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ELP 2017-18: Expression of Interest (EoI)

Team Information
No. Student Name PG ID Mobile No.
1 Harshad Rane 61810506 7387918885 K
2 Mayank Shah 61810176 9930073681 K
3 Samarth Taneja 61810233 7838276686 J
* All projects are 3 member teams, except Project (ELP-01) which is a 4 member teams
In case of 3-member team projects, if 4 names are written then the 4th Name (Row 4) will not be considered

Projects being applied for:-

Preference ELP Title of the Project
1 18 Wingspan Capital Investment Advisors

** ELP Project number can be found on the first page of the Project Description form on the ELP Portal

I agree to take up this project, as a part of this team, if the team is selected.

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4*. (App for ELP-01):

1. Problem Statement

The Client in the process of launching a new private equity fund and wants to identify
Industry/sectors that will be positively affected by the wave of technological innovation
for its investment focus.
Given the ticket size of the fund (10 to 40 million) as per the ELP Brief, the client
would like to diversify their portfolio across different industries between short, mid
term and long term projects to ensure consistent high returns.
Further, to market its product it wants to understand the current fund raising
environment and wants to explore new ways to reach out and distribute its product to
its target audience of HNIs and Institutions.
The reseach that has to be conducted is through both primary and secondary sources.

Probable tech breakthroughs in short and Industries should have negative correlations
mid term with each other for hedging of portfolio.
Seek high-alpha firms in each industry
• Industries affected by these breakthroughs Identification of different fundraising
• Expected rate of diffusion based on targets based on findings
adoption and regulatory intervention

Industry shortlising & Firm

Fundraising through different
Initial Research shortlisting with metrics for each
distribution channels

2. The Approach

Fund Raising Process

Reach out to HNI's, institutional Hold roadshows and inform

Analyse capital markets investors and explain Fund's prospective investors about
enviroment, recent fund raisings Investment philosophy in terms of potential ideas, expected returns
& market sentiment sectors, risks, ticket size and time and expertise of the investment
horizon team

Investment Analysis Process

Assessing Management Interviews – Management
corporate plans, Exit opportunities
Undertaking valuation Valuation Analysis – Past
analysis based on sales transactions, financial stablility
growth, margins and
Forecasting earnings and cash Financial Analysis – Cash
flows of the most promosing flows, capital requirements
Analyzing businesses from the chosen Company Analysis –
sectors which have the potential to grow Stage, risks, competition

Analyzing sectors that are most likely to benefit by Industry Analysis – Structure,
technological advancements macro factors

3. Team
Our team has people with deep knowledge both in the Private Equity space and
technology & innovation. This augments our capability to understand the problem and
gives us a rounded view.
Mayank has 4 years of cumulative Investment experience. He has 2 years of Equity
Research experience, analyzing investments across Asia, Europe and U.S. to go with 2
years of Investment Banking experience with a boutique Bank where he handled M&A,
Private Equity and Capital advisory transactions. He has experience in liasing with
entrepreneurs and investors (strategic and financial) alike as he has been a part of the
entire deal cycle from origination to execution. He has worked on deals in the
consumer, IT services, industrial and education sectors.
Samarth is a Chartered Accountant and has more than 4 years of expeience with PwC
Deals Advisory. He has worked with various private equity/VC firms such as Morgan
Stanley, Sofbank, Sequoia, , SAIF Partners, Piramal, Aditya Birla PE. He has advised
these clients on Industries ranging from E-commerce, Manufacturing, Technology,
Real Estate, Logistics etc.
Harshad is an operations manager and entrepreneur with experience in innovation,
analytics, and Ed-Tech. In his four and half years with Mahindra and Mahindra, he has
worked on multiple innovation projects including developing a copyrighted Virtual
reality training software and two patented fixtures in connected manufacturing. He was
member of Mahindra Chakan’s innovation council and manfufacturing lead for
Indsutry 4.0 deployment.