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March 20, 2018

Dear Woodland Elementary School Families,

This letter is to inform you that based on the recommendation of Portage Public Schools’ legal counsel,
Allison Taylor is being placed on paid, non-disciplinary Administrative Leave as of today, 3/20/2018. The
leave is to allow for internal investigation about alleged inappropriate conduct. We can assure you that
this activity did not involve or affect students in any way. Nevertheless, we are investigating the matter
and consulting legal counsel. We will take the appropriate action once our internal investigation is
complete. As this is a personnel matter we have no further comment at this time.

Our highest priority is to ensure that day to day school operations remain routine and successful for
students, staff and families. For day to day questions, we ask that you contact your school secretaries:

Donna Alexander, 323-6661,

Mindy Hayward, 3236659,


Phyllis Mion, Engagement Specialist, 323-6607,

Beth Hartman, Director of Elementary Education, will be in the building frequently and available for
questions and support as needed. She can be reached at 323-5130,

For every Woodland Elementary school staff member, our number one priority during this time is the
continued excellent education of your child and all students at Woodland Elementary. Please let us
know of any questions or concerns moving forward.


Mark Bielang, Superintendent