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Learning Goal(s

(Content Standard) Nets (S) 1b. create original works as means of personal expression
Nets(S) 6b. select and use applications effectively and productively
Nets (T) 1a. promote, support, an model creative and innovative thinking and

Instructional  Students will accurately spell this week’s spelling words
Objectives  Students will experiment with technology by using an application called
garage band.

Assessment  Direct assessment of knowledge of spelling words
(Criteria/Look Fors)  Indirect assessment of problem solving strategies ( watching progress of
garage band)

Materials  I pad
 Garage band app
 Paper to write out spelling words
 Pencil
 Headphones??

Time Introduction
(Total & Specific)  “We are going to be using an app today called garage band to help us
practice our spelling words.”
 Explain that an IPad is a form of technology and with this technology we
can use garage band to experiment with different instruments and
rhythmic patterns/pairings
 What are the words you are struggling with?
 Write down all spelling words ( pick 3-5 to use)
 Demonstrate the basics of garage band
 ( maybe have a demo song)
 What do you want your song to sound like?
 Have student record drums first then piano or guitar and end with voice
 Do you have a trick that you use already to help you with your words?
 Encourage students to use groupings of letters in their songs ( tom- or-
 Final edit of song
 “If this was a fun way for you to practice your spelling words I would
suggest creating songs each week for words that are giving you trouble.”
 Encourage students to think of creative ways to practice their spelling
words that could make it easier to remember the spellings.

Student Questions  What is garage band
 It is an app that you can download on a device that allows us to create
songs using different instruments
 How will I create a song
 Let’s start by experimenting! What should we test first?
 What type of song can it be
 What are your favorite songs to listen too? Maybe we could create
something like that.

Academic Language  Technology
Focus  Rhythm
 Experiment

Closure Have the student listen to the song and tell what the hardest and easiest part of
this was.
Encourage the student to think about new fun ways to learn their spelling words

Student  Singing is not mandatory, they can just spell out the words
Accommodations  Bring headphones for closer listening
 Give ideas for genera’s and rhythms that could be used

Self Reflection  I will collect data from the saved song via garage band
 I will observe if garage band is a system that will challenge the student
enough/ will be too challenging to understand
 Could this be applied to a full class/ small groups creating songs to share?
 Will there be enough time for student to experiment if the student has
never used the application? Should it be introduced in another lesson so
that they have more time to experiment?

Name: Kimberly Garlie Date: 11/1/15

Content Area(s) Spelling Words Grade(s): 4th