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A teacher is one who motivates you, one who inspires you, one who guides you to reach

your goal and importantly, transfers his/her knowledge to us, the knowledge that we are
seeking for.

Throughout my life, I have come across many great teachers who are having all the
qualities mentioned above, may be its my primary science teacher, high school maths
teacher and Physics sir who made Physics class more interesting giving live examples.
These teachers who have inspired me and develop an interest in the subject. It would be
difficult for me to pick one favorite teacher. So I will not pick one as my favorite teacher.
Instead I will tell about one teacher who is called THE GREATEST EXPLAINER in
the world. All I know about him is through immense collection of videos and books I

This is how I think of a wonderful teacher. I've seen many teachers in my small short
learning span of nearly 12 years. Some teachers were cold and distant while some were
candid and always present to help me.

Now, coming to my favourite teacher. His name is - Prof. G. R. Labde who teaches
Mathematics was then the HOD for the same at my college.

He is an exceptional teacher. He has presented international papers still teaches in a

modest manner. His approach to teaching is also remarkable. He not only focuses on the
content, but also on the presentation and delivery.
He is very cool minded and patient with students. Never did he once shout at the
students who used to create nuisance, instead he would politely ask them to leave.
He wasn't from a good financial background and he started taking tuitions from early
age. He saved money and then completed his education by the earned money. Later on
completed his education in B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Mathematics and he is currently pursuing
his Ph.D.

He inspires me a lot.

My favorite teacher that I have had in my education so far was one of my high school
teachers, Mr. Sinclair. I took his calculus class and his physics class, but will remember
him mostly for his physics class. By the time I took his class, he was very experienced, as
it was his twenty-seventh year teaching at the school I attended and he had 30-
something total years of experience in teaching. It’s important to note Mr. Sinclair
teaches at a magnet school for gifted students in the county, so all of the students that he
teaches are certainly above average. Here are some of the reasons why Mr. Sinclair is
one of my favorite teachers. As a teacher, he is:

 Demanding- On the first day of class, he skipped all of the usual

introductions, meet-and-greets, etc. He instead gives a very intense lecture
about what is expected in this class, noting that if you wan to really learn
physics you must commit roughly an hour a day to its study. In this first
lecture, which takes up the entire class, he also talks about the previous classes
he has taught, noting the prestigious schools and universities they’ve attended
(Stanford, CalTech, UC-Berkeley, UChicago, WashU, Johns Hopkins, UMich,
and Vanderbilt are just some of the institutions my classmates ended up
attending) along with notable careers many of them have achieved. If you want
the success these students have had, you’re going to have to work for it, and
work hard. Success is expected. If the whole class does poorly on a test, you’ll
hear his raging lectures from a few hallways away, demanding that the class
take physics seriously. His lectures are unique in that he wanders the room
brandishing a meter stick, allowing students to do nothing but learn.
 Dedicated- Most of his lecture would already be prepared on the board by the
time class started. He prepared almost all labs himself, and was available for at
least an hour after class every day to discuss any questions you had, or just to
discuss physics in general. He spent his summers doing research at the
University of Notre Dame, and had previously done research at the Los Alamos
National Observatory. He didn’t really like any of the high school physics
textbooks, so he (with permission) edited a college physics textbook to his
liking and gave it to all students to use. I can’t say many other high school
teachers have their own textbook. He has a passion for astronomy, and teaches
astronomy and geology as classes after school. He also has some other special,
unique projects which students aren’t allowed to discuss outside of class, but
one that I can talk about has been the ability to work at a particle accelerator.
As part of a laboratory exercise, all students spend ~4 hours at the Van de
Graaf particle accelerator housed at Western Michigan University. Students
who show an interest in particle physics can then do a year-long or semester-
long research project at the particle accelerator with a professor during their
senior year. Mr. Sinclair claims that he’ll never retire and will die sitting in his
 Personal- Before I make Mr. Sinclair sound like a raging work horse who only
accepts perfection, I’ll let you know that he certainly does have a personal side.
He loves Darth Vader more than most anything else, along with baseball and
sci-fi movies. He’ll write letters of recommendation for any students who asks,
yet is always personal and is known to write amazing letters of
recommendation. On the last day of class, he gives a lecture recounting his life,
what he’s learned, where he’s been, and why he teaches physics. It’s very
emotional, and makes you feel that giving anything less than your all would be
a disappointment to this man who has invested so much into his students
Mr. Sinclair swears he won’t die until one of his students wins the Nobel Prize. He says
that the reason he teaches is for the dream of him getting a call from a student in the
middle of the night, saying, “Mr. Sinclair, I’ve just received word that I’ve won the Nobel
Prize, and I wanted you to be the first to know.”


