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LS 1.2 Listen & Circle

Stage Learning Standards: Lexical Sets:
1.3.1 Able to listen to and Places: night market,
Word demonstrate understanding of oral hardware shop, stationery
texts by: shop, coffee shop, flower
Phrase (a)asking and answering shop, airport, bakery

Sentence Learning Outcomes: Materials:

Able to listen to and circle the  Picture cards
Whole Text correct places.  Worksheet “Listen &
Circle” for each pupil
Assessment: -
Task Procedures:
1. Randomly, show the pictures of places to pupils. ‘What’s this place?’
2. Ask pupils to recall the name of the places. Elicit response from pupils. ‘Is it correct?’
3. Inform pupils that they are going to play a game called ‘Listen and Circle’.
‘We are going to play listen (gesture one hand to the ear) and circle (gesture circle
shape with finger)’
4. Model task to pupil.
a. Show a task sheet/ power point slide that has four pictures of places to pupils.
‘How many pictures?’ ‘What’s the name?’
b. Inform pupils that they have to listen carefully and circle the correct picture.
‘Listen’ (gesture one hand to the ear) ‘Circle the correct place’ (gesture circle
shape with finger)
c. Say ‘bakery’ three times.
‘Bakery (pause), bakery (pause) bakery’
d. Ask one volunteer to the front of the class to circle the correct picture.
‘Amin come here’ (gesture to the front of the class) ‘Which is the bakery?’
‘Draw a circle’ (gesture circle shape with finger)
e. Elicit response from other pupils on the answer given. ‘Is it correct?’

5. Distribute LISTEN & CIRCLE task sheet to each pupil.

6. Recheck instruction. ‘What do you do first? Next?
7. Start the game. ‘Let’s start!’
8. Say out the name of the places three times.
‘No.1 – bakery (pause) bakery (pause) bakery (pause)
No.2 – flower shop (pause), flower shop (pause), flower shop (pause)
No.3 – airport (pause), airport (pause), airport (pause)
No.4 – hardware shop (pause), hardware shop (pause), hardware shop (pause)
No. 5 – stationery shop (pause), stationery shop (pause), stationery shop (pause)
9. Ask pupils to exchange their task sheets to the person next to them. ‘Give your paper
to your friend beside you (gesture pass the paper to the pupil next to you) ‘Ready?’
10. Ask each pupils to select one coloured pencil that they like. ‘Take one coloured
11. They need to tick on the correct picture if the answer is correct and cross on the
correct picture if the answer is wrong.
12. Model how to mark the task sheet to pupils.
a. Say ‘What is the answer for number 1?’ Elicit response.
b. Show how to tick if the answer is correct on the task sheet. ‘Is this correct? Tick
like this (draw tick on the task sheet)
c. Show how to cross if the answer is incorrect on the task sheet. ‘Is this correct?
Cross like this (draw cross on the task sheet)

13. Go through the answers one by one with pupils. Say out the answers clearly.
Move around to monitor the pupils as you check the answers.

1. Picture Cards
2. Worksheet “Listen & Circle”

Listen and circle the correct picture