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Learning Goal(s) Common Core Standards:

(Content Standard) 4.1A: Interpret a multiplication problem as a comparison ( 5x7= 7x5)

Instructional Students will successfully practice multiplication facts

Objectives Students will effectively work together to create a multiplication practice tool.

Assessment Directly seeing end product of multiplication practice tool

(Criteria/Look Fors) Directly using multiplication tool to work side by side with students on
Indirectly watching students working together on the hands on project
Directly see the difference in multiplication knowledge form start to finish

Materials Multiplication catcher layout, cutout and folded

Practice problems ( 7’s)
( with answer sheet)
Instruction Procedures Total Time: 30min
(with time) Introduction: (10 min)
 Introduction  “We are going to experiment with different ways to practice our multiples
 Demonstration of 7.”
 Participation  Start by handing our worksheet, give those about 5 minutes to complete
 Practice as many problems as they can.
 Have them look on the smart board to check answers and think about how
well they did.
Demonstration ( 5 min)
 Show them your Fact catcher
 Have them pick the 4 problems they have the most trouble with and put
supplies on spare table for them to grab.
Participation ( 5-10min)
 Step 1. Hand out template
 Step 2. Have them color the 8 areas and write the 4 multiplication facts
and there reciprocals on the colors
 Step 3. Have them write answers on the inside
 Step 4. Flip over Fact catcher and write down 2 odd numbers and 2 even
numbers (1-10)
Practice (5-10min)
 “Now we are all going to pick a place around the room to practice our Fact
catchers with a partner.”
 Have students pick a place and put on some nice music.
 Watch to see if children are getting restless, if so call out for a 10 sec.
partner change.
Student Questions “What are the reciprocals?”
- Look on the board, see how mine says 7X4 than 4X7
“How do we use it?
- If you look at ( classmates name) you can see how he/she is holding it

Academic Language Multiplication

Focus Group/team work

Closure Let them put away Fact catchers in their backpack and have 1 last exit ticket
question for them right before we leave the room.

Student - Have 2 Part pre made Fact catchers 1 for front example and 1 for coloring/
Accommodations fact writing.
- Let students see multiplication answers while creating Fact catcher just in
case they forgot or misplaced sheet.

Self Reflection  I will gauge my student’s needs (for time) as we experiment with the Fact
 I will observe if the students find this was of practicing multiplication facts
fun and effective
 Could this be used for older children in different subjects ( SS memorizing


Name: Kimberly Garlie Date: 11/15/15

Content Area(s) Multiplication Grade(s): 4th