Some awards Mr. Sinclair has won:

KAMSC teacher Mike Sinclair wins national Inspirational Teacher award from Kennedy

Lifelong Detroit Tigers fan, Kalamazoo teacher Mike Sinclair to be honored at MLB All-
Star game

Here’s a more vivid description of Mr. Sinclair’s class, this account was part of what won
Mr. Sinclair the national Inspirational Teacher Award from the Kenned

Mr. Sinclair’s website for the class- Sinclair Physics

If it sounds like the classes and high school I attended were different from most, that’s
because they are. I hope to sometime give an answer about my experience at KAMSC,
but in the meantime, here’s the school’s website-KAMSC > home, along with an article
about this years graduating class- KAMSC seniors awarded $3.8M in scholarships,
grants for college

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Nirali Arora, Computer Engineer by heart and a teacher by soul

Answered Feb 16, 2015
Perhaps my favourite teacher was my 9 th and. 10 th std cbse board social science
teacher ,Mrs Aruna Joshi despite being a little old by age ,she was young at heart ,she
taught me History ,Geography with a lot of dedication and passion .Her approach was
quite different ,she inculcated the very essence of excellence and motivated me to study
so hard that i topped the whole country in cbse board examinations with 99 marks in
social science .Her words were always inspiring ,she followed the very ideology of Swami
Vivekananda Arise ,Awake and do not stop until the goal is reached .
Thanks for A2 A Seema Maam

My favorite teacher was , is and will always be - Jagadish Sir

He was my high school teacher and my mentor too.

He was my role model. He was my strength. He was the only one in this world who
believed I could achieve something better than average and more than just being
I am so grateful to him that he recognized my ability to come out with flying colors
much before than I could and supporting me constantly throughout and motivating me.

But I never expressed my gratitude to him personally after my board results, although I
was (and I am still) so grateful to him. He misunderstood it as attitude and he became
very upset with me which I didn’t get to know for eight years.

p.s A great regret of my life that I couldn’t thank him personally (though I had called
him and thanked him many times after that and my parents went to thank him
personally) He is still upset and didn’t attend my marriage even after I met him
personally after eight years.

I am really sorry sir that because of the situations I couldn’t come and thank you but I
remember you each and every single day of my life and I thank you.

My gratitude might not have reached you sir. Let my sorry at-least reach

your’s ,

ex-favorite student

School time:
My first favourite teacher was Sumana Ma'am, way back in my fourth standard, who
taught Mathematics. She was my first teacher who did not give much importance to
steps required to solve any question but encouraged to think about the solution in
different manners. This way we used to arrive at the same answer from many
methods. This aroused my interest in Mathematics.

JEE coaching time:

My favourite was Prof. Anshul Singhal in mathematics. He was one amazing professor.
He had the attention of the whole class for the whole time, thanks to his jovial
approach towards everything. He never gave a straight forward question. We used to
break our heads for the solution and used to come up with an answer after writing for 2
long pages and he gave a simple one line solution, which used to leave us amused. He
taught me the importance of thinking before attempting to solve anything.

My favourite in Physics was Prof. Puneet Daryani. He used to teach every concept from
very basic raising the difficulty level of them bit by bit. He taught me that any
complicated question can be converted into a simple one by breaking the question
into small parts and then analysing them.

favourite teacher becomes a permanent inspiration and admiration in a

student's heart for a lifetime.”

There are many favourite teachers.

But, this one is the real, the genuine person whom I love the most in my school.

#1: My Chemistry teacher, Grade 12 and forever..

Yes, she's the one! The one teacher who impressed me.

Once in a blue moon, I felt like Chemistry sucks. But now, I'm not gonna leave
Chemistry out of my hand at all. All because of her. And, my friend's advising talk made
me love her and Chemistry. Thanks a lot!

The way she teaches Organic Chemistry is wow! She never sees the textbook. She writes
the reactions in her own way which is way better than sticking on to the text. She
patiently clears my doubts and gives revision to recall the points taught in the class.

