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Student Name(s

Kim Domingo
Pia Nieto
Joanna Taneca

Product/Service: Artsy Lens
Market: Tourists and Locals of Batanes
Industry: Photography

External Analysis Activity (Part 1)

Macroenvironmental Factors Effect on the Industry

Clients not having that sense of respect & appreciation 4.Act promoting the preservation of land and water would maintain the meaning of Batanes and the tourists that visits would be able to appreciate the place even more Negative . Batanes Protected Act of 2000 Negative . NIPAS Act through the Ivatans that welcomed them into their homes would have a 5. Philippine Clean Air Act be given back. Batanes Responsible Tourism Act of Batanes would make them appreciated by locals and respect would 2. Positive .With Batanes being one of the Philippine tourist spots that is popular with its bodies of water. Positive .Political/Legal Factors 1. Positive .Batanes covers a vast space body of water and with this act they’ll be able to preserve it well and people would appreciate it when its clean Negative .For our clients who would go and have too much fun that they forget about protecting and preserving the environment may be fine for they have gone against a law being enforced in Batanes 5. having the Philippine Clean Air Act would make tourists and locals take care of the ocean and even maintain its beauty for more people to see Negative . Philippine Clean Water Act hard time during their 2. Positive .Carelessness of tourists throwing and leaving their trash in the open water would lead to the bodies of water in Batanes polluted and it would destroy one of the their tourist attractions 3. Positive . we will be able to provide them with good food throughout their stay Negative .Tourists respecting and protecting the cultures and traditions 1.Loosing the cleanliness in the different bodies of water in Batanes would mean loosing also the point of it being one of the tourists attractions that Ivatans are proud of .With trash being thrown out in the water or lack of proper care of clients who wish to dive in the water and see the fishery + marine resources would lead to getting it ruined or even loosing a number of them because of the pollution 4. 3.This act would help protect the amount of fishery and fauna that’s being produced in Batanes along with other marine resources so in that way the tourists and locals that will be our clients soon.

but unlike in other Philippine societies which practiced child marriage.Market conditions do not encourage increased produc- 1. Positive . Negative -the traditional custom among the Ivatan. .Since this is a long practiced tradition among Ivatans it can shed knowledge to tourists visiting Batanes and how its being 1. Lack of a regular market for agricultural produce tivity 2.Ensures a negligible unemployment rate. Small population Negative .Employment opportunities for school graduates are scarce. Arranged marriage carried out by the locals.lack of agricultural produce would mean that less can be consumed by the locals and tourists 2. the be- trothed girl and boy would be wedded only when they had reached adulthood.Economic Factors 1. Positive . Positive . Negative . Socio-cultural Factors 1.

Technological Factors 1. Positive . cellular signal would automatically then change to a different connection would make communication locally in other provinces in the Philippines difficult along with going online .Batanes has become that place where you can dis- 1. There’s no phone signal and internet connection provided in the island connect from everything and just relax because without any cellular network or wifi nothing will disturb you and will let you enjoy your trip Negative .Since Batanes is located near a foreign country which is Taiwan.

Positive .This can be our chance to learn their language so that we’ll be able to lead our clients and have this line of understanding and connec- tion with the Ivatans Negative . Seasonal Typhoons better weather condition for traveling would not let them their time and 2. Language Barrier good shots and make it for our clients to transfer to different locations 5.Ivatans tend to make it a way to let people earn their trust so to make our business to work well with the locals we should earn their respect so that their would be this good connection between the tourists.With the people of Batanes mainly talking in Ivatan language. offering the clients dates with much 1. understanding each other maybe a challenge 5. Minimal production of food would be difficult for our guests because they too need to eat and when resource go low they would have a hard time 3. Positive .Going to and from Batanes is only through Skyjet which is an air- line that offers minimal flights and guests so we may just be able to transport only a few clients per year also means of going around in the province is also minimal . Positive.Airlines would go the distance by pushing for more trips to Ba- tanes not just through Skyjet but in other local airlines as well as trans- portations around Batanes with tourists flocking in more the offers for van rents would surely go up Neg- ative .Clients who don’t practice the same in their hometown may feel uncomfortable doing it to others or to the Ivatans 4. Kinship .strongest social unit ative Seasonal typhoons would make it difficult for photographers to get 4. Limited carrying capacities for food production also their money when they need to rebook for another flight Neg- 3. Minimal option for transportation 2.With changes in weather. photographers and locals Negative .Ecological/Environmental Factors 1. Positive .

2018 2019 2020 External Analysis Activity (Part 2) Market Analysis Market Size (Value) Market Size (Volume) Growth Rate Implications on Market Attractiveness: Key Discussions: Market Trends Stage in the Product Life Cycle Sensitivity to Seasonal and Economic Trends .

we see that they are espe.External Analysis Activity (Part 3) Industry Analysis Industry Forces Discussion Implications on Industry Profitability The bargaining power of suppliers in In terms of profitability We are a very the photography industry can be con. affect. ket is very versatile and Photographs cially dependent on equipment such are not only meant to delight your us the cameras and gadgets that the senses. and even move vironment over which the photog. but can also be a powerful me- will use. them to action. way to communicate your target mar- vices need. visual society. When looking at alize that photography is the perfect the major inputs that photography ser. The price of photography ser- vice is subject to the fluctuations in the global market for printing pic- tures. ponder. and marketers today re- sidered very high. These inputs however are dium to make your target audiences Suppliers very much affected by the external en. which can change wildly be- cause of geopolitical and other fac- tors. think. . raphy services themselves have little control.

Brand loyalty therefore is really high. the process. Customers nowadays are likely experience high class service and clear image for their photos. tography service that will be intro. Bargaining power of buyers in the It is very much likely to be profitable photography industry is low in this since this will be the first photography place since this will be the first pho. Brand loyalty will be high especially duced in Batanes. there with the hep of social media and word Buyers aren’t any switching costs involved in of mouth awareness. In addition. Barriers to Entry . service to be introduces in Batanes.

Competition Substitution Prepared by: Lyn Dividina MSBMW .