Chirag J Patel

Male, 23 years Email:, Mobile: 91-9998572356 Address: 146, Anand Nagar Society B/H Science College Jafarabad- Godhra 389001

PROFILE SUMMARY Chirag has completed his post graduation studies specializing in Marketing and Human Resource from IIPM Ahmedabad in 2010. His interest lies in Branding, Market research and Advertising and desires to be a exceptional expert in the field of Media by utilizing his Thorough knowledge of Marketing. He has done Superspecialization in International Marketing. His 8 week internship with Anand Milk Union Limited (Amul) has improve his skills on Finance and Marketing. He was also a part of IIPM global study tour program and workshops by International faculties at IIPM. Academically he is a above average student throughout his career. He has completed his graduation in B.Sc(Chemistry) from Sardar Patel University, V.V.Nagar. Schooling in the Science stream from M&M Mehta High School, Godhra. Overall Chirag is a highly talented and commited person to his work and he is a hands on for action Person and that makes him a dazzling positive feature to any professional Organization.

CAREER OBJECTIVES To seek a challenging career in Marketing and International Marketing by utilizing my skills and abilities to its best and enhancing my learning process and ultimately

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SUMMER INTERNSHIP I have done my summer Internship in Amul. Amul’s “Amul Yatra” while I was in Amul doing my Internship. that how different types of machines are aligned with each other to reduce manpower requirement at each level of production and if a machine stops working how the problem could be resolved in a very less time. STUDY TOUR I have been a part of IIPM’s Study tour called GOTA(Global Opportunity and Threat Analysis) program. One month I was working with Marketing department and there I was part of a Marketing team who was designing new product launch strategy for Rural Market and to design a law cost Distribution Network for the Northern part of India. There I have learn different management practices in some well known organizations like Coca Cola. Jacques Chocolate etc. EDUCATIONAL & PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Completed a two-year Full Time Post Graduate Programme in Planning and Entrepreneurship with a dual specialization in Page 2 of 5 . I worked with both department Marketing as well as Human resource management. WORKSHOPS/PROGRAMS ATTENDED I attended a program in IIM-Ahmedabad. Port of Antwerp.One month I was with HR department over there I was working with one HR person and took some interviews also. Which was based on supply chain management of food products and how the food is supplied.contributing towards the growth of the organization for which I work. Palm Breweries. It was a 3 day program. called Ameathon-2009. I learn many things over there. especially at Coca Cola. It was a whole organizational learning for me.

how marketing mix is applied in Real Estate. Degree B. Gujarati DESK PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN I have done a project on Marketing. leading to a Diploma from IIPM and a concurrent MBA from IMI. Hindi. Basically this project was to know how industry works. which was on “REAL ESTATE MARKETING”. what are the roles of agents. FDI in Real Estate Page 3 of 5 .Human Resources management and Marketing. Europe. who are the market leaders.Sc HSC SSC MBA 1st Semest er 2nd Semest er 3rd Semest er 4th Semest er 5th semest er Year Of Passing 2008 2004 2002 2008 2009 2009 2010 2010 Institute/Universi %Age/Division ty Sardar Patel 45% University GSHEB 54% GSEB IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM IIPM 72% 58% 62% 56% 55% 66% LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY English.

Current CTC: 2. Supply chain Stages.Market. In which we talk about the value network of Amul. Problems Baroda since December 2009 to April 2010. Competitive strategy. I have done a project on Marketing research about Vodafone. In which we talk about How BSC can help in measuring the performance.). December 2007 to June 2008. I have done a project on Supply Chain management by WalMart. WORK EXPERIENCE Currently Working as a Event Manager and Asst. How to attract HNI clients to invest in the particular Project. diverse Product mix etc. Porter’s 5 force analysis. Low cost strategy. Infrastructure in Rural India. Supply-Demand linkage.64 lacs/annum Expected CTC: 3. Amul’s model of success (Robust supply chain. Titled “brand void left by Hutch” I have done a project on ‘Distribution Management on Amul’. Supply chain Strategy of Wal-Mart. Designing HR-metrics along with BSC. Scope of Ahmedabad as an emerging Market for Real Estate Players. what all perpectives it includes. I have worked as an insurance Advisor with LIC of India since 2006 which a commission based job and I have got 3 times Most Page 4 of 5 .Ahmedabad. I have worked 6 months with Vodafone as a Customer care executive.00 lacs/annum Notice Period: can join within 20 days after getting the offer letter I have Worked as Business Development Executive Tradeindia. E-initiative by GCMMF.Professor at IIPM. I have done a project on ‘Balance Score-Card as a tool of Performance Measurement’. Distribution Strategy of Amul.

HOBBIES & INTEREST I like traveling to different destinations because it gives me a chance to interact with different people and gives me the exposure understanding of Different culture. It is my favorite Relaxing tool also. Page 5 of 5 .appreciated work certificate from My Branch for achieving highest amount of Business generation. Drawing which gives me to think something innovative.

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