She may scold often, but there's a valid reason behind it. She might be cranky
sometimes, but that depends on her mood. Even though she scolds, she's my number
one. And one thing,

I fell for her genuine nature and open mindedness!

She's a very genuine person and that made me consider her as my number one teacher.
She's not like any other teacher. She's different. She's unique. She understands the pain
of students. Many students might have a hatred on her but I don't care about it and I
never will.

And, her correction seemed to be somewhat strict when I had the mentality of
*Chemistry sucks*. But now, I figured out that she's genuine in her correction too. She
divides the answer and gives marks accordingly which makes us easier to understand
and learn according to the mark allotment.

She calls us Devils :p

I'm seriously so much fond of her open mindedness and genuine nature. She's the best
example to take for equality. She never judges a child according to her performance or
her appearance. She treats all the students equally.

You may think that I'm exaggerating, but nope. I'm not. This is the truth.

She inspired me. She made my heart consider her as my number one. She made me fall
for her genuine nature. And, her CARING nature too. YES!

The frequently said dialogues by her:

“Am I right?”

“This bond will be shifted here and double bond will become single bond.”

I was always fond of this subject. Maths always amaze me with it’s tricks and twists. It
is just like our life. It is simple and it doesn’t suck but we all complicate it for no reason.

Problem which most of the people face is complexity of Maths. But it is not at all
complex. It has a proper way of approach. If we can catch hold the right way of
approaching any problem we will be able to solve it smoothly. And, last but not the least
like experience is important for sustaining life similarly, practice is important for Maths
too. By practicing only you will learn there are so many unique and easy ways to
approach a problem.

P.S. - One of the main reason why I love Maths is that I always scored well
in that subject :P

Himanshu Pandey
sir,genuinly i can not differentiate friends.
i have pool of friends..and they all are good to me in a
way or other.whenever i do something wrong,they tell me to
correct my wrongs.even they help me and share my success
with it is impossible to me to say..if you would
say,to whom u share ur thoughts matches more is ur best
one,then i would like to say that every body is not alike.i
may have like one thing in one of my friend,and something
in other,but this distribution is on average seems equal
that again is not possible for me to choose my best friend

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225 Yes 31 No

Answer / Shreyansh
my best friends name is surender saini . we both understand
each other very much . he is a very cheerful , helpful ,
genuine kind of a person . we both complement each other in
many ways . i help him in studies while we share our skills
on the football field. we are like soul friends .

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55 Yes 10 No

Answer / Prashant Prajapati

sir, this is difficult questions. but, i know the answer
because whenever i need council, courage, and mental energy
one name which comes in my mind after my parents names is
"your friend name" . He/she is best of my all friends
because he always pinch me to get more. ' also tell one
story of ur frnd to them' like when we do pull up he always
abuse me courage me to do more and more to cross my ability.

> don't shy to say that ur friend abuse you becz jo

interview le rha hai uske bhi aapki age me aap ke frnds jese
frnds honge..

..... Prashant Prajapati...

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Answer / Investor
sir my all friend are best for me because i always make
freindship with them whose some quality i like. my all
friend have some quality and diqsuality and diffrentiate
between them is difficult.

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15 Yes 6 No

Answer / Pavan
My best friend name is Vinay.we both understand very much.he is cheerful,helpful,genuine kind of a
person.moreover he is my welwisher.we both complement each other in many ways.when ever I do
something wrong he tell me correct my wrong.I help him in studies.we share our skills in the cricket

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10 Yes 1 No

Answer / Prashant Kulhar

sir i have many friend,,but best amoung is maninder he is
my childhood friend..he is depandable,trustworthy and
responsible.he is my wel wisher

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15 Yes 8 No
Answer / Siddhartha Sarkar

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12 Yes 7 No

Answer / Pratik
i can't say whos my best friend . many of my good friends
some one good in other think & some one other because no one
is perfect so i think every friends is my good friend & who
is best i dont know

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Answer / Sriharsha
my best friend is mr.naresh,because he helps me to tackle my problems and he motivates me when
I feel like I have lost hope

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Answer / Tanmay Raut

so much friend and from that milind yadav the beat friend
of mine.he is always become cam and helpful.he is mine
mentor and help me in evry any situation he is with