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TECHNOLOGIES INC. pH Modifiers & Stabilizerss

Falamine is a cost effective multifunctional additive for latex
emulsion paints. Not only an efficient pH modifier and pH stabilizer,
Falamine also empowers the paint formulator with the ability to
significantly reduce formula cost, eliminate ammonia-like odour
both in the product and in the plant. It is a ‘drop in’ or ‘one-to-one’
replacement of its major competitors.

Falamine Plus offers:
• Cost Reduction
• Effective long term pH control
• Low odour
• Low water sensitivity
• Equivalent performance in the finished paint

• Improved scrub and water resistance
• Reduced dispersant demand
• Optimizes pigment dispersion
• Minimal impact on coating VOC
• Reduced amine content
• Improved raw material efficiency in latex paints

Typical Properties
Appearance Clear Liquid
Odor Very low
Vapor pressure Approximately 1
Specific Gravity 1.03 @ 25°C
Water solubility Total
pH @ 20°C, neat 11.0 - 11.5

• 212 kg net drums
• 1059 kg net totes

For further information please contact your Falcon Technologies Representative.

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