get to the city. I walked ten minutes to the offic.. But then.B.1 ?How do you---------to work? Do you drive or take a train .5 . Complete the sentences with a word or phrase from the list below helicopter commute heavy tunnel metting .-----------There were too many cars on the road.We saw a----------. Then I rode another 20 minutes. I !started the trip back home. I got on the train at 6:30 The train is fast. Decide if the sentences are true or . I work at home. not expensive . solutions c. convenient c. Idon't like to use the------under it . a solution c. I got there about 8:15.3 a.5 Reading Comprehension Read the paragraph below about Paul. I have a solution to the problem. a traffic jam .2 Vienna / expensive / AnKara .Iprefer to take the bridge over the river. my car b. Itook the train to work. For the last part of the daily trip.4 Vancouver / friendly / New York City . I sleep until 8:00 .4 a. Every morning.on my way . The traffic was .The people are planning a-------------.false.But now.For years.------------------Ialways ride the subway. I got on the subway. flights I was late for work because there was a problem with--------. So every day.Use the words to write sentences comparing the cities Hong Kong / big / Venice .to talk about problems .3 .2 . Write T or F No More Commuting .4 . I traveled almost four hours a day !That's too much .The city needs---------for these problems .3 New Orleans / relaxing / Los Angeles .to work over the city . heavy b. committees b. It's .

The train was too slow .5---- .Paul had plenty of time to do things he wanted to do . I finish before 4:00.Paul didn’t like the trip to work . I do my work.2---- .trains and subways for me. Now.Paul has a longer trip now to work . No more .3---- .1---- .I get up and walk to the computer. I have time for things I want to do.4---- . I'm free .Paul was happier before .