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Lesson Plan (Place Cartier) Name: Matthew Kennedy

Group: ​Delta Course: ​English

Date: ​September 20, 2017 Cycle/Year:​ III-IV
Duration: ​120 minutes (9:30-11:30)  Location: ​Allancroft; B1
Learning  By the end of today’s class, students will have the ​opportunity​ to: 
Opportunities 1. synthesize their understanding of the reading strategy “Making Inferences” by 
applying the strategy to a reading of ​The Arrival. 
2. demonstrate their reading readiness by completing a comprehension activity. 
3. work collaboratively to identify and map each other’s interests. 
Big Idea Improving reading comprehension through graphic novel study
ELA  Competency 1: Language / Talk (intros, attendance, discussion) 
Competencies Competency 2: Reading / Listening (reading comp. text)
Competency 3: Produces Texts (reading comp. questions, journal) 
Student Skills Reading strategies, teamwork, paragraph writing, reading comprehension, Post-Its

Materials Graphic novels, “The Hockey Sweater” (story and short film), highlighters, printed 
“Inferences” reading strategy 
Time Plan

  Greetings, Attendance, Review

9:30 - 9:45  ● News: We’ll complete a reading exercise this week, and next week we’ll begin our 
  graphic novels! 
  ● Fun Attendance: A superpower I wish I had, and why! 
  ● Game: “Two truths and one lie” 
  ● Weekly Journal -- Topic: The last book I read, what it was about, whether or not I 
  liked it and why 
  Learning Activity(ies) and/or Tasks
9:45 - 9:50  1. Hook/Intro: Graphic novel genre (​video​) 
9:50 - 10:00  2. Group Activity: ​What is a graphic novel?​ (guided highlighting) 
  ● Each group is assigned panels of a comic 
  ● They highlight keywords, and then write 1-2 elements on the board 
10:00 - 10:15  3. Review Interest-A-Lyzer Activity in Pairs 
  ● As a group, we will review highlights (teacher identifies specific pages) from 
  the interest-a-lyzer activity, and see if we can add to last week’s mind map. 
10:15 - 10:30  BREAK 
10:30 - 11:00  4. Reading Strategy: Making Inferences 
  ● Inference Cartoon​: On a Post-it Note, students provide a one-sentence 
  definition of the term inference, based on their viewing. 
  ● Students will watch and follow prompts from​ this video​, with guidance from 
  their teacher, and will respond to prompts in their notebook. 
  ● Read Tan’s ​The Arrival​ (pt. 1 & 2) as a group & use Inferencing Handout. 
11:00 - 11:30 5. Reading Comprehension Activity: “The Hockey Sweater” 
● Students read silently and work on questions on loose leaf ​(in pencil) 
● Students watch NFB​ film adaptation​ and fill in anything they missed in 
reading ​(in ink). 
Assessment Formative assessments: review reading comp. Q’s and other work