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By Jagadish

What India exports and imports it has to suffer in it

When India exports arms and ammunitions, and it can't sell it has to sell cheap internally to get finance
for the production of arms made in India promoting terrorism

When India exports pulses and spices and it can't sell to Europe, it has to digest these non-importable
goods inside promoting food for its people

When India exports hardware or software to china and it can't sell the gadgets, it has to promote for
itself internally cheaper goods of information technology to survive crash of innovations

Whatever India imports it relishes losing finance and whatever it exports and loses export duty it
relishes internally cheaper price for its citizens

Only government has to decide for itself that if government or company fails to deliver goods which it
planned out on behalf of nation would be useful later on to the citizens or not

Take up only those assignments which are ally to Indian citizens and never export or import which public
of India would reject

Thought of the day

Import export are only done only when taking public of citizens of nation as ally

Why students following others earn thousands and by following self-earn crores in INDIA

Self-made millionaires don’t follow others, they have their own philosophies to follow

Self-made millionaires don’t borrow, steal from others, they manufacture money through ideas

Self-made millionaires pick up others, but follow their own insights

Self-made millionaire have friends but friends follow them

Self-made millionaires have wife but they are independent thought makers

Self-made millionaires have children but they think off beat because they struggle in life

Self-made millionaires have fans but fans always feel delighted to serve because they want to be rich

Self-made millionaires are consultants but they never get discarded even in dream land because they
are bookish and readers of highest knowledge

Self-made millionaires are never dead because biographers keep them alive

Thought of the day

Self-made millionaires and the art of studying


How much to charge on each utility produced in the form of Indian tax laws

Projected number of students enrolled as employees in the country

Number of economic men who eat more utility than they were prior to becoming economic men

Creation of wealth by enrolling in the company than employees existing in the country
If for example number of men enrolled in the company is 100

Projected number of men enrolled to be in the company next year is 50

Number of retirees from the company next year is 25

Total number of men enrolled in the company is 150 - 25

Amount of money earned on the utility is 100

Projected amount of money taxed would be more than 100

However how much it should be is determined by

Taxation to be charged on the utility is 125 employees which mean 25 employees more than last year

So 100/100 = 1 which is men enrolled in the company / price of utility amount

Projected future is 125/100 = 1.25 rs

How much would the government agree to earn minimum increase is 25 basis points

Maximum should be more than 25 basis points

So interest rate is somewhere around 25 basis points which is under guidance of government either to
keep it 25 basis points or to increase it more than 25 basis points to determine additional profit for the

Thought of the day

Projecting for 5 years basis points is beneficial or daily year wise basis points to be increased is

CBFC would be shut down in INDIA


It consistently portrays sexual movies and misguides children

It consistently highlights educational institutions as hub of love affair which in real practice is the duty of
parents in INDIA

True stories are consistently fought in courts for portraying wrong message or guidance, public thinking
them to be real: example padmavati

Too many actors and actresses die of AIDS

When social messages portray wrong duality which in real life never happens

When fiction is overstretched to such an extent that public thinks them as real losing faith in society

When bad Is more evil than goodness and evil spirts roam in the vicinity of children

When too many petitions are filed against films by public

When business of CBFC has too many failures or flops

When business is done not for benefit of society but to amass wealth not looking at corporate
governance of nation

When good films are compromised as they only depict universal and nothing evil

When films are made with actuals, in sense real villains and tawaifs red alerts of country in them as if
depicting that they are protected by nation if they work for CBFC

When constitution amendments are made to correct the industry repeatedly

When movies show sexual scenes and editing them is huge to make it clean

When money generated by CBFC is not actual money but through rackets non-approved by RBI
When there is no experience certificate for employees to work with which is actually mandatory to gain
salaries further on when employees leave the present job for further advancement of career

Thought of the day

Asking students to add further information to above and place it for lok sabha approval


How to sanction loans to pass book owners in INDIA

Per day basis transaction

Minimum amount per day to be transferred by opening net banking

Number of month extended to be paid based upon minimum amount approved by manager

At some point of time payment mode would become 100% paid while paying daily

Further on loans to be given to owner should be scrapped off till entire loan is paid

2 to 3 loan transactions should not be approved

Payments through schemes of banks to be approved and profits to be earned through them

As acceptance ot money from public is a liability to bank as loan taken from public only minimum
accounts to be opened per branch per bank

If there are no banks in the vicinity to open net banking is to be approved where minimum number of
amount of transactions per day should be made compulsory for opening the account
Thought of the day

M3 institutions are to be the order of the day in INDIA


When need is beneficiary to Indian constitution than want to revamp politics of INDIA

Lesser number of states give you more income than partitioned states of India

Lesser number of Lok Sabha members can give more insight to India than maximum filled up

Lesser number of chief ministers can sort out their differences when pooled together for advice

Lesser number of houses in a location give breathing fresh air in states for better real estate

Lesser number of banks can give more wealth in profits as public has limited choice in accepting loans

Lesser number of money in circulation can give relief to RBI for managing affairs in INDIA

Lesser number of books available in INDIA can groom up qualitative books than quantitative books

Lesser number of publishers can generate more profits and health of authors giving them royalty as
more wealth in their hands is vital for governance of books

Lesser amount of carpet area can lead to financial stability as maintenance of house is easy

Thought of the day


How to groom up thought process and expand beyond nation for knowledge sake in INDIA


The more you groom up other nations through NRI nation can have immense knowledge to look at
employment beyond Indian borders

The more NRI is given a helping hand respect in the society increases among other nations

Bookish knowledge about countries can even become excited if people have transportation to other
nations because of relatives

Cross border terrorism can be minimized if effected parties of terrorism are given helping hand through

Protection of NRI and their wellbeing to see other countries prosper is another leaf in feather of nation
to look for solidarity and peace across the countries

Groom up NRI, you groom up wealth in other nations and take credit for keeping economies safe
without wars

Permission to live in other countries and look at safe passage for Indian tourism in other nations by
catering to each other through mutual trust

Thought of the day

NRI and patriotism and role of parent country towards them

How to reduce terrorism in INDIA

Purpose of religion of Muslims is martyrdom

Arrest don’t kill and allow hijacking of planes and make them get fed up of the process

Live and let live through exchange of people from both sides

If you kill Muslim 20 would join in the form of human bombs is the goal of Muslims terrorism

Take care of Muslims through liberal ideas

Mullahs or teachers are crucial for Muslims through colleges in countries for sustenance of terrorism

Interpretation of Islam without mullah supporting is considered to be insult to religion and such
terrorism is not practiced nor followed

Say of mullah supporting the action is considered to be the key for survival of terrorism

Thought of the day

Mullah or teacher and their lifestyle


How to teach terrorism a lesson without warfare in INDIAN context

Create famine situation

Never allow them education

Make them live in caves with water seeping through their feet

Moist sand

Agricultural land cultivation restricting their movements

Villages and tribal belt be given cold food

Clothes washing near river banks be discarded through non availability to wear fresh clothes

Money constraint in their pockets as forced to purchase ammunition for survival instead of company
products food becoming costly

Cost of living of towns to be given internet at costly price asking them to earn in multiple companies to
relish it completely

Civil war by forcing terrorism to do beg borrow steal from public

Thought of the day

Beg borrow steal from public methodologies by terrorist organizations constraining them through


Importance of agricultural land in INDIAN context

Gives solace to farmer that he has work which would be appreciated in cities

Plenty of food cultivation to eat and make merry with feasts

Different flavors of food and knowledge about countries innovation in food gives additional taste buds
to tongue

Plenty of money to earn when cities give helping hand to sustain economy of food festivals

Cities enjoy cultural festivals with food coming from villages as celebration organized would be grand

Famines would never happen when agricultural lands to cultivate food would be huge and diversified

Green revolution order of the day to celebrate soups, starters, main course and dinners, lunches, buffets

Plenty of entrepreneurship and take aways and tie ups with farming land owners
More land more celebrations more food and more events

Cities would be forced to come to villages to celebrate in the form of resorts which offer diversified
vegetable and fruits to visitors earning revenues for their children study abroad

Internet biggest revenue generation is how diversified you can use vegetables and fruits to gain wealth
for your family and relish life beyond hotels

Thought of the day

Trade secret of USA

Agro based industry was the root cause of success of USA becoming super power and economic
powerhouse with rich diversified agricultural land used and managed for its citizens to relish both in
vegetables and fruits production in abundance


Corporate governance and 10 to 5 job in INDIA

An individual has been given 8 hours to work in INDIA

Beyond which he has to be paid bonus for every hour increased to get work done

Night time works are to be scrapped off in INDIA as it promotes prostitution in our country

Beyond 8pm women are not allowed to do a job as evil eyes come in night disturbing them

Responsible institutions give away leave beyond 6 pm to women for their institutions to be safe

Day time jobs are promoted as protection of public is available whereas night time employees of
institutions don’t have protection and is considered to be evil by many sources when asked for to work
in night time
Thought of the day

8 hours day time to be allowed and to be respected by the public in INDIA is my sincere advice to be
forwarded to government of INDIA to depromote evil in our country


How to generate employment without giving salary to employees of INDIANS

Number of hours of work ------ 5 hours of total work

Methodology of work ------ freelance

Payment mode on success ---- 25 % of sales made on sellling marketing goods

Number of days of work ------ 7 days per week

Type of work ----- anything which is marketable

Foood allowance ------ on his own

Qualification ------ experience certificate on performance

Product specification ----- internet sales

Gadget used ------ tablet pc of his own

Target audience ----- common man

Access to product which is physical -------- advance booking

Type of payment -------- online sale

Usage of debit card -------- sponsorship bank

Company enrollment -------- job consultancy firm

Clearance of product -------- payment on receipt at home delivery tariff

Knowledge training -------- inbox tool kit

Contract ------ anybody who can talk and convince the public
Thought of the day

Number of hours of hard work