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LO5 Feedback.

Current Grade for LO5: Pass.

The current grade is calculated on the work that is present on your blog. You may have missing
items, or vastly incomplete sections of work. Please improve this. If you require help with any of
this work, or need to show me work before re-submitting to check the quality, please do so.

Remember, the highest grade you can achieve on this learning outcome 5 is a Pass Grade, even
if you have achieved this, if there are any minor corrections or additions, can you please
ensure these are made.

Please ensure all of the work is uploaded on the blog.

Remember – Don’t overwrite the blog posts, make new blog posts that are clearly labelled with
the words “Re-Submission”.

LO5: Fantastic evaluation Matthew! It is detailed and elaborate and you have considered
numerous areas of your broadcast when discussing ways to improve and what was successful. You
have also analysed the originality of your idea in detail and explained the potential success of your
broadcast. In addition, you have written in detail about the financial aspects of your broadcast and
the feasibility of it. You have also taken on board and commented on your peer feedback which
was a particular highlight of your evaluation. Well done!

The resubmission deadline is: 22nd March 2